What is the opposite of critical thinking?

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There are different types of thinking and most of them often overall with each other. They all are connected in the same sphere of influence of:

  • People interacting with their knowledge of the past;
  • Groups or individuals;
  • Connection with any super-conscious field.

What is critical thinking? Basically, it’s a mental process of skillfully and actively:

  • Applying and conceptualizing;
  • Synthesizing and analyzing;
  • Evaluating information to make a conclusion or get an answer.

What is the opposite of critical thinking? It’s some creative thinking associated with such activities as:

  • Painting a picture;
  • Writing a novel;
  • Composing music.

They all are creative endeavors, but it’s worth noting that not all creative thinkers can be artists. There are many modern jobs that require creative thinking, but they do nothing with the art. Creativity means the ability to come up with something unique and new. If you have this ability, you can not only enrich your life, but you also have a great advantage in any field. All you need to do is to recognize and improve your creative thinking.

The definition of creative thinking

Creative thinking is all about considering new things or ways. In general, it’s thinking outside the box, so it may involve lateral thinking or people’s ability to perceive the patterns that aren’t obvious to others. Some people are more creative than others, but it’s possible to improve creative thinking skills with enough practice. You can use such effective exercises as making and letting go assumptions, solving different riddles, and playing anything relaxing and unstructured. Creative thinking is important to invent new ways to complete daily tasks, meet regular challenges, and solve problems. This ability is important to bring an unorthodox and fresh perspective to your work and become more productive.

Creative thinking and job responsibilities

Have you ever wondered why many employers look for candidates with excellent creative thinking skills? Many job descriptions state that they are required for positions. When looking for a job, be prepared with the strong examples that demonstrate your creativity. Most employers want to hire creative thinkers, even if they don’t state that in job descriptions.

Consider how your creative nature helps you and why it’s a valuable asset. Showcase your creative side in application materials and discuss your innovative and fresh work. To use a creative opportunity for a personal fulfillment, you can find it in many surprising places. Any work that lets you use your talents is creative.

Examples of creative thinking

In the workplace, available opportunities for creative thinking may vary from artistic and inspired to highly technical. Anything that involves an innovative and fresh element is creative at some point. You can be more creative than you even think, so take a look at some common examples of this type of thinking.

Artistic creativity

Any work or activity can have its artistic element. Some people arrange different retail displays to attract more customers, while others are self-described artists. There are many tasks that require creative thinking, including:

  • Creating the right product packaging;
  • Writing advertising copies;
  • Designing company logos;
  • Writing a script for any fundraising event.

Creative problem-solving

In its nature, creative problem-solving is always innovative because people are looking for new solutions to existing problems instead of just determining and using appropriate standard options. For instance, you can brainstorm innovative methods to cut your energy use, develop effective litigation strategies, find new ways to reduce regular costs during a crisis, etc.

Creativity in science and technology

When people think of engineering and science, most of them think that these fields aren’t connected with creativity at all. However, such common activities as writing new computer programs, designing more efficient robots, and developing any testable hypothesis are very creative. The history of technology and science is full of different projects that failed to work only because people were stuck in their habits and assumptions, not because of technical or methodological errors. Modern engineering and science require excellent creative thinking skills to do anything new.

The importance of creative thinking skills

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Some people are always eager to think creatively and generate new ideas, while others keep struggling to do that. You can improve your creative thinking skills through some effective techniques that will enable you to bring new perspectives to managing, problem solving, and innovations, no matter whether you count yourself creative or not. At first, these methods may seem a bit ridiculous, but they’re based on strong principles. Although some people may feel skeptical about their true potential, use them with your open mind to develop the opposite of critical thinking, and you’ll be surprised with results.

The effects of brainstorming

Brainstorming offers a very effective way to generate many ideas and choose the best one. It’s all about a practice of writing down or thinking about new ideas and solutions. At initial stages, the rules of brainstorming include the following:

  • Writing down interesting ideas;
  • Evaluating each one;
  • Choosing the best idea.

There are different ways that can be used to run your brainstorming sessions. First, follow up any initial idea, feed it off to generate the new ones, and choose the best one. You’re encouraged to come up with some unconnected ideas that can be themed and grouped later. Don’t underestimate a period of evaluating ideas where you need to answer questions and address any criticism because it allows you to explore initial ideas in detail and decide whether you want to investigate them further or discard.

Many people brainstorm to group their new ideas by themes and make their exploration easier, especially when many suggestions are linked. The key principle behind this creative thinking technique is the point that many ideas aren’t good enough and the most effective way to choose the best one is to generate many ideas to discard everything inappropriate and impractical. The main problem is that there’s no scientific formula for the ideas that must be generated to find the best one.

Besides, there are no guarantees that you will be able to find it in the end. Ensure that you have enough time for brainstorming and keep exploring new ideas.

How to engage the right brain

There are many studies that prove that two sides of the brain work in different ways.

  • The right one is focused on innovative and creative aspects;
  • The left side is focused on logic and order.

Although it’s a bit extreme view, you can find evidence to prove that doing specific physical exercises that engage the creative area of the brain can help you think innovatively. Creating something in 3 dimensions or drawing is a simple exercise that improves your thinking processes.

There are different examples that use drawing methods to improve creative thinking skills, including mind mapping. It uses the words connected with lines or arrows, and it’s an effective technique to represent a lot of interconnecting information in its compact way. That’s why many people use mind mapping for taking notes and planning presentations. Mind maps often start with one word in their center and connected concepts or ideas radiating out through branches.

Rich pictures offer a more visual version of this creative thinking technique. This is where you create pictures of different situations and use words as sparingly as you can. Your thinking is more creative if you stay focused on such pictures. They also encourage the use of symbols and colors because they help your pictures to come alive and describe a given situation differently.

Envisaging your future is also an interesting and effective exercise that should be done with a group of other people. Cover the wall with big pieces of paper and ask a group to draw a current situation at one edge and the idea future at the opposite one.

No words are allowed to be written because participants must use only pictures. Draw a bridge between both sides and imagine something that should happen to move. The main idea is that seeing pictures make it easier for people to fill out a gap between the future and a current situation.

Using puzzles or making something with your hands is another helpful way to harness your creative side because you occupy your conscious mind with all kinds of spatial issues while letting your subconscious to work on a bigger intractable problem. Doing something different provides you with a fresh perspective, just like sleeping on a problem.

Different role-play situations

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Some people like role-play situations, while others hate them, but they provide dramatic results. They also cover other more powerful and radical ideas and encompass business constellations, which is an effective technique that allows people to explore interrelationships within a particular group by using its members or actors to represent specific individuals. Everything starts when one person places others to show the way they see a given problem. In turn, all group members keep moving to the place that they find suitable. As they all move, it affects other group members who also want to change their places.

The end point of this powerful creative thinking technique is reached when all participants are comfortable with their places within a group. This is what represents its shape and dynamics within it. There’s definitely something about pretending to be anyone else and challenging your emotions because this technique leads to improved creative thinking skills.

In conclusion, there are some key points to consider when you use any methods to challenge your creative thinking. Don’t stop even if you think that your result is good and don’t be happy with the first solution that you get. Keep exploring innovative ideas and push them a bit further.

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