What is so special about the website business plan

A business plan is a document that contains information about a company. It should show the services that it provides or the product that it sells. This kind of document also gives the expression of the sales markets, marketing, and company goals. In general, the business plan should contain all aspects of the firm's activities, up to what problems it can face and how these problems can be solved. The online business is a specific field that was the most dynamic in the last ten years. It still grows and shows the fantastic numbers in such characteristics as the effectiveness, the productivity, and etcetera. When you write the business plan, it is very important to stick to the effective structure. Usually, the business plan consists of such parts:
  • Title page
  • Introduction
  • The market review
  • Founders
  • Financial plan
  • Marketing plan
  • Organizational plan
  • Forces and the use of funds
  • The additions.

At the very beginning, the business plan should contain information about the name of the company, its contacts (address and phone number), as well as phone numbers of all founders. In addition, you must specify the content of the entire business plan (add the page number at the top of the page). On average, the size of the business plan is 30-40 pages, which also includes applications. However, there can be short versions of the plan, some people write it on 10 or even fewer pages.

Introduction part

The introduction should fit approximately 2 pages. Here you need to indicate the main thing about your website project: what are its main advantages online and what is unique about it. Tell about the specific online activity of your firm. Here you should describe how your product or service will be able to attract consumers and what kind of income is expected. If you plan to attract investors to finance the project, you also need to specify how much capital you need and how you will use it.

Many professionals say that it is better to write the introduction after the completion of writing the entire business plan. Since the main goal of this chapter is to describe the most general picture of the project, it is better to do it in the end. The reason is that in the end, it will easy to imagine it when you study all the nuances and aspects of the business.

The market review

In this chapter of the website business plan, you need to describe the online market for your products. This description will contain the answers to the following questions:
  • What is the size of the market?
  • What are its changes and their intensity?
  • What are the opportunities and threats of the market?
  • Who are your potential customers and why exactly you are attracted to them?

Most often all these data are taken from open sources of mass media and analytical reports, less often the sources are other entrepreneurs working in this field. You must specify where the information is taken, and make sure that it will be really relevant. Unless you have invented something radically new, you will probably enter the market where competitors are already waiting for you.

Ignorance of your competitors is the first step to failure. Therefore, it is worth describing what competitors do online, what they sell, how they attract customers, and what percentage of the market they occupy. After that, you will be able to show what are the advantages of your product over competitors' products. Immerse yourself in the study of competitors as deep as possible: describe not only direct competitors online, but also indirect offline competitors.

Characterize the founders

The idea of the online business itself is good. But for the business plan no less important is the information about who embodies it. Investors will always be interested in the composition of your team of founders. This section should contain the most complete summaries of all members of your team, partners, and shareholders. This section includes the company's business model. Here you need to provide complete information about the sources of the company's income and costs, as well as about its suppliers and customers.

You should describe what technologies and equipment will be used in the manufacture of goods and services. This chapter of the business plan should be the most detailed, so do not neglect any useful information. For example, you can describe the team of programmers, the team of sales, the core team and etcetera. Be scrupulous to describe everything in detail.

The financial plan and the marketing plan – show the important

In this part of the business plan, you should state the forecast for profit and loss. Here you should also effectively describe the cash flow, possible unplanned expenses, and expenses. As professionals suggest, the forecast should be made at least 3 years in advance. Also, you need to specify the payback calculations for initial financial injections and SWOT analysis.

In the marketing plan, you should show the information about the positions of your product on the market. It is very important to determine their pros and cons, the target audience and its segments. The investor is usually interested in the methods of promotion, the work with customer feedback and other details that show your potential as a businessman.

Organizational plan and the use of funds

When you writing the business plan for the online business, this section should be devoted to the organization of work in your company and the interaction of staff. The section includes the description of the duties of the employees, the system of subordination, the internal regime of the enterprise, methods of material and non-material encouragement. The specifics of the online business is usually in its creative structure. This is the place where you can really interest the reader – your potential investor.

