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At first sight, winter writing paper seems to be a somewhat childish task. It even sounds a bit silly especially for a student of any higher educational institution. You’re certainly puzzled what you could write about this frosty and white season and what you need to explain, argue or prove here.

Apparently, you have a great number of questions about depicting winter in your essay, and in general you find this assignment absolutely pointless. However, it’s not so, as winter season papers can be devoted to a wide array of things and can be written in many different ways.

You certainly wonder what themes could be considered in this type of essay. As we’ve already told, your essay can cover various things, including your childhood memories about this season or winter Olympic Games. You shouldn’t take this task too seriously. Instead, have a lot of fun, as it’s rather a relaxing assignment, enabling you to recall something positive from your personal experience.

Types of winter season essays

Before you get down to your winter writing paper, it’s crucial to choose the type of your writing. Having picked up a particular type, you’ll have a clear idea of how your essay should be organized and what it’s going to be devoted to. You may try writing any of these two winter essays:

  • Argumentative winter season essays: Here you may ascertain that winter appears to be your favorite season. Alternatively, you can write that you hate it. In both cases you’re expected to underpin your position by corresponding arguments.
  • Descriptive winter season essays: If this season generates no specific feelings, merely depict this time of the year. After all, it greatly differs from other seasons. Moreover, a great number of folks feel special about it.

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If you don’t feel strongly about this season, you are free to discuss both pros and cons of this time of the year. You can also illustrate one of the biggest and most beloved holidays many people are used to celebrating exactly in winter. For instance, you can write a paper about Christmas.

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Winter writing prompts

  • How to make a good snowman...
  • Hot chocolate in winter...
  • If folks hibernated just like bears...
  • A snow angel made by you came to life...
  • You’re a snowman. How do you feel?
  • You’re a penguin. Depict a day in your life.
  • You came across Jack Frost...
  • How to win a snowball fight....
  • A new sport for the winter Olympics has been invented by you...
  • Your favorite winter dream...
  • You’re describing snow to an alien...
  • Narrate your stocking in a snow globe...
  • If winter dominated the whole year...
  • If snow was your favorite ice-cream...
  • Describe your living on an iceberg somewhere in Antarctica or at the North Pole...
  • Your most exciting snow day...
  • The worst/best things about this season...
  • Building the best igloo ever...
  • Your best days spent in the igloo...

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