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Boston College is a private Jesuit Catholic research university. The campus has around 9,000 undergraduate students.

At the moment, the college takes the 31st place according to the university rankings of 2017. The admission is very competitive with a rate of an acceptance of 29 percent.

When submitting a Boston college essay, you are required to answer only one of several essay prompts. However, all of them are thought-provoking. At first the prompts may look difficult but you can easily prepare if you follow these useful tips on how to write a professional Boston college essay.

Tips to follow when writing an essay

When applying to college, you need to complete an essay as part of your application. In your essay, you can show yourself as a person and provide information about yourself, which did not fit in other parts of your application.

The most important thing to remember when writing an essay is to be yourself. The second-best advice is to begin writing as early as possible. Other tips include the following:

  • Choose the topic that emphasizes you. Do not concentrate on great things of a certain university, all the extracurricular activities you did at high school, or the amount of dedication it takes to become a doctor. On the contrary, tell your story and share personal thoughts. Creatively approach and emphasize the moments that aren’t discussed in other parts of your application.
  • Keep your focus personal and narrow. Do not try to disguise too many topics. Otherwise this will make your essay look like a resume that doesn’t give enough details about you. Instead concentrate on one particular aspect of yourself so the audience can learn more about who you are. The admissions officers should be able to find the main idea in your essay and follow it from the beginning to end. Ask someone you know to read your essay and tell you what they think about it.
  • Instead of telling, show. Don’t only state a fact to reveal a certain idea. Instead include certain examples, details, and reasons to develop your ideas.
  • Use your own voice. Don’t rely on ideas or phrases that people often use. Avoid clichés and too formal or business-like language. Do not use unnecessary words. Instead write your essay in your own voice. Describe a real experience that you had and how it made you feel.
  • Ask someone you know to proofread your paper. Do not submit your essay without proofreading it and do not rely only on the spellcheck on your computer to check all the mistakes. Such programs usual miss typos like “After I graduate formschool, I’m going to get a job.” Instead ask one of your parents or your teacher to proofread your Boston college essay to catch possible mistakes. Also, ask them if the writing sounds like you.

Essay prompts

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When choosing an essay prompt for your essay, keep in mind this is your opportunity to demonstrate the best side of you. Essays for college are usually 400 words long. Consider which prompt will give you a chance to best describe the important parts of yourself that were not covered in the other parts of your application.

Describing your creativity and how it can serve the society

In this essay prompt, you need to cover two main topics – creativity and service – and put them together in a substantial essay.

As there are two components in this prompt, you can select the one you like to talk about the most. If you write about the part of investing in the world, begin by talking about how you payed attention to a public issue and then tell how you helped solve that problem. If you decide to write about creativity, brainstorm your passions and tendencies and then tell how you applied those to solve a problem you’re passionate about.

Some of the examples for this prompt include:

  • You like R&B music as well as assisting students in their language skills. Write about how you combine these two passions to solve a problem. For example, helping students increase their skills in vocabulary through listening to R&B.
  • You like computer science and you are passionate about helping people with mental disabilities. For instance, describe how you used your skills in computer science to help those with disabilities to learn more about computers.

Sharing an example when a person or a leader faced a hard choice

In this prompt, you have a chance to talk about someone whom you admire rather than yourself. However, in the end of the essay you will still need to connect everything to yourself. This prompt allows you to write about one or the following persons:

  • A certain politician
  • A family member
  • A neighbor
  • A celebrity

You need to describe how this person went through some difficulties and what their experience was.

Keep in mind that the person you select to talk about will definitely refute back onto who you are. For instance, if you talk about Elon Musk, the admissions officers will think that you also care about innovation.

Also, you can reflect on the prompt by first looking at a decision or an event this person made.

Once you describe the event or a person, discuss the consequences, avoiding telling too much about yourself. In the end of the essay, you will need to provide a personal reflection. For instance, tell how this decision reflects your character. Write about your skills and talents whether it is the compassion, ambition, leadership, humility, etc.

If possible describe how you had to make a similar choice in your life and give the explanation to your decision. Put yourself in an empathy position with the person you’re writing about. When using this prompt for your Boston college essay make sure you have a sufficient amount of background details so that the admissions officers have a full contextual understanding of the event.

Creating your own college course and addressing a contemporary problem or an enduring question

With this prompt, Boston College forces you to critically think and reflect simultaneously. Think about one of the world problems today and which of them you would like to discuss. There is no need to try and find the biggest problem. Instead find an issue and describe how you want to study it. For instance, you can talk about one of the following:

  • Income inequality
  • Racism
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Climate change
  • Bacteria

Since, you will need to come up with a university course in your paper, discuss what particular areas of the issue you would like to discuss this semester. It will be useful if you have had some experience being engaged with the problem.

Jesuit education

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When writing an essay using this prompt you will need to explain the Jesuit education and back up your own values, placing your academic and personal goals into the tenants of the Jesuit education. Your goal is to push your interests and objectives forward into the time you’ll spend in Boston College.

This prompt covers for subsections – character formation, leaving a meaningful life, commitment to the common good, and importance of sciences and the liberal arts – so you can write about one or all of them.

  • When talking about the significance of sciences and liberal arts, you will need to show your passion for learning and how you want to help solve great problems the world faces.
  • When talking about the character formation, discuss how you have faced a difficult situation and how you overcame it. Tell how it impacted your academic interests and personal goals, as well as how it will keep on doing so in university.
  • With living a meaningful life, describe the values you wish to live by.
  • In a commitment to the common good, talk about the work that you have done for people whether it is through a personal project, volunteering organization, or some other experience away from home.

Posing a question, the reader wants you to answer

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should literally ask a question in your essay. However, your reader should keep wondering when reading your paper. To reach this goal, insert a hook in the beginning of your paper that will encourage the audience to find out more.

Don’t focus only on the past

When reading your essay, admissions officers want to see your growth and development in your essay, so make sure you concentrate on you growing and learning as a person. Do not simply describe things. Your paper should contain a moment of revelation, telling what you have learned from your experience and how it made you the person you are today. Colleges do not want to see essays that talk only about the past. They want to have students who are actively looking at their future so make sure that if you’re talking about something that happened in the past, you need to connect it to who you are today and how it will influence you to move forward.

Opening up

When reflecting on an experience or any event, describe how it made you feel, whether it had an influence on your values and/or priorities, and how it changed the way you think. Readers connect more when you disclose a vulnerability rather than your strengths.

Experimenting with the unexpected

You can experiment with the context of your essay, by giving your story a twist or talking about something unexpected, something that your readers would not have thought of.

Avoiding summarization

Do not explicitly state the point of your paper. It becomes less effective when you spell it out. Get rid of the sentences like “That is when I realized,” “The most important lesson was,” etc. They are unconvincing and unnecessary. Instead let your readers read between the lines and try to figure out the minute of your story. Even though your actions may be small, they should be full of meaning.

In conclusion

It is very difficult to get into Boston college. However, if you follow the guidelines described about on how to tackle a Boston college essay, you will be able to craft a writing piece that will get you into college.

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