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Sports in the US can be divided into two groups: amateur andprofessional. Professional athletes earn good money, often appearon television. Amateur sports are fond by young and less talentedpeople. Professionals are few, most athletes are amateurs.

In the US, children begin to play sports at the age of 5. At thistime, parents-volunteers form leagues in different kinds ofsports, within which competitions are held. For the most part,this is unpaid activity. At the age of 15, most American childrendo sports. During the summer holidays, training and competitionsare held – those wishing to participate are paid organizationalfees on average from 200 to 2,000 US dollars. Most of the timestudents come to competitions for school.

The next stage of the competition is district, then there arecompetitions at the state level. This is the highest level ofsports competitions for schoolchildren. Trainers in competitionsare usually physical education teachers. However, along withteaching physical education, they can also conduct teachsubjects, such as mathematics, physics, history, etc. The mostpopular sport in the US is American football. Almost everyAmerican city is going to matches on Friday night.

Of schools, as a rule, players are recruited to universities forgames for university teams. The National College AthleticAssociation (NCAA) regulates sports life between US universities– sets rules, schedules competitions, etc. The NCAA classifiesuniversities in three divisions:

  • Divisions of the first category have the best resources, and,consequently, the best stadiums, sports infrastructure, and canattract the best athletes.
  • The universities of the second division have less financialcapacity.
  • The universities of the third division are usually small anddo not pay much attention to sport.

Those young people who dream of becoming professional athletes,will go to the universities of the first division, where theywill try their best. Universities of the first division alsoattract foreign talented athletes, for example, basketballplayers are looked for in the Czech Republic, Britain, France,Puerto Rico, etc. Also, many sportsmen-foreigners play hockey,tennis, and softball. Baseball does not bring much money, so thiskind of sport is allocated few scholarships. After graduationfrom the university, 80% of athletes, as a rule, stop theirsports career. Those who like, however, can play golf, tennis, orsoftball.

Due to the fact that each of the athletes received a degree in aparticular discipline, for example, in economics or physics, theycan easily build a career. Often, former athletes are invited towork on stock exchanges – they need people who withstand strongpsychological stress. This is just the skill that young graduateshave. Many of the former athletes continue their education inpostgraduate programs, for example, in the field of sportsmanagement, which allows them to lead a sports department in auniversity or school. They can also work for the NCAA or formtheir own team. They can also become trainers. This option issuitable for those who want to stay in the sport.

Entry for should college athletes be paid essay

Due to National Collegiate Athletic Association, no collegeathlete can receive any endorsement or compensation when takingpart in college athletics. These rules have always causeddisputes; however, no changes were made by the NCAA. Annually,universities grossing close to $200 million, turning collegeathletics into one of the top industries in the world. The NCAAis a governing body of college athletics. However, if peopledon’t question and demand changes to the monopoly, nothing willhappen, and the situation will remain unfair to college athletes.

Over the past few decades, college sports have gained hugepopularity among Americans. This has led to the increasedrevenues for the NCAA and the participating colleges. As aresult, a debate whether college athletes should be paid beyondtheir athletic scholarships was risen. Below, we will discusswhether college athletes should be paid stating the reasons forand against.

Why college students should be paid?

Should college athletes be paid essay, study, writing, questions, different, college, help, paper

When writing your should college athletes be paid essay, you canstate that one of the reasons they should get compensation issportsmen from the basic unit of intercollegiate sports. Eventhough the NCAA tournaments are successful, students do not getany monetary compensation for their efforts. One of the mainreasons given by the NCAA for the lack of payment is the factthat it wants to keep its amateur status and that the paymentwould affect the integrity of intercollegiate athletics. The NCAAincreased its profits through the following:

  • Licenses for video games
  • Television rights
  • The sale of merchandise

The main and active role in the promotion of these activities isgiven to athletes however they don’t get any benefits from theprofits that are collected. This is considered unethical andviewed as exploitation.

