Why you need writer services

Writers of any kind and genre usually need some assistance with their finished works. Depending on their goals, they may require an editor, a review, a publisher, a critic or just a first reader to provide them with some essential feedback.

If you are reading this article you probably need help with your writing too. But what kind of services do you need? Who can help you with your problem? Or where to find a good specialist or service that may help you? These are the questions that first come to your mind once you finish your manuscript especially if you are a beginning writer. However, everyone whose occupation or hobby is writing needs professional assistance to make the paper as it should look like in the end.

How to choose the service you need

First, you need to decide what services you want. For authors who plan to self-publish, we recommend getting your manuscript edited. This is an option for every author who wants to be proud of his flawless and perfectly formatted work.

Unfortunately, some writers do not want to admit the fact that their manuscript has mistaken. Believe us every piece of writing requires proper editing before publishing even if it is produced by prominent authors.

If you are going to submit your paper to the publishing agency, you also need to edit your copy. Keep in mind that it is a publisher who decides whether to take your manuscript or not. So if you want to improve your chances, you’d better offer him an edited copy. None is happy to read a messy manuscript. Moreover, mistakes often distract the reader from the more essential things like the idea of the paper, the moral and the flow of events and many more.

Once you have decided what service to address we advise you to try editing on your own. In this way, you can eliminate many mistakes and improve the text not to get ashamed before the editor for foolish errors and typos.

Moreover, you will save money and time as professional writer services charge a lot for their help. The fewer corrections they make, the lower the price is. Isn’t that a good incentive to start like this?

After you edit a copy on your own, it is time to search for professional copy editing. Below, there is a collection of top writer services that may help:
  • Manuscript Polishing service – the competent editor will do both proofread and edit your manuscript in the shortest possible time. Presto! You can submit it to the professor, self-publish or send it to the publisher – whatever you need!
  • Translation Editing service is for non-native English speakers who write in English or write in their native language but want the manuscript to be translated into English.
  • Choose a Ph.D. editing service or essay editing service if you are composing research essays, a thesis or a dissertation. It is their core specialization to assist all kinds of academicians.
  • Writer's Edit provides copy editing and line-editing plus makes notes and comments to improve your manuscript in the best manner. This assistance is often demanded by experienced writers.
  • Brief editing services reviews
  • The following online resources provide top-notch writer services for authors of a particular field or genre. Their help will be extremely useful for all writers. Select the service that best suits your needs from the list below:
  • Children's Editorial Services provide extensive support that includes copy editing, reports and specific recommendations on the materials that will go to this market.
  • If your contract obliges you to provide the index, you should address skillful professionals from Indexing. Self-publishers will also require their help to make sure that the index is composed according to the rules.
  • Proof-reading service employs outstanding correctors who can find the smallest mistake which can be missed by many specialists. For a note: do not confuse proofreading with editing services – they are different. Our tip is to first edit your copy and only then give it to the proof-reader.
  • At Rewriting you will find highly qualified editing experts whose services are comprehensive but rather expensive. They may preview your manuscript and give an extensive report that tells what is required to improve. Then you have to decide whether you can afford their services or not.
  • Scriptwriting assessment – the name speaks for itself. This is a specialized editing company that assists in upgrading TV and playwright scripts for you.
  • Poetry Collection Editing is created for preparing your poetry collections for self-publishing or sending to a publishing agency.
  • Submission Critique offers proficient advisories for further submission of your written works to the publisher. They will give you a detailed commentary on the whole package of material needed for publishing your manuscript.

Among other prominent writer services providers that have a narrow specialization are Blurb-writing service, Contract vetting, Typing manuscripts.

Electronic checkers and tools

No contemporary author can write without modern IT software. Online automated services and mobile apps are critical things for every writer who wants to improve his or her works or just organize the writing process as efficiently as possible.

We have gathered more than a dozen valuable sites that will be useful to everyone working with texts, writing poetry or just dreaming to write one’s own book. Writers use them depending on the purpose that can be editing, searching for synonyms, translation, transliteration help, formatting, etc.

