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For most students, writing a well-structured, interesting, and logical academic paper doesn’t happen at once. If you face any difficulties with your spring writing paper, there are many simple tips that can help you overcome them all. It’s important to have good writing skills because you get many assignments on a regular basis. Your academic success depends on the ability to write good papers, so it shouldn’t be underestimated.

What to do with citations

Citations play a significant role in any academic paper because all students are required to cite the quotes and sources used in their assignments to avoid plagiarism, which has a number of harsh academic consequences. The good news is that citing is not as hard as it may seem. Although there are many citation styles to choose from, the most common ones include:

  • MLA;
  • APA;
  • Chicago.

All formatting styles have their differences and similarities that should be considered when using citations in your paper.

Learning more about common citation styles

APA and MLA are both used for in-text citations, but the main difference is that MLA is more focused on authors and this format is often used in papers on humanities. APA is more focused on the date and it’s commonly used in papers on social sciences. For example, when citing authors in your literary essay, readers can find their other words. When citing studies in your psychology paper, readers may want to know when they were done.

On the other hand, Chicago is the format used with footnotes, not in-text citations. This format is often used in all kinds of historical papers because it allows students to cite research and other data without distracting the audience from their main points.

Helpful formatting reminders

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Use the following helpful reminders when writing your reference or works cited page. When it comes to APA or MLA papers:

  • Your reference or works cited page should be on a new page at the end of your assignment;
  • The title should be centered at the page top;
  • Out your citations in their alphabetical order;
  • All citations must be double-spaced with no extra lines between them.

For Chicago spring writing paper:

  • Ensure that there are 2 blank lines before citations start after the title;
  • All citations should be placed in their alphabetical order;
  • There should be an additional blank line between them;
  • Citations must be single-spaced.

Your research and paper organization

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Before getting started, it’s necessary to organize your future paper. To complete this task successfully, you need to conduct your research. The way you do that usually depends on a given topic, assignment prompts, and your academic level. However, there are some effective tips that will help in any case.

Always use your library databases because they can be very helpful when looking for reliable academic sources. Try changing search words if you feel that you can’t gather enough information with their help. When you get stuck with specific terms, try others to get different results. Make useful notes as you go to avoid losing any important research information. This simple tip can help you keep all sources organized while saving a lot of time.

Next, you need to plan how you will write your academic paper. Taking this step is important, no matter if you prefer notecards or outlining. The latter one is a great tool if you understand that your assignment covers different topic sentences in paragraphs. Notecards can also be quite helpful if you have the main topic to be covered in the entire paper. Once you come across any information that you want to use, write it down on notecards.

Determine what works for your

Finding what works for you is one of the main keys to successful academic writing. When deadlines are concerned, some students work better under urgent due dates, while others like starting as early as possible. Decide whether you prefer to divide your assignment in small and manageable parts or complete it at once.

Choose the writing style and voice that is the best for you. Sometimes, assignment prompts dictate the right one that must be used, but if you can choose, use the most comfortable style and voice in your paper.

All academic papers have different criteria and requirements, but they all need correct citations, accurate research, and good organization.

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