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A cover letter is an important element in negotiations with the employer. Sending a resume without a cover letter is like coming to an interview without clothes. Learn how to write a letter that will convince the employer that you are a suitable candidate for the specific job position. A cover letter is a way to present yourself to a potential employer.

The document should describe your qualifications, motivation, and interest in getting the position. The purpose of such document is to make the employer feel the desire to invite you for an interview. It should pay any attention to the main document – resume. In this case, when writing the cover letter, do not repeat the information, which is already indicated in the resume.

The purpose of the cover letter is to advertise your resume. It should not distract from it, nor serve as a substitute. It happens that a good cover letter makes the average resume more powerful. However, these two documents should work together and work for one purpose – to make you an outstanding candidate in the eyes of the HR manager or employer.

Structure of the cover letter

This field of writing usually has the free form. The candidate should feel it with the information, which is shown in the vacancy. It is very effective when the cover paper has keywords of the firm and the specific vacancy. If there works a robot who selects letters on the email, it will select emails with keywords. But, as a rule, the cover paper consists of three parts:
  • Specify exactly how you learned about the job. Tell more about in what position you are interested and why
  • Write down why you are a useful candidacy and describe your motivation for the firm
  • Express that you want to meet a potential employer to talk about his requirements and your qualifications.

It doesn’t make sense to make loud and evaluative statements. Your purpose is to indicate your qualification only. It is the employer who will evaluate your candidacy. You should never try to do what the employer should – they don’t like it. Use one or two personal examples in which you can show your experience and useful personal qualities. Demonstrate your desire to join working in the company.

What is a cover letter- tips for writing

For each specific position, you should provide a unique and original document. The employer must clearly see that your cover paper is written specifically for this vacancy. Otherwise, the attention of employer will be paid to other candidates. Here are some of the things that you can use for writing the cover paper:
  • Letters must always be addressed to someone specific. If you do not know who you write to, then you can always call the company and specify it
  • Be concise. Make your document in one page, maximum two pages
  • Be clear, logical and understandable. Remember that your document should be informative and reflect your personality
  • It is very important for your letter do not contain any mistakes - neither spelling nor grammatical
  • Learn about the company's activities and the position you want to get. This will show your interest, and, perhaps, will allocate you among other candidates. Use useful keywords here
  • Notice your plan and goals in the letter.

The document about an ambitious worker

Provide a brief summary of your education, skills, and achievements. You should definitely include the information about your participation in specific conferences. It is very important to clearly describe your strengths, which will be of interest to the person making the decision. Present yourself as a motivated worker. But do not overdo it, because the too ideal candidate will cause doubts.

A cover reveals your plans and talks about goals. The last paragraph of the document describes the positive things that you will get from achieving the desired position. The more convincingly you write it, the higher your chances of attracting attention. You can list your specific merits, useful for the organization. Uncover your motives to work for this company. Tell readers about your motivation and benefits, but do not forget to indicate what you are going to give to the company.

The keywords for a cover letter?

It is very important to use exactly those keywords that the potential HR manager would like to see in the candidate. The keywords used by you must coincide with the requirements for the candidate from the job description. You need to speak in the language of the vacancy. To learn this language, you need to learn three main categories of keywords:
  • Your keyword skills
  • Your result orientation
  • Your achievements.

Demonstrate to the recruiter that you have all the necessary skills that they want to see in the applicant. Show that you will provide positive results and will give needed results to the company. It is critically important to link your ability to achieve results in the cover letter.

It is best to use numbers that can demonstrate your contribution and impact on processes in the previous position. The employer is much more likely to believe that you will become a successful employee if he knows that you have been assessed appropriately in the previous position. Find the right words that will demonstrate achievements.

What is a cover letter, resume, and CV?

Cover Letter is an accompanying or motivational letter, in which the applicant explains why he wants to work in the company and why he should be chosen. It is used not only to get a job, but also to participate in internships and grant competitions. The resume is the professional characteristics of the applicant, containing biographical data (briefly), information about education, skills, and experience.

CV (Curriculum Vitae) is an extended resume that includes detailed personal and professional information (including examples of work and recommendations). This kind of documents is often written by applicants, which are applying for various positions at medium and high levels. It is very important to use exactly that document that the vacancy requires – nor more nor less.

How to fight procrastination when sending the cover letter?

Procrastination is something that makes you to continuously postpone the assignment. This can be caused by many reasons, but the result is always the postponement. Procrastinators do the other things instead of the important assignment and this often leads to spending a lot of energy. For example, such task as writing the cover letter can easily cause the procrastination. This can be because of fear to fail or because of too much perfectionism. Here are the steps that can help to fight procrastination:
  • Ask yourself the question: "Why am I doing this?". This helps to find a meaningful goal and motivation for the assignment. Think about for whom your work can be useful
  • If the task seems to be monotonous, try somehow to change the style of writing, to show creativity. This will make the work more interesting
  • Make a list of tasks for the day. Sometimes a to-do list encourages you to bring things to the final
  • Use the technique of five minutes in time-management
  • Break the task into the smallest parts. Perceive the task not as a large and complex project, but as many simple small tasks

To successfully fight procrastination, it is important to hide anything that can distract. For example, you should close social networks, hide the phone, or close the door. Make mini-deadlines for you only. If you cannot overcome procrastination, use this time with advantage. Perform some small organizational work, for example, clean up the mail or desktop, write a letter which has long been postponed and etcetera. The other thing is to tell someone about your assignment. Speaking it, you can find better ways to solve it and look in a new way on it. As a result, a difficult, troubling task will no longer seem impossible.

How to write your to-do list?

Planning will help you to structure all your duties, as a result, the cover letter writing will be also more effective. When deciding how to plan your day, do not write down plans strictly by the minute. The rigid framework in which you can put yourself and in this way will prevent you from procrastination.

Determine for yourself what you need to do in a year, then divide the task by months, weeks and days. As a rule, it is not possible to correctly plan the step-by-step goals day after day to accomplish the task for a year. Life is full of surprises, and this must be taken into account. Therefore, keeping in mind the global goal for the year ahead, it is worthwhile to plan your affairs at the beginning of each month, at the beginning of the week, and at the beginning of each day. It is better to do it starting from the evening of the previous day.

To understand how to organize your day properly, arrange the cases according to priorities. The most complex tasks should be divided into those hours when you feel the greatest energy. Since it is impossible to organize your day properly without taking into account the relaxing, do not forget to include this item in your plan. Limit your working hours 7-9 hours a day. At the same time, allocate at least 5 minutes per hour for relaxing.

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