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Dynamics of epiphytoses, General equation of population...
Sampling, DNA Allocation - General Phytopathology
Forecast methods based on the analysis of weather conditions...
Calculations of the rate of growth of plant diseases - General phytopathology
Immunochromatography - General Phytopathology
Distribution - General phytopathology
Mushrooms and diseases caused by them, Common properties...
Immunoenzyme analysis (ELISA) - General phytopathology
The importance of chemical plant protection for the...
Programs for creating varieties with long-term resistance...
Sortorazmozhenie, Comparison of programs - General phytopathology
STABILITY OF PLANTS TO DISEASES, Mechanisms of plant self-defense...
Viruses in plants - General phytopathology
Chemical protection of plants, Classification of fungicides...
Use of horizontal stability - General phytopathology
Role of host plant variety - General phytopathology
Biotechnological methods for creating resistant varieties...
Features of application of contact fungicides - General phytopathology
Amplification Program - General Phytopathology
Phytopathogenic viruses, Common properties of viruses - General phytopathology

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