Other students who receive scholarships get paid when theyprovide their services to their schools and that is why the sameshould be applied for athletes. They offer more to the collegesthan others because sports have become the basis of someuniversities. Universities like Indiana and Alabama areappreciated more due to their mastery in basketball and footballinstead of their academic excellence.

There is also a debate stating that college athletes should notget paid because they are getting a scholarship. On average, afull division one scholarship is $25,000 a year. Over four years,it amounts to $100,000. However most athletes don’t last atschool for the whole four years. When you get involved in sportsthere are injuries, politics, and a call to the office where theytell you that they don’t need you anymore. Many players get ascholarship for at least a year or two and then they gettransferred to a different college.

Even though a scholarship of $25,000 may seem like a lot of moneyit really covers only the basics:

  • Unknown university fees
  • Housing
  • Tuition
  • Meals
  • Multiple text books $100 worth

Players who come from low-income families receive a few hundreddollars every semester from Pell Grants.

Being an athlete is a full-time job. On a regular day, playerswake up before classes start, get a condition in session in,study until 3 or 4 PM, practice, visit the mandatory study hall,then finish homework or prepare for a test.

Some players have an extra job. However, once the season startsthey can’t work that job anymore. They are on the road all thetime. Sometimes they may be gone for two weeks in a row. Teachersusually let them do the homework while being away however the jobdoesn’t pay the money just because they were playing basketball.The team gives meal money to students, which they can use to getcondiments and chips. Anything else is considered a violation bythe NCAA.

Reasons why college athletes should not to get beat paid

Some of the reasons why college athletes should not get paidinclude:

  • Paying athletes would ruin the initial role of colleges –which is to give education. The education and skills students getin college cannot be compared to the amount of money they wouldreceive from participating in sports competitions.
  • The contractual agreements students sign with the colleges.The universities consider their upkeep and give studentsopportunity to play the sport they like at a higher level whilegetting a degree. When signing scholarship papers, monetarycompensation is not a part of the agreement and should not be anissue during the studies in college.

In accordance with the NCAA regulations, athletes lose theireligibility in the following cases:

  • They are paid to play
  • They receive a salary, award, or incentive payment
  • They sign a contract with an agent
  • They get gratuity educational allowances or expenses
  • They play on a professional team

Amateur sports have meant positive values in contrast toprofessional sport which usually offers the opposite.Professional sport is considered degrading and bad, while theamateur sports is elevating and good.

College sports should be considered a profession and athletesdeserve to be paid for what they do. College sports is a crucialpart of America’s economy and culture. Today, student athletesare considered amateurs, and many believe that the NCAA exploitsthem.

Who else makes the money off student athletes?

Should college athletes be paid essay, study, writing, questions, different, college, help, paper

Those who make the money off student athletes include:

  • A lot of coaches get at least $100,000 a year to coach one ofthe main sports like basketball, baseball, or football at school.They get bonuses for participating in championships, getting tothe playoffs, or breaking the school records.
  • The NCAA also makes a lot of money. Recently it has signed a$10.8 billion TV agreement with CBS for 14 years. The NCAA isconsidered a nonprofit company.
  • Athletic programs. Colleges bring in hundreds of thousanddollars to their athletic programs every year. They get the moneythrough ticket sales, donations, advertising, media rights, andanything else that can have a price tag. The athletes are symbolsfor their program and school. When a school makes a scientificachievement, it will be in papers for several days. However, whenthe athletic team scores, this information stays in the newspaperfor the entire year.

On the other side, not all sport teams are profitable. Forinstance, some less popular teams like tennis, swimming, orvolleyball don’t bring the university a lot of money while biggersports like football and basketball make up for the lost profits.

Went Roosevelt helped create the NCAA in 1906, he didn’t knowwhat it would become. In the beginning it was a great place towatch how athletes play sports following the rules. But today,the NCAA is a company that has billions of dollars.

Deduction for an essay

The development of intercollegiate athletics has led to greatrevenues and great payment packages for trainers. Collegeathletes deserve to be paid because they help generate the moneyfrom the sale of merchandise and the promotion of theiractivities.

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