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Dynamics of epiphytoses, General equation of population...

Dynamics of credits the general equation of population growth it was stated above that in order to study the rate of increase in the disease, cyclic.

Sampling, DNA Allocation - General Phytopathology

Sampling proper sampling is the key to successful identification of a phytopathogenic organism. for the analysis, one should take the organ of the plant.

Forecast methods based on the analysis of weather conditions...

Forecast methods based on weather analysis since weather conditions are often crucial for the development of epiphytoties, their recording is absolutely.

Calculations of the rate of growth of plant diseases - General phytopathology

Calculations of the rate of growth of plant diseases it was stated above that the rate of disease growth in one generation is described by the equation x.

Immunochromatography - General Phytopathology

Immunochromatography for the rapid analysis of phytopathogens, methods of immunochromatographic analysis, or devices with the lateral flow (lateral flow.

Distribution - General phytopathology

Propagation the generated offspring for the spread of the disease must be transferred from the plant in which it originated to other plants. distribution.

Mushrooms and diseases caused by them, Common properties...

Mushrooms and diseases caused by them we will begin our consideration of the causative agents of infectious diseases with fungi, since the fungi,.

Immunoenzyme analysis (ELISA) - General phytopathology

Immunoenzyme analysis (elisa) immunoenzymatic analysis, as the name implies, consists of two different components - immunochemical and enzymatic.

The importance of chemical plant protection for the...

The importance of chemical plant protection for the economy, ecology and public health in the production and use of chemical plant protection products.

Programs for creating varieties with long-term resistance...

Programs for creating varieties with long-term resistance pure selection resulted only in temporary effects, but could not solve the problem of long-term.

Sortorazmozhenie, Comparison of programs - General phytopathology

Sorting this is an important activity necessary to maintain the genetic diversity of cultures. in ch. 3 it was shown that in north america the spore.

STABILITY OF PLANTS TO DISEASES, Mechanisms of plant self-defense...

Stability of plants to diseases plants coexist with their parasites for millions of years, and during this time there is a conjugate evolution aimed at.

Viruses in plants - General phytopathology

Viruses in plants in the plant cell, the viral particle disappears. plant enzymes are removed from its nucleic acid protein coat, then the synthesis of.

Chemical protection of plants, Classification of fungicides...

Chemical protection of plants chemical protection of plants is one of the most effective ways to control pests and diseases of agricultural plants. there.

Use of horizontal stability - General phytopathology

Using horizontal stability creating varieties with a high pg is a more complex problem than the operation of a vu. crossing programs are more complex. in.

Role of host plant variety - General phytopathology

The role of the host plant variety the type and degree of resistance of a variety plays a huge role in the development or limitation of epiphytoty..

Biotechnological methods for creating resistant varieties...

Biotechnological methods for creating resistant varieties in recent decades, along with traditional breeding methods, based on two procedures - the.

Features of application of contact fungicides - General phytopathology

Peculiarities of application of contact fungicides here are the main ways of using fungicides and their effect on the parameters of epiphytoty. method.

Amplification Program - General Phytopathology

Amplification program classic the amplification program includes the following steps: - initial warming up of the reaction mixture; 20 to 40 cycles, each.

Phytopathogenic viruses, Common properties of viruses - General phytopathology

Phytopathogenic viruses common virus properties viruses - are non-cellular forms of life, because they lack important signs that are mandatory for all.

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