We do hope that the following automated programs will help you:
  • Translit — translates the text back and forward.
  • Topwriter — compares two texts which is helpful for rewriters.
  • Speechpad — translates audio text to written copy. A good tool for interviewers and journalists.
  • Glvrd and Test- the-text — help to polish the text in informational style. Suitable for advertisement, news, instructions, letters and commercial offers. Not suitable for poetry and artistic prose.
  • Findcopy — checks the uniqueness of the text and give a link to the report.
  • Readability — assesses the readability of the text. Here you will find out whether your text will be understood by a simple layman or not.
  • Istio-checks spelling, counts the number of characters, keys, density and other SEO-indicators.
  • Synonymizer — helps you to find synonyms.
  • Wordassociations — selects and compares word associations.
  • 8nog-counts characters and removes double spaces.
  • Poem Parser - checks the length of rhyming lines. Thanks to the program you will be able to find out what poetic size you have written your poem.
  • TextReferent - automatic referencing of English texts. After processing the text and analyzing the frequency of occurrence of individual words in it, the program entifies basic words that help understand the meaning of the phrase. The demo is free to download and processes English texts only.

Phone application for writers

What can a talented person do without a notebook and pen? Nothing. Very often the ideas come so instantly that a writer is not able to fix them onto the paper for many reasons. as suddenly they come into one’s mind, the faster they are forgotten. Today a paper notebook or a restaurant napkin has a lot of alternatives in the Play Market and App Store. With these applications, you can easily write down any text on the go, and if you want — combine it with current photos, pictures, and other media.

For this purpose, you can use electronic notebooks and diaries designed for your phone.

Here are most popular of them:
  • MomentDiary (iOS, Android)
  • Evernote (iOS, Android)
  • Google Keep (Android)
  • FreeNote (Android)
  • GoodNotes (iOS)

These apps are perfect for quick notes, saving contacts, and media files with comments, and of course, for creating reminders.

Make your life more comfortable with the below-mentioned apps:
  • Writer is an incredibly simple minimalistic app for those who urgently need a piece of paper. Yes, there is nothing more here: you just open the program and write. However, you cannot save in the usual format and import the note.
  • Just Write is an application with the same function but only here the pages are arranged horizontally which allows you to flick through notes like a book. If desired, you can take a picture of a piece of written text. On the whole, it is quite useful.
  • DubScript Screenplay Writer is a very specific and very simple editor for scriptwriters with special fields of individual replicas, fonts for remarks and strict design. It saves scripts in PDF format, HTML FDX, and Fountain. Records can be imported to Google Drive.
  • JotterPad. Unlike previous applications, it has advanced functionality: it is easy to create folders and customize the style of your notes: essay, newspaper, story, or project. Good design and beautiful decoration. It is possible to save documents in TXT format and instantly send them to Dropbox. The extended version allows you to use universal Markdown markup and nice media effects.

Writing and management services for beginners and others

To begin with, let’s look through the resources that can be useful to the beginner. However, an experienced writer will also find some of them quite good for making the writing process more comfortable. We are sure that the following collection will be interesting and useful for you:
  • Daily Page

The motto of this service: "Write every day!" This is a simulator of writer's skills and a short course of psychological assistance. It uses a free writing technique. Every day it emails you a new theme for the mini-essay, for example, "She was so happy by the fact that...", "What do you avoid?", "One of the best decisions in your life...", "What does art mean to you?" and the like. You can write on the suggested topics for yourself or publish your essays. In this case, please do not forget to proofread your story carefully.

  • Question helps to find the book on the required topic.

Also, here you can find a lot of interesting questions that will be interesting to the person who is planning to write a book and the recommendations from experts. For example, the question says “How a book becomes popular if it is written by a just a beginner? or “What is the most frequently published genre for today. Such challenges can train your mind perfectly! The wider your outlook is, the more vivid and alive your story will be. The question has a literary section where you will find lots of questions and answers on literature: about books, writers, literary receptions and stylistic figures, heroes, the plot and all that may inspire a novice writer.

  • Writeabout.com

It is a portal for the writers that brings together people passionate about literature and those who are interested in publishing and writing.

  • Evernote

The Muse can find you anywhere. Evernote can be installed on your laptop and smartphone and record ideas as soon as they come to your mind. Notes sync and appear on all your devices. So you will not forget important replicas of the characters and sharp turns of the plot. With Evernote, you can create anywhere — even in the queue for the football match tickets, in the car or at lunch in a cafe.

  • Smart Progress

A new day means new achievements. The service helps formulate the goals, make a plan, get useful advice and even get inspired by the efforts of others.

  • Thesaurus

Sometimes the right word just doesn't come into your mind. In this case, you will be happy with a useful, suitable, practical, effective, comfortable dictionary of synonyms.

You can also use Google Calendar to organize your work. In addition, you should pay attention to UberNote, which allows you to organize ideas as they appear. For similar aims, you can use such popular services as XMind. If you are working on a large piece, such as a novel, yWriter service will be useful.

We do hope that this review of the service s for writers has been helpful for you! Good luck in publishing the work of your life!

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