Worst college essays: see what you shouldn’t do!

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Even if you consider yourself to be a promising essay writer, but the very thought of cranking out a paper, which might puzzle your tutors in the negative sense of the word can really frighten you. However, if you’re just planning to roll out your college application essay, don’t be scary. Get yourself familiar with a detailed list of precautions and your academic honor won’t be endangered.

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Attention! You can fail with your writing!

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It’s so sad that every year huge flocks of learners bitterly fail this test. Yes, for many people writing an admission essay is becoming like swimming from one continent to another. However, in most cases it doesn’t mean that all those folks are absolutely incapable of expressing their thoughts. It’s because today’s flawed academic system has stuffed them with a slew of negative habits. We’re going to enumerate them here below.

Trying to sound like the dead

It’s rather a weird state of affairs when a youngest author has been dead for hundred years. It’s a common thing in today’s school. Well, we just point to emulating the classic literature, whose best examples were created several centuries ago.

Today many tutors keep holding up the classics as true examples of what perfect writing is. These old-fashioned folks generally expect their students to mimic those well-known writers in their papers.

Of course, Shakespeare, Thomas More and Chaucer happened to be the stud muffins of their epoch. However, you won’t find them on the New York Times Bestseller List, for example. Therefore, it makes no sense to copy their style. Sure, you can make a few tutors happy, although it can’t be said about your admissions officers. Instead, you’d better rely on your own writing style. At least, the admissions officers want to see a vivid real personality, but not a typical zombie. If you don’t try copying other writers’ style, you can hardly find your paper among the worst college essays.

Expecting somebody to hand you a strong writing prompt

One of the key challenges of writing is finding out what to compose. Whether you’re working on a memo, a letter or an article, the process is banal - starting out with a blank page and deciding what to put on it. Of course, it suggests considering what your readers will want to read, although nobody but you should decide what to put on the page. The very act of deciding is what your paper is all about.

Making long paragraphs

Not so long it was highly recommended for learners to compose paragraphs of substantial length just to fill multiple pages with huge blocks of text. Even today many students are still trained to write this way. However, this requirement is no longer actual. Moreover, it’s totally obsolete.

Currently, paragraphs shouldn’t exceed three sentences, while shorter paragraphs of two sentences or even one are highly welcome.

Staying away from profanity

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We should admit that this nuance is controversial enough. A great number of authors still hold that profanity is unacceptable in professional publications. On the contrary, others find it convenient to utilize curse words from time to time. You may omit curse words and very simple expressions in your paper, but don’t make it sound too academic. Instead, it should be vivid and catchy.

Being detached

As you know, good writing always puts the focus on the topic, not the author. It’s totally unemotional. This approach gives equal attention to opposing views, presenting them without singling out one as dominating.

If you’re an engineer, scientist or a doctor, sticking to a role of a detached observer is a fine idea. However, for everybody it would be a disaster. It would be boring. Outside your exclusive circle you won’t be able to make folks read it. Instead, do the opposite, demonstrate thrilling emotional outbursts. It will undoubtedly make your reading worthy for an average reader. Moreover, being absolutely detached suggests that you don’t respect your audience at all.

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