Salvador Dali, Dadaism and Surrealism

"Intelligence without ambition is a parrot without wings" The human being mind is a very controlling device and organ. However it is not perfect in the way it processes things. Illusions for case are aesthetic stimuli that swindle the mind because the brain cannot process all visual imagery accurately. Why do we see puddles form up on the street whilst driving on a hot day? Why do certain elements of a drawing look bigger while in actually reality they are really smaller? There have been numerous artists which may have used illusions in their works, Scott Kim, M. C Escher, but what really helped bring fame to the surrealists in the 1990s? The Spanish painter Salvador Dali.

A small amount has had such an impact on world as the eccentric painter whose paintings obsessed viewers for quite some time. Dali was immensely popular in the fine art community for his originality in work, and many of his paintings now stand as symbols for his age. Dali was admired by the public because he embraced ground breaking ideas of the time, many of which were built-into his works as well as his life. He extended to implement new ideas as times improved, which allowed him to keep his recognition within the public and art aficionados, possibly making him one of the most distinguished music artists of the 1990s.

Salvador Dali (Salvador Felipe Jacinto Dali i Domenech) blessed in-may 1904, in a minute town of figueres, in an area known as Catalonia. His parents offered him a whole lot of support as a kid, his first studio built for him at an extremely early age. Dali understanding that his parents accepted his potential from very in early stages gave him full support, until he reached the San Fernando Academy of fine arts in Madrid. All of Dali's life he was distressed by many issues and problems, such as the death of his wife gala and the battle, leading to him being put in circumstances of paranoia. Nevertheless, he related to these problems, and his paintings offered him an starting in such ways that allowed him expressing his thoughts to a great scope, this also gave the general public a viewing perception into his work, by evaluating his paintings we could also relate to them and discover for ourselves how his paranoia overwhelmed him.


In relation to this Dali's paranoia, a mental health method known as "paranoiac-critical" was made. The Paranoiac-Critical Method originated by Dali for him to seek out his internal emotions. It was a strategy for musicians and artists to work throughout their obsessions by ultimately selecting and managing meticulous things on the canvas. Dali discussed his paranoiac critical as a "Spontaneous method of irrational knowledge based on critical and organized objectivities of delirious associations and interpretations".

When combining a method into a piece of work, usually an operating process of the mind can be used to visualise imagery in the task, to incorporate these into the completed creation. Dali often used dual imagery and multiple imagery, which then resulted into unclear images permitting them to be interpreted in various ways. Two cases of Dali's paranoiac- critical method and double imagery is the "The unseen Man" and "Slave Market with the Disappearing Bust of Voltaire", for both of these paintings he has cleary used dual imagery to key the eye into thinking there is merely one stable image but infact multiple images can be found.

Disappearing Bust of Voltaire the Invisible Man

I see the paranoiac- critical method as being effortless, in my thoughts and opinions Dali is fooling himself into heading insane, while remembering the reason for madness is actually to create a masterpiece of design. Dali find the difficult way by truly heading crazy, somewhat than motivating madness through substance means. As you of his quotes say, "I don't take drugs. I am drugs, "

Andre' Breton poems of Andre'

Surrealism was an artistic and literary faction that began in 1922 led by the French poet/ critic Andre Breton. Breton was the originator and principal theoretician of Surrealism, and artist association Focused on analyzing the unfounded, paranormal and intuitive aspects of the human mind. Surrealism wanted to reinstate standard moral and ethical concepts with beliefs of anger, hatred, etc, expressing thoughts exaggeratedly that Breton described as "exalting the prices of poetry, love, and liberty. " The surrealists attempted to bypass conscious willpower and invite their unconscious dominate their works. To explore the subconscious mind, to exceed the typical considering person.

Dadaism and Surrealism

Dada was a movement approximately around the same time as the first world. Dadaism was like a dispute against warfare, but not war but art. It was an anti- art. Dadaism felt as if the public no more deserved the privilege of beautiful art that they had become so designed to because of the way the war came upon them, the feeling that individuals lost their well being and value. So Dadaism intentions were to make art unsightly, unsightly. Surrealism surfaced from what was quit of Dada (a Western european contemporary society characterized through its so called absurdity and lack of traditional standards, sometimes referred to as (nihilistic) a life without goals or values. During the early years of the mid 1920's and not like Dada, Surrealism alleged an able and even more positive outlook of art work and from the outcome of this it continued to win several turns. Surrealism acquired its early time as a literary, not creative, movement in French magazines. One thing that Surrealism and Dadaism possessed in keeping was their faith in the knowledge of the unconscious mind and also its manifestations, mutually they grasped that throughout the unconscious head an overabundance of artistic imagery would be unveiled. Together both called automatism.

A good exemplory case of Dadaism is Marcel Duchamp's three dimensional piece 'The Fountain' it isn't what you will summarize as a great piece of art. 'The Fountain' is exactly what Duchamp would call a readymade. This part is essentially a urinal with the term' MUTT' paper on it. I believe this shows a great example of Dada for three reasons: to start with it is by no means like skill before, secondly the resources used aren't what you will express as standard art work materials and finally this part makes no sense what so ever. There is an obvious deviation between this and Salvador Dali's " Persistance Of Memory", in what i'd identify as Duchamp slapping this patch together, on the other hands Dali has carefully decorated in huge detail his thoughts, his mental image. This painting by Dali is exactly what he would portray as "hand- colored dream photos "- reuniting the unconscious mind with realism, reality.

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