Writing the three writers of the Federalist Papers were essay

The three writers of the federalist papers were

The Federalist Papers are a well-known series of 85 essaysfocused on arguing in support of the US Constitution. The threewriters of the Federalist Papers were:

  • John Jay;
  • James Madison;
  • Alexander Hamilton.

These men wrote collectively and they were famous under the nameof Publius. 77 essays were published first, and final 8 paperswere added later, and they all were originally known as TheFederalist. Get basic information about them if teachers ask youto complete any written assignment on this subject.

The authorship of essays

At the time of their publication, the authorship of theFederalist Papers was a guarded secret, which was revealed to thepublic only after the death of Hamilton. This document was atarget of criticism from many opponents after the US Constitutionwas sent to the Confederation Congress, and it happened in 1787.Hamilton was its firm believer who thought that the series ofthese essays would endeavor to give a clear answer to allobjections.

The contribution of three writers

The main force behind the entire project was Alexander Hamilton.He was responsible for recruiting other writers, John Jay andJames Madison, who wrote with him under the name of Publius. Thispseudonym was chosen in honor of Valerius Publicola credited withbeing important in founding the Roman Republic. Hamilton hopedthat he would found the American Republic, and he was absolutelyright.

John Jay is the author who wrote 5 Federalist Papers.Unfortunately, he got sick after contributing only 4 essays, sohe could write only one paper more before the end of thisproject. His sickness explains a big gap in time between hiswritten works. James Madison was the major collaborator ofHamilton, and he managed to write 29 Federalist Papers. However,there are some historical assertions that he could write moreessays.

Opposing the Bill of Rights

The Federalist Papers are famous for opposing the US Bill ofRights. That’s because Hamilton didn’t support its addition as hefirmly believed that the US Constitution wasn’t written with thegoal of limiting people. It declared the powers of the USgovernment and left everything remained to people and states.This idea wasn’t universal at that time, so the country receivednot only its constitution, but also the Bill of Rights.

How to write a good paper on this topic

The three writers of the federalist papers were

First, read a question about the writers of the FederalistPapers. This step seems to clear to be mentioned, but somestudents still tend to start writing their essays without readingassignment prompts and questions attentively. It’s impossible togive the right answer without considering if your draft reallyaddresses them. It will become obvious to readers at once, soread assignment questions a few times to understand everythingclearly.

Analyzing a given question

After reading a given question, you need to analyze it carefully,and this step is important. Search for all keywords and phrases(the matter to be discussed) and topic words (the main subject)to answer it instead of providing the audience with a standardnarrative of events. When you make your question analysis, you’reready to create an essay plan. Be sure to answer it withoutadding any extraneous information. Who were the authors of theFederalist Papers? If your assignment asks this question, writean essay to give your detailed answer.

Planning or outlining

It’s hard to deny that an outline is the most vital part of essaywriting. Your plan determines the most effective approach to taketo give the right answer. If you fail to create your outlineproperly, you won’t understand what your answer will be, but it’snot something that can be decided when writing an academic paper.Besides, your outline guarantees that you actually answer a givenquestion, and everything that you write should be related to it.Without a good plan, it’s so easy to lose your main focus and endup with an irrelevant answer.

Writing introductions

Once you get a plan, you’re prepared to start writing your essayon the Federalist Papers. How should you start it? There’s nohard and fast rule, but one thing is clear: an introductoryparagraph should leave a good impression on other people who readyour paper. It’s the first thing that teachers read whenevaluating essays. If the introduction fails to grip, the rest ofyour paper must be perfect to retrieve this situation. Thisparagraph should be short and very competent.

Structuring the middle of your essay

After planning everything attentively, the main body is very easyto write. You know keywords in a given question, and all you needto do is to fill in all gaps to provide readers with a goodanswer. Each paragraph should refer to these keywords in someway, or you will submit an irrelevant essay. You have moreinformation that needed, so it’s necessary to choose only themost important sources carefully.

Writing conclusions

A concluding paragraph is where you wrap up everything said inyour essay on the Federalist Papers. If you fail to write anintroduction, your grades will be compromised considerably. It’sthe last thing teachers read and count for, and this means that agood conclusion can save your indifferent essay while setting theseal on a good paper. When writing it, draw together all thethreads of your argument and summarize points to leave readerswith no doubts about your answer. Refer to keywords explicitlyand reinforce each point made in the main body. This essaysection should contain nothing new because it serves as arestatement of major points.

What you need to do next

The three writers of the federalist papers were

Before getting started, figure out everything you want to say inyour essay on the Federalist Papers and their writers. Make ashort plan and follow the necessary rules:

  • Avoid restating any issue as the opening of your academicpaper;
  • Don’t make any fluff or platitude statements;
  • Don’t use any words that are incorrect or you can’t spellright because you will leave a bad impression;
  • Avoid using any repetitious sentence structure because theyseem boring.

The answer you give in an essay should be longer than only a fewsentences. Avoid rambling because it will only lead to disjointedand long sentences or the paragraphs that detract readers.Structure your academic paper in a few basic paragraphs and makesure that each one consists of more than one sentence. Eachsection should address only one key idea, and your essay shouldcontain sentences. Don’t write it as:

  • Outline topics;
  • Bullet points;
  • Simple phrases.

Proofread every word before submitting your essay on theFederalist Papers if you don’t want it to contain silly mistakes.

Why practice makes perfect

One of the most effective ways to answer assignment questionscorrectly and fully is to write a plan before the entire piece.Set aside a couple of hours and take the following steps:

  • Write a logical hypothesis;
  • Make a rough plan of last and first sentences of everyparagraph;
  • Ask friends or teachers to look at your plan and give theirfeedbacks.

After following this simple advice, you will get rid of negativecomments about essay irrelevance and show the precision withwhich you handle this topic. It’s easy to earn good marks andachieve your academic success if you learn how to answer givenquestions in your essay and stay focused on this task.

Golden rules and top tips

Who were the authors of the Federalist Papers? This simple 3-partprocess will let you give a precise answer and structure youressay accordingly. Start with working out exactly what you’reasked. This tip sounds obvious, but many students find it hard toanswer questions in their academic papers only because they don’tspend enough time on figuring out what teachers expect them todo. They just skim-read their assignment prompts and write essaysthey want to write.

Analyzing a given question is a 2-part process, and its firststage is quite simple. All you have to do is to look at thedirections provided by your question to determine the type ofpaper that you must write. The second stage involves identifyingkey phrases and terms.

You should be as explicit as possible and use your persuasive andforceful question to show readers how your points give the rightanswer. Many students lose their marks only because they fail toimpress how relevant their points are.

Stay honest with yourself about if a particular point is relevantbefore including in in your essay on the authors of theFederalist Papers. It doesn’t really matter how original,impressive, or interesting it sounds. If the chosen point isn’trelevant, look for other suitable ideas because you will onlywaste your time on it. If you include anything irrelevant in yourpaper, readers will struggle to follow the main thread of yourthoughts and lose their focus even on good points.

Basic checkpoints

  • Read a given assignment question carefully;
  • Circle its main verb and choose the right strategy to answerit;
  • Understand the right type of answer this verb calls for;
  • Circle all keywords in a given question;
  • Decide if you need to give a long or short answer;
  • Create a brief outline of all major points;
  • Restate a question and answer it with a thesis or a topicsentence;
  • Answer it based on general academic writing rules;
  • Check grammar and punctuation.

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