Preparing for listing presentation

Listing presentation

Getting ready for a real estate listing presentation is verycrucial. The important factors are the energy and time you investinto it and whether or not the owner of the house will let youlease their house. Usually, it takes seven seconds to make thefirst impression. If you are a real estate agent, you want tomake an outstanding impression, so that those who are sellingtheir house will list it with you. Sufficient preparation andappropriate plan will provide you with an advantage over yourcompetitors and will make it possible for you to sell the placeof those who contacted you.

When making a presentation, it is not the best idea to just throwaround flash statements and previously sold signs. Describingyour services and qualifications that will be of no interest toyour prospect seller is useless. If you pay attention towardswhat the sellers want, you will know how to get ready for adiscussion about their needs.

Today, you can have a website and post all the great stuff aboutyourself there, so that your potential sellers know where to findinformation about you if they wish. Make sure that on yourwebsite you have information about listing, selling, preparation,and prices in a prominent way so that the clients could see whatsignificant to them. When you work on the presentation, it’s allabout their house and their needs.


The more information you will include into the presentation, thebetter it will be for you. Start your relationship with trustbecause you want to know the clients’ urgency and timeline. Checkthe following:

  • When making an appointment talk to the prospect. Ask aboutthe motives for selling and what they wish to get monetarily fromthe selling.
  • Check if the house sold in the previous MLS records.
  • Take drive-by pictures.
  • Get the tax records
  • Ask the prospect how many agents they are considering and askto be the last appointment.

Analyze the price range in the market

Prepare a detailed comparative market analysis (CMA) for yourappointment if you know you are going to close an agreement ofthe listing.

If you have not seen the house yet, offer a more consultingapproach by presenting a broad range of prices according to CMA.When you get to the appointment you will have these prices butonce you see the place and communicate with the sellers, you canget more details and return with a more perfected listing priceadvice.

It is recommended to do at least a couple of CMAs. For example,do the second one including the latest prices of recently listedsimilar houses. There are constant changes on the market, so itis important to keep up-to-date.

Tips for CMA

Listing presentation

Follow these steps when preparing your CMA:

  • Be aware of your market. The better you are aware of theproperties and the neighborhood you’re going to present in yourpresentation, the more knowledgeable, skilled, and reliable youwill look. If it is possible, include comparable listings. Thinkabout taking photographs or video so you can demonstrate theupgraded counters, appliances, built ins, etc.
  • Concentrate on the listings of the neighborhood. If it ispossible, demonstrate the properties that are closest to thehouse of the sellers. There are places where only crossing thestreet changes the property value. Take listing and sales in theneighborhood and provide an average price.
  • Get rid of the extremes. It is recommended to use the medianprice instead of an average because having an average price,you’re going to have people who sold either too low or way toohigh.
  • Using like models. If you compare listings for the seller itwill be useful to use the homes that most look like theirs. Theclosest you can get, the more likely it is that your seller willdefine the correct market value for their property.
  • Using properties that were sold. When you talk about soldlistings in your analysis that are older than 90 days, you maypresent out of date prices into your presentation. Start with thehouses that were sold within the 30 days, then you can move to 60days, and then you can go to 90 days.
  • Keep in mind special financing. Houses that are sold as ashort selling may have lower sales prices to be taken intoaccount while a house that was financed may have sold for ahigher price than a market value.
  • Take the land into account. Do not consider only the squarefootage of the house. People usually ready to pay a bit more fora property if it has more land.
  • Keep everything simple. Present a listing presentation in theformat your seller would understand. Customize your similarlistings so that it is easy for your sellers to compare. Presentbrief property descriptions and simple photos.

Prepare a marketing package

If you think that the package and the way you’re going to marketthe seller client home in print and other means will make adifference for your seller client, prepare a professional listand marketing package.

It is not about the CMA. Instead print or show online thematerials that you are going to use to promote the services ofyour brokerage as well as yours. It is recommended to bringlittle instead of bringing mediocre brochures or not professionalmaterials of the marketing.

Be aware of your strengths

Be comfortable when you value your expertise, knowledge, andresources. Your resources are part of the package. Don’tapologize if you are new to the business. Resources consist ofthe knowledge and support of your mentor and/or broker.

Preparing a demo

With the development of technology, some real estate agentsusually use the innovative services of the listing marketing. Ifyou’re thinking about using things such as website textmessaging, toll-free hotline recording, or some other new gadget,have a demo at hand advisable with the actual house you want tolist as a demo.

Updated information in the listing

If your appointment with a potential client has been postponedand you have already prepared your comparative market analysis,you should refresh your date if necessary for the nextappointment.

If your present up to date information, you won’t be embarrassedand you will look professional by providing the latestinformation about the homes sold in the neighborhood.

Concentrating on the situation and needs of the lead

Once you add the main information related to your business, payattention to your seller lead.

Find out everything about their situation including what theirselling timeline is in order to create a professionalpresentation. Some agents even pay attention to how the seller isfeeling whether they are sad or happy to let the property go,whether it is a hard decision for them, etc.

Research the residence for the following:

  • A total number of rooms
  • Square footage
  • Total acreage
  • The year it was built
  • Updates and renovations that took place
  • How many times it changed owners

Then take into account all the notes you have on the needs andpreferences of your seller. For example, a lead could know thatthey are only willing to sell the house as it is without makingany repairs the buyers may ask for.

Analyzing the information provided by your leads

Listing presentation

You probably find your real estate leads in different ways bothoffline and online. Not all leads are equal, however there is aneffective way to find a good one.

The main thing that shows a high-quality lead is how muchinformation they provide you. Those who list only their last nameand email address can be good leads but the better ones are thosewho provide more details about their unique housing situation.

Adding quotes from satisfied clients

The focal point of any real estate presentation should becustomer satisfaction. Of course, social proof helps agents findleads. If you already took footage and photos of your previouscustomers right after closing so you could share this informationon your website, you can simply use this content for yourpresentation.

Choose some the best quotes from your most satisfied clients andsellers who have most similarities with the lead you’re workingon. When a seller sees that you have successfully representedsomeone similar to them, they will feel much more at easeallowing you to let you present their listing.

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