Examining different accounting varieties within Samsung Electronics

Samsung Gadgets Company is an integral part of the Samsung Group which group was first set up in 1969 by the creator of Byumg-chull Lee in Dzegu, South Korea. It is a leading gadgets equipment of digital processing group of our home alliances such as tv, mobile, refrigerator, etc. In 1978, this company established as a international company to launched in america market. In 1984, this company built 1st abroad plant in Portugal and in 1984, also extended a sales marketing in Germany and UK. After 2 years later, the business established a new place in UK to manufacture microwave ovens, VCR and multi Television. In 1988, the corporation altered with Samsung Semiconductor & Telecommunication Company. Now a day it is the largest electronics company around the world by giving their new technology. In '09 2009, this company recognized for highest earnings company overall the globe and also same yr the corporation celebrated the 40th anniversary. At this moment, it includes 28 percent electronics equipment of the united kingdom market.

Product of Samsung Gadgets Company

Samsung Gadgets Company provides us smart equipment technology and functional efficiency of the electrical power grid which appliances are make comfortable of the home life. In previous period of this provider, manufactured only dark and white tv set and after nine years later in 1970s, introduced services like as refrigerator, washers and electronics vegetation. In 1986, the corporation built microwave ovens, VCR and color TV in the UK plants. In 2000, was very very important to the company because this season it's widened in the global internet with Yahoo and also to provide next technology mobile phones and also make a new marketing technology. The business built liquid-crystal displays (LCDs) monitors and next year company developed of two way interactive compliant tv set sets, cable television infrastructure and lightweight communication equipments by joint adventure with other company. In 2006, presented with the number of 3G mobiles. After day by day, the company founded their new technology for the global people such as Laptop, WiMAX technology, Digital Media and Communication (DMC) division, 4 GB DDR3 chip, digital camera, home theater system, Blu-ray, printers, air conditioners, and broadband internet, etc.

Competitors of Samsung Gadgets Company

If Samsung gadgets company is the biggest electronics company all over the world but its has many competitors in the market such as Sony Ericson, Apple, Nokia, Philips, Sony, etc. , which also discounts in the gadgets equipment advertising as the corporation. Sony, LG sell also the similar consumer electronics product to Samsung company however its products available in low prize, high configuration and always keep up with the quality of service making Samsung Consumer electronics Company leading consumer electronics group on the globe.

Process of the Company

Samsung Electronics Company not only provides but also processing of the gear. Before starting any product they ensure the grade of the product through whole process from getting uncooked material, production, transportation, usage and end-of life removal. Many of these are adding price, quality, design and function which done for product improvement. Before making any product, fast maintain the customer choice and each is doing with responsibility. If customer is unhappy in the product, the company has to ensure the warrantee.

Policies of Samsung Gadgets Company

Samsung Electronics Company has insurance policies which follow the guidelines of legislation very firmly for the business. These guidelines of regulation not only for customer but also total group. All guidelines are looked after by HR director of the business. The jobs are following such as administrative development, services performances, maintain employee, communicate with administrative team, looking into, answering and maintain human resource record. Another main thing is requirement such as analytical, problem solving, dental communication, delegation, management skill, requirements, and terminology skills.

Review of Management Accounting

" Management accounting is an crucial part of management concerned with identifying, showing and interpreting information used for formulating strategy; planning and handling activities; decision taking; optimizing the utilization of resources; disclosure to shareholders as well as others external to the entity; disclosure to employee; safeguarding assets. "

(Accounting for non-accounting students, by J R Dyson-3rd Release)

"Management accounting is the procedure of identifying, calculating, accumulating, analyzing, organizing, interpreting and interacting information that helps professionals to satisfy organizations objectives. "

( Charles T. Horgren)

Following by the explanation stating of some facts which are necessary of fulfill the dynamics and role of the management accounting. These are tactical planning, budgeting, financial management and accounting, cost accounting, communication of financial and working information, financial control, interior audit, and management audit.

