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Protection from vibrations, Physical characteristics and sources...

Vibration protection vibroacoustic effects on workers are among the most common harmful factors of production. the increase in power and speed parameters.


Protection against electric shock - Protection of labor in construction

2.3. protection against electric shock to ensure the safety of life in the maintenance of electrical installations and reliability of operation, it is.


Modern noksosfery, human interaction with the environment...

Modern noxosphere any danger becomes much less terrible if its causes are known. conrad lorenz in any economic cycle, the waste generated and the.


FIRE SAFETY, General information about combustion...

Fire safety general information about combustion, explosion and spontaneous combustion combustion is a self-propagating chemical oxidation reaction that.


Safety requirements for the performance of glass works, Safety...

7.9. safety requirements for glass work individuals who are at least 18 years old who have undergone a medical examination, special training, instruction.


Responsibility for environmental offenses - Safety...

Responsibility for environmental offenses anthropogenic impacts are in some cases accompanied by a negative change in the environment, as defined in the.


Tsunami - Reliability of construction sites and human life safety

2.2.3. tsunami tsunami is a giant wave height of 5-10 m and more, moving at a speed of up to 800 km/h. when approaching the coastal strip, the wave.


Safe operation of construction machines and mechanisms, Operation...

Chapter 10. safe operation of construction machines and mechanisms 10.1. operation of hoisting machines hoisting machines make work much easier, but you.


Organization of workplaces, Basic requirements for the organization...

5.3. organization of workplaces 5.3.1. the basic requirements for the organization of the workplace workplace - the primary and the main link in.


Maintenance of lifting equipment - Reliability of...

Lifting equipment service hoisting cranes, elevators and lifting gears relate to high-risk equipment, which is why special state technical supervision of.


Dismantling and removal of blockages, Installation of temporary...

Disassembly and removal of blockages in order to determine the scope of work during the dismantling of rubble, it should be borne in mind that in the.


Rights and duties of the employee in the field of...

Rights and duties of the employee in the field of labor protection employee is an individual who has entered into an employment relationship with an.


Fire and explosion hazard characteristics of substances...

Fire and explosion hazard characteristics of substances and materials the notions of the conditions for the chemical reaction in the form of an explosion.


Measures to improve the safety of building systems...

7.4. measures to improve the safety of building systems to ensure the safety of the environment and in the places of public and industrial activities of.


Hygienic requirements for lighting, Indicators of...

Hygienic lighting requirements hygienic requirements for lighting are based on the characteristics of the perception of light and its effects on humans.


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