Why is college important essay

Why is college important essay

An important part of every admission process is writing apersonal statement or an entrance college essay. Colleges needthis type of essay to select among hundreds of applicants whoseacademic results are similar. That is why students applying to acollege have to know that excellent exam scores are only onecriterion taken into account by strict admission officers. Suchselectivity is necessary because every college wants only beststudents in a class.

So trust us when we say that you should take the trouble topresent yourself to the best advantage. Almost always a brilliantadmission essay turns to be a determinative factor for a collegeto accept you.

An entrance paper has two goals. One is to demonstrate yourability to follow the prompt. A prompt is a kind of instructiongiven to the applicants to help them go through the applicationprocess smoothly. However, its major purpose is to discoverwhether a school leaver values their college or not. Another goalis to identify your aspirations towards studying in theircollege.

Let’s have a closer look at what they want to see in theadmission essay. Your essay should reveal the following:

  • Your intentions and goals
  • Your strong and weak sides
  • Your abilities such as critical thinking, learning skills,the level of your communicative and interpersonal skills, thebasic understanding of the advising profession, etc.
  • Your capability to analyze, evaluate and synthesize theinformation
  • Your ableness to follow instructions and knowledge ofadmission requirements
  • Your readiness to get new knowledge and participate in thecollege life

A word about college admission papers

Without moralizing on the topic “Why is college important essay?”we have collected essential facts about admission papers thatwill allow you better understand how to design a matchless essay.

When composing an admission essay we advise to consider thesecommon prompts:

  • Length of a paper (commonly 250- 300 words)
  • Format
  • Topic choice (you may focus on different things – a personinfluenced your life, your school experiences, your reasons forentering this educational institution, your future career goals)
  • Essay Resources
  • Online grammar and plagiarism checkers
  • You will need them to proofread your essay. It is better touse paid services as they provide more guarantees. However, youshould also seek help from senior college students or familymembers.
  • Essay content
  • The content of the entrance paper depends on the promptsuggested by the college. Generally, you are asked to tell aboutyour school and life experiences. Some admission bodies want youto speak about your extra-curricular activities and hobbies withthe reflection on how they have influenced your personaldevelopment. We would recommend you to cover both – your academicexperience and participation in the life of your communitybecause colleges prefer to see many-sided students who haveexplored a variety of after-school activities.
  • The tone of the paper
  • Honesty is the thing which is highly valued by the admissionofficers. They have been reading students’ essays for such a longtime that it is easy for them to recognize who misrepresentstheir achievements. So it is very important to keep a balancewhen selling yourself as a potential college student. Anotherthing you should do in your essay is to demonstrate humility andmodesty. Do not overplay your achievements as well as do notself-praise too much.
  • Grammar and spelling
  • It is evident to anyone that a good paper should be flawless.Students tend to focus on the content forgetting about basicwriting rules. As for the admission officers, they also pay moreattention to the meaningfulness of the essay; however, they willnot be satisfied with a paper full of grammar, spelling and othermistakes. An applicant with a non-proofread paper has slimprospects to be accepted.

A checklist for a great entrance paper

Why is college important essay

The questions below will help you self-check the essay and craftit in the best possible way. It is essential to answer them whileyou are writing.

Q.1: Does my story fit into the college community?

Different schools look for different students. Some tend tochoose creative personalities, some value scientific slant of theapplicants, some are enthusiastic about students with high levelof culture, and some need people who can care about thecommunity. Therefore, in your essay, you should emphasize thefacts they want to hear, of course, presenting false informationis not an option. You should not necessarily have this or thatquality, the good choice is to show that you are willing to fittheir interests and you are committed to contributing to theuniversity as much as possible.

Q2: Does my paper sound like someone else wrote it?

Today many students ask a teacher or a parent to write an essayfor them. It is a killer decision as an admission officer caneasily distinguish between an adult and young person’s style evenif it sounds impressive. Use your own voice and ask for a helpinghand only when you have finished the paper. Surely, littleprofessional assistance will be useful.

Q3: Is my essay authentic?

Let us repeat the key idea for a successful essay, which is beingyourself when telling your story. Readers want to feel, smell andtouch your world. Meet their expectations and your essay will beinteresting.

Q4: Does it look different from the rest of papers?

The best tool to make it compelling is to fill it withmini-stories, anecdotes, dialogues or quotes. They have a powerto make a paper fun, fresh and unique. Thus, you will kill twobirds with one stone – set the essay apart and show yourcreativity.

Q5: Does my paper tell about my future perspectives?

Make sure to point out the fact that the college you are applyingto is what you need to have a good job or to receive thefirst-rate qualification that other institutions cannot provide.They will see that their college is not your random choice andyou really know who they are.

Fundamental rules for college admission papers

Despite there are numerous useful guidelines and articles tellingwhy is college important essay, a great majority of intendedcandidates keep on making the same errors.

Let’s recap what you should do and should avoid in your admissionpaper. Stunning entrance essays are made by those who followthese rules:

  • Do not make your essay look like a resume or CV.
  • Use only relevant anecdotes.
  • Start and finish your paper strong.
  • Care about the word choice. Don’t give much effort tosounding like Shakespeare or a noble scientist. You are justbeginning to conquer the world and the admission committeeunderstands it well.
  • Do not mash all the facts together. It would be reasonable ifyou choose several important events or experiences to speakabout.

Expert observations and assistance

Why is college important essay

In today's world admission counsellors share their impressionsabout college application essays everywhere. They never tire ofrepeating what most colleges want to understand from students'essays:

  • What are your angles? How do they correspond to the collegeinterests?
  • What is your ideal learning?
  • Are you able to make progress in studies and how quick canyou achieve results?
  • Why have you chosen this college?
  • Are you familiar with the college traditions and studentcommunities?
  • Is there something in your personality that matches somecollege policies?
  • Are you ready to live an active life on a campus?
  • How can the college contribute to your future success?
  • What would you take up after entering the college –volunteering, internships, exchange academic programs,extracurricular activities, sport, etc?

Skilled authors working at our writing essay service have seenlots of admission and other sorts of papers. We have collectedtheir sayings as to the questions “Why is college importantessay?”

  • A good essay may decide your fate.
  • An admission paper must be started as early as possible.
  • It will be perfect if you visit the college of your dreambefore writing an essay.
  • Do not specify every detail of your past school life, likelocation, grades, names, etc. However, you'd better mention byname the teachers, classes, clubs of your future place ofstudies.

Terrific papers are only here. We will tell your story as it isexpected by your college admission body and polish your paper forall errors.

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