How to write a magic thesis statement

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An impressive thesis is considered a foundation of any well-written and interesting piece. If your essay has no central claim to control its direction and content, you will just leave all readers bored and unconvinced. Basically, the main functions of your magic thesis statement include the following:

  • Capturing readers’ attention;
  • Establishing your stance on the chosen subject;
  • Providing important information about the content and function of your essay.

Effective tips on formulating an original idea

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Confirm that the main idea suits a given assignment. Read all assignment prompts and instructions to fully understand their requirements and expected results before you write anything at all. This easy technique will provide you with great clues as to:

  • What type of question your statement should answer;
  • What kind of research you need to do;
  • What your essay must accomplish.

The importance of practicing brainstorming

After selecting a suitable subject, practice brainstorming. It’s all about writing down everything you know about this subject, and this easy approach can help you make important connections about the things you know and identify existing gaps. This helpful activity involves writing down brilliant ideas without being concerned with their organization. Students often utilize a few basic brainstorming methods, including mapping, clustering, and freewriting.

Freewriting is a helpful practice involving setting a specific time limit and write continuously without considering any punctuation, grammar, etc. At the end of this practice, you will understand that you know many facts and start making interesting connections between brilliant ideas. Mapping or clustering is a brainstorming technique that involves structuring a map by writing down ideas and visually linking the ones with similar traits to see their connections clearly.

How to do the necessary research

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You should do some preliminary research about a given matter. Look for reliable sources of information and focus on your knowledge gaps. For instance, you can use scholarly articles and other resources because they are simple to get in online databases and libraries. Avoid using such sources as personal blogs and other non-academic sites because they aren’t reliable.

Define something that interests you because an impressive thesis has different characteristics, including being interesting. If your subject is boring, other people won’t like reading about it. Consider something that you feel excited about to create a more engaging essay for readers.

Basic rules on making an excellent claim

State the chosen topic of your essay and give your judgment about it. Its opening paragraph that contains your statement is called a preview of the entire paper that you write. It must tell the audience what the main argument is and why it matters so much. Allow readers to understand your position just by looking at your thesis. So, it should tell other people:

  • Your main idea;
  • The chosen side of argument;
  • The evidence that grounds the claim you make.

Offering evidence and revising a claim

Provide readers with a blueprint of your essay because they need to have a deep insight of your main subject, conclusions, and where your piece of writing will start after reading your statement. It’s also wise to show them that you make all claims based on clear facts, not personal opinions. Offer enough evidence in your statement to prove that you did your deep research and your essay is a fair accounting of the chosen topic.

Revise a claim to accommodate any facts that don’t seem to fit it. Changing a thesis is a normal practice as students get further into their writing projects. As you keep discovering new evidence, your opinion about a given matter may change. That’s why you may end up with an amended thesis version.

Why avoid weak and poor thesis statements

Refrain from just stating some facts because your thesis is considered an arguable idea, which means that others have a possibility to state opposing views. Weak statements should be avoided because they lead to underdeveloped and uninteresting essays.

Find an obvious line between being too narrow and broad. Formulating an impressive thesis is a tricky task because you should provide readers with enough background data to guide them without oversharing in a starting paragraph. A broad statement makes vague and ambiguous claims because it tries to address a number of topics without having any clear focus. Narrow statements are very specific and single-minded to use for writing any well-developed paper.

You also need to avoid generalizing because this writing strategy tries to summarize the entire essay content in a single lump sum idea while missing the necessary supporting details. This thesis is weak because it makes the claim without supporting it by any evidence.

Finalizing your statement

Practice different writing methods to finalize a thesis. Some students prefer to formulate it first, while others write it last. Provide yourself with enough freedom to change your opinion once you find any new information and amend a thesis accordingly. You should avoid possible preconceptions because you may get caught up in counterproductive regulations and rules. Take some break before revising a statement to refresh your mind and improve its strength.

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