How to write a 500 word essay easily

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When students are assigned to submit 500 word academic papers, they may feel confused. However, completing this assignment is not as scary as it may seem. How to write a 500 word essay? Writing this kind of paper is not so different from completing other academic assignments. The task that you should complete is quite easy because all you need to do is to:

  • Choose a good subject to discuss in your essay;
  • Create a helpful outline;
  • Write a paper based on assigned requirements.

How to define 500 word essays

What is this academic paper all about? Basically, it’s a typical essay written by all students sooner or later. It contains 3 parts and must serve a specific purpose according to its type. For example, descriptive 500 word essays provide a vivid description of a particular event, object, or phenomenon in detail. This goal is easy to achieve by either presenting specific associations with a described object or comparing things. The main requirement that should be met is writing your essay only in 500 words, and this task is not as hard as you may assume. Take a few basic steps into consideration:

  • Writing a successful paper starts with anticipating it;
  • Although there are many topics, choose the one that’s not too broad to achieve the necessary word limit.

Sticking to the recommended word count and topic is the most important pointer when completing this academic assignment.

How to get started easily

If you want to submit a great 500 word paper, you should do some basic things. First, pick an original topic after brainstorming and writing down everything that you consider. Be sure to note as many details as you can during this process. For instance, if you want to write an essay about any people who impressed you a lot, mention a particular event associated with them. You’ll see how many brilliant ideas and thoughts come to your mind when thinking about the subjects that really interest you. Find the most original topic to attract readers’ attention.

The importance of taking notes

Once you choose a specific topic for your 500 word essay, start writing and put all of your thoughts on paper while getting into a rhythm. You don’t have to focus on its grammar or structure at this stage of your writing process. Your basic goal is to develop ideas and think about other major aspects.

Why you should be organized

The right organization is the most effective strategy for any affair, and essay writing is no different. After gathering the necessary materials, you won’t be distracted during your work. Another benefit is that you can devote all of your free time to an academic assignment without wasting any second. Try to minimize your temptation to use any gadgets to stay organized.

How to structure 500 word essays

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How long should your paper be? Typically, 500 word essays contain 3 basic sections, such as:

  • The introduction;
  • Body paragraphs;
  • The conclusion.

Each of them serves a unique purpose, so it’s important to understand the right structure.

Create a brief outline

How to write a 500 word essay? It’s hard to give the right answer if you don’t have a general outline. Make a brief plan of everything that is worth saying about the chosen topic. Make it open for adding points or getting rid of them when writing your essay because your ideas will become clearer and more coherent.

The essay introduction

It’s the first section of your essay, and it should be about 100 words in length. Consider an introductory paragraph as a gateway to usher the audience into your main arguments. A good one should be inviting, like a doorway. You can achieve this goal by picking the most interesting aspect of your subject. Pay attention to relevance because it also plays an important role, so your topic should be relevant to all readers. A thesis statement is a key feature of your essay introduction, and it informs other people of what your essay argues.

Body paragraphs

Body paragraphs form the main part of your academic paper, and it’s the longest section focused on supporting your thesis. For 500 word essays, the main body should be about 300 words, so stick to this recommended word count. Make sure that major arguments are related to a given subject and focus your content on backing them up. You also need to have a factual framework instead of backing the entire content on personal opinions. Use and cite references correctly to achieve this goal.

Some students decide to start with stronger points and end with the weaker ones, while others start with weak details and conclude their essays with the strongest ones. The latter writing method provides readers with a punch-line effect to gain a stronger opinion. When writing a concluding paragraph, it’s also worth doing the following:

  • Arouse different feelings and emotions in the audience by using an original writing approach;
  • Present key images;
  • Share personal feelings about the chosen topic;
  • Help readers feel emerged into your discussion.

The essay conclusion

When writing a concluding paragraph, many students ask a few common questions, such as:

  • How to write the best conclusion?
  • How should you argue to prove all ideas?
  • How can you make the audience think about a specific topic?

The conclusion of your 500 word essay should be focused on affirming your stance. Its typical length is about 100 words, just like an introductory paragraph. It leads readers out of your world and must reassure them of the relevance and importance of your paper. You can start your conclusion by restating a thesis, but it should be done in stronger terms. Mention some of the strongest supporting points too. Once you revisit the relevance of your topic, feel free to give further directions on the applicability of your major argument.

Helpful tips and pointers

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Keep in mind a few simple pointers because they can help you earn better marks:

  • Make sure that you pick a narrow topic because of the brief nature of 500 word papers;
  • Represent all important ideas in succinct and concise sentences;
  • Ensure that your essay has 0 plagiarism because it’s a big no;
  • Proofread your work because it’s an efficient method of finding any plagiarized or incorrect sections;
  • Check grammar and spelling in a final draft;
  • Revise it to ensure that it’s coherent and offers a logical and good flow of interesting ideas;
  • Go through your academic assignment from the perspective of your audience.

Effective post-writing tips

Even if your essay seems logical to you, get a second pair of eyes because readers may find it hard to comprehend. Ask other people, including your friends, to read it over to make the necessary adjustments and improve its content.

To help the audience to feel confused when reading your 500 word paper, check its clarity and include transitions to let your writing flow smoothly. Explain all complex terms to let readers understand them.

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