(Accounting for non-accounting students, by J R Dyson-3rd Edition)

If any company need to increase their business firstly essentials to know about the main element techniques of the management accounting because without strategy difficult to development of the financial plan. So this company like as Samsung Gadgets Company following some techniques which are find out the key income indices for strategy, reporting framework of management for implantation, studying the working process, dealer wages, cost of product gross margin and profitability of the client; always monitor the cost and volume; execute healthy scorecard and customer value of the management reporting.

(www. brillco. net)

Techniques and Methods of Management Accounting

There are different types of method and technology have which helps us to comprehend the entire management accounting, a few of them are the following

Activity based charging of management accounting

Activity bottom part costing is a method for measuring the actions, cost and performance of the company which located in the ability of the assemble that is dependant on the natural action of the business. Activity base priced at argues from customary cost accounting facility which apply the activity in actual expert. To count the quantity amount of the consequence, priced at of activities in durations for all those fixed and adjustable of the straight cost. Any supervisor of the organization can take judgment on the activity based costing amount volume for a customer.

Job order costing of management accounting

Job order costing is a way where is one of many another accounting costing system which uses for monitoring and handling cost of the business. Job order costing can be compute by the quantity of number in the business is divided by cost of the business. Its method actually used for most industries, for example T-shirt Company.

Budgeting for a company

One of the most crucial areas of the management accounting is the budgeting for any kind of business whatever it is a tiny business or a huge business. Budgeting as an organization what intend to spend or get over a particular time period based on past experience. Any company would like to provide their business planning, co-ordination, communication, desire, control and performance evaluation by budgeting. For a major company, generally makes a cover yearly basis and operating budget with past year's declaration of profits and expenditures but a tiny company offers a budgeting on monthly bases. Such as for example Samsung Electronics Company, high light includes research new technology, development of product, administration activities, widening and selling differences budgeting. Budgeting in a business has some profits such as requires a myriad of management to platform of future, provides definite aims for analyzing success, makes an fast warning system for potential difficulty and favors the organization of activities within the business enterprise. Budgeting is a challenging position for each and every organization.

There are two kind of budgeting, pursuing as
Periodic costs

This is characteristically behaved one time per budget period- generally one per year for every planning period of a company, this budget may be revising or upgrade latest sensible forecast.

Continuous or moving budgets

Continuous budget as a budget that always ready for a given future season by adding a season (month, quarter or yr) to the time that at the previous moment with a set planning horizon.

Capital investment decision for a business

Another one of the most crucial of the management accounting is capital financial commitment which is made for the major time period expires between the layouts of the restoration of the investment is recognized as capital financial commitment. The ambition of the capital investment decisions admits appropriation of the company's capital funds most influentially in order to ensure the best return possible. Capital investment decisions are created for short-term and long-term for the revenue of the business.

Recommendations to Samsung Electronics Company

Samsung Consumer electronics Company allocates some methodology for the introduction of the organization where activities founded costing is a important use such as activities, cost and performance. Samsung Electronics Company should follow activities centered costing because assigning prices to product and product to services are going on this new technology. Budgeting of the company activities centered charging have a good authority on the management accounting insurance plan of the business.

There are different types of job order charging system on management and cost accounting. Third, way, Samsung Gadgets Company provided as a greatest brand overall the entire world that used for monitoring and managing cost of the business enterprise. It's affordable, a good design accounting guideline must create advice for a major quantity of uses. It can help of earning special studies such as sales taxes, payroll etc. , also this company has every one thing in setting up such as over head cost, direct cost and indirect cost. These decisions provide the company and keep maintaining the give attention to consumer electronics for example smart phone, potato chips, etc.

At this minute, Samsung Gadgets Company's capital investment decision is fixed. Following by this financial insurance policy, Samsung company boosts their expansion for last 2 years by balance sheet, for example: this year 2010 net income increase 65% equate to 2009 and sales up to 13% equate to earlier years, which requires a great effect in the financial accounting of the business. Decision also stimulate the business in arriving information like as Samsung gadgets moves Solar electric battery business which domains are LEDs, medical equipment and cross types electric car battery packs.