It is worthwhile to look soberly at the situation and to assess with what troubles the future enterprise may face - from the worst case to the best. Describe the possible risks and solutions to problems associated with them.In the next section, it is important to correctly describe the sources and use of funds.

If the business plan is provided to potential investors. Thereby, it is necessary for them to state the information on how exactly the received capital will be used. Many novice inexperienced businessmen assume that the cost of launching the project will be worth less than it actually comes. Therefore, in advance, work through all the points and calculate in detail all the costs for starting a business. Don’t forget premises, equipment, production of the first lots of goods, the development of a logo and so on. This will help you to be aware of all the costs and make the paper really effective. Expenses are divided into three groups:
  • Constant
  • Variables
  • Periodic.

Constant expenses do not depend on your activities - rent, staff salaries, site maintenance, regular royalties, and etcetera. If any payment you make once a year, then taking into account the monthly costs for it. Variables depend on your business. The more reports are prepared, the more you need to buy paper and paint for the printer. This is considered a percentage of revenue. If there are a lot of orders, then you will need not 2 employees, but 4, and etcetera.

When you plan periodic spending, you need to take into account that the first 3-4 months your business will not work at full capacity - you are still working on clients. Therefore, for the first months you need to lay subsidies. Suppose, in the first month - the income is "minus 100 thousand", the second - minus 50, the third - minus 10, the fourth - you go to zero. Then you will know exactly how much money you should put in all.

Additions – sometimes this is really important

All the information described above may not be enough to cover all aspects of the future activity. Especially if this touches the specific business – the website. Therefore, in the addenda, you should attach all the necessary documents that express the work of the firm (data on creditworthiness, copies of contracts with partners, lease agreements, certificates of registration of a company and a trademark, and etcetera).

Find the perfect idea for the website business – start thinking creatively

Traditional thinking is the personal enemy number one for those who want to create a website business and achieve personal success. Traditionalist thinking freezes the mind and does not allow it to show creativity. There are several things that can help you to deal with that:
  • Become receptive to new ideas and do not eliminate them. Try to get rid of statements like "Not good", "It will not work", "It will not help", "Useless", "Silly". They are able to scare away any new creative idea
  • Experiment and break up the usual routine. Go to new restaurants and theaters, read new books, meet new people. Go to work on different routes, spend your holidays and weekends in a different way, do something new. If your work is related to online distribution, show interest in production or accounting. This will expand your horizons and prepare for more responsible work
  • Be progressive, not regressive. Think about how you can do this job better than before.
The great success requires constantly raising the bar of demands for yourself and others higher and higher. You need to always search for the better decisions and the best results at smaller expenses, greater result by smaller efforts. People who live by the principle "I can do better" often get to the top of success. It is worth mentioning the slogan of the company GeneralElectric: "Progress is our most important product". The philosophy "I can do better" works great when you write the business plan. Ask yourself: "How can I do better?" - and your creative mind will immediately begin to look for how to do it. Answers will come by themselves. Every time before starting to work on your business plan, you can think for 10 minutes about the question: "How can I work better today?". Try to do this to increase your creative productivity:
  • With pleasure, take the opportunity to do more. When you are offered extra workload, it means that you are valued as an employee. By accepting it, you become even more valuable. If your neighbors are asked to represent their interests before the local authorities agree. This is the way to get leadership in public work
  • Agree with an additional burden, focus on how to deal with the two cases. Ask yourself this question, and creative answers will come to you. It will be ideas about how to plan and organize your usual work more efficiently, how to get rid of unnecessary business and waste of time, or something else.

Ideas are the fruits of your thinking, but they must be used. Every year an enormous number of acorns grow on the oak, sufficient for a decent forest, but only one or two of them will become trees. Squirrels eat almost the entire crop of acorns, and few survivors do not germinate because they fall into the too hard soil. The same thing happens with ideas. Very few of them bear fruit. Ideas are very fragile and die quickly. If you do not stand guard, they will be eaten by "squirrels" -a negative-minded people. If you feel the lack of energy or knowledge to write the website business plan based on your idea, you should ask for a professional writing help.

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