Budgeting is a very major matter for Samsung Electronics Company; they take a objective for 2020 which will be providing a most significant revenue company on the planet. So proper budgeting gives an idea to make future planning of the company and feel easy to attain the goal by monitoring and examining previous year's costs and sell. For instance, in 2011 Samsung Electronics Company announces that they invest a fund above $ 26 billion for another year which is a new record in their investment. As a result, they celebrate the biggest budget compare with another company. Early on in this year, they declared two budget compacts that are PL20 and Ha sido80 cameras where based CCD chips, world wide web, USB-based charging. This creates an overall knowledge among the various departments. Some event of the budget, take a great result in the financial statement. For example; in 2010 2010 in Samsung Mobile Communication had taken infect where sales cover 23% and operating income rise 38% compare with last year. As a result, it'll be influences for the business such as employee, management, specialist, etc. , also on the budget. That is why, budget influences customer and can adopt periodic budget. The corporation cannot provide ongoing budgeting for his or her future development in the global market. Samsung Gadgets Company makes planning, co-ordination, communication, determination, control and performance evaluation by budgeting.

SWOT Evaluation of Samsung Gadgets Company

Samsung Electronics Company is a part of Samsung group which is one of the leading production technologies of home alliance product on the globe. This company specially known as telecommunication, semiconductor, digital mass media and convergence systems. This company provides their durability, limitation, opportunities and risks by SWOT examination. Now a day, the corporation is the global biggest producer for DRAM, SRAM and display memory which makes the strong situation of the world brands company and also for the strong challengers.

Strengths of the Samsung consumer electronics company

Samsung Gadgets Company is strength for different industries such as semiconductor, telecommunication, digital press of the regulating players and DRAM, SRAM, flash memory of the largest company of the world market. First position for the tv set which is 25% and second position for mobile phone which 19% of the global market. In corresponding the robush market position, Samsung Electronics company placed in the nineteenths place overall the key 100 brands and only 5th position for the technology.

Research and innovations is the primary concern and customer desire for the Samsung consumer electronics company. For research and development, the corporation spent about $ 7 billion in 2010 2010 and $ 6 billion in 2009 2009 and about 42, 000 people are working for research overall the planet whereas only Korea has 6 and another has 18 research centers on the planet. Following by the study and development, this company provided new solutions of home alliance and earns more money.

Samsung Electronics Company is well known around the world for the best electronics equipments compare with the other company. That's the reason; they released the reward for earnings of the world market. One of the interested things is that this company provides only two business area such as digital mass media and telecommunication.

Weakness of the Samsung gadgets company

An exemplory case of product come backs is the first weakness for the Samsung electronics company. In 2009 2009, 160000 phones, key pads and BB14 software were again for some mechanical problem in the US market, it was the fast of the entire year whereas same 12 months of the previous come guaranteed about 1000 watt microwave ovens in the US market and refrigerator in the south Korean And Chinese market. Both reflected the financial effect of the business and negative effect on the buyer.

Mobile cellphone market in the producing countries was very fragile position which is only 3. 5% whereas Nokia was 58%. They can not lead those countries for his or her prize and working system.

Opportunities of the Samsung Gadgets Company

The Samsung electronics company has the capacity to form strategic alliance on earth market while corresponding the consumer point of view. This reflects the fantastic attitude of the business.

In the growing countries where telecommunication market keeps growing recently. They should to proper use within this countries for example; in 2008 0. 8 million people used mobile however in 2009 it reached about 1. 2 million in India.

Threats of the Samsung Electronics Company

Now per day, global market is open up, so to produce a position of any company makes sure their completion. On this reason Samsung Consumer electronics Company has more competitive available environment, such as Nokia, LG Electronics, Sony, etc. , which encounters the negative result in the market of the Samsung Consumer electronics company.

Samsung Gadgets Company facing the weakening position in the liquid crystal display (LCD) flats on the market. According in 2010 2010, fast one fourth sell about 154 million amount and second 1 / 4 sell only 157 million amount, daily reduced the demand that's the reason these company takes the low prize. This makes the fantastic effect in their budget.

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