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21.3. Organization of safety briefings

According to the nature and time of the training, the briefings are divided into the introductory, primary at the workplace, repeated, unplanned, target.

Introductory instructing on labor safety is carried out with all newly recruited regardless of their education, work experience in this profession or position, with temporary workers, seconded students, students and students who have arrived at the production training or practice, as well as with students in educational institutions before the beginning of laboratory and practical work in educational laboratories, workshops, plots, landfills.

Introductory training is conducted by a labor safety engineer or a person who is responsible for these duties. The program of the introductory briefing is developed by the labor protection service taking into account the requirements of the SSBT standards, rules, norms, instructions on labor protection and the features of the enterprise. It is recorded in the registration log of the introductory briefing with the obligatory signature of the instructed person, as well as in the document on hiring. The logs for the registration of safety briefings must be stringed, numbered, sealed and signed by the head.

Initial briefing at the workplace before the start of production activities:

o with all newly taken to the enterprise and transferred from one unit to another;

o with employees performing new work for them, seconded, temporary workers;

o with builders who perform construction and installation works on the territory of the enterprise;

o with students and students who have come to the production training or practice before performing new types of work, as well as before studying each new topic during practical classes.

Persons who are not connected with the maintenance, testing, adjustment and repair of equipment, the use of tools, storage and use of raw materials and materials, primary instruction in the workplace do not pass. The list of professions and positions of employees released from primary briefing at the workplace, says the head of the enterprise.

Initial briefing at the workplace is conducted with each employee individually with a practical demonstration of safe methods and methods of work. Instruction is carried out according to the programs developed and approved by the heads of production and structural units, taking into account the requirements of the SSBT standards, the relevant rules, norms and instructions for labor protection, production instructions and other technical documentation.

Workers are allowed to work independently after an internship in the workplace (the first 2-14 shifts depending on the nature of work and qualification of the employee), testing theoretical knowledge and acquired skills of safe working methods.

Re-briefing is carried out with all employees, except for those who are released from the initial briefing, at least once every six months. As agreed with the trade union committee and the relevant state supervision bodies, a longer (up to 1 year) periodicity of re-instruction may be established for some categories of employees.

Repeated briefing is conducted individually or with a group of employees serving the same type of equipment, according to the program of initial briefing at the workplace in full.

Unscheduled briefing is conducted:

o when new or revised standards, rules, labor safety instructions are put into effect, and changes to them;

o when changing the technological process, replacing or upgrading equipment, fixtures and tools, raw materials, materials and other factors affecting safety of work;

o if workers and students violate work safety requirements that may lead to or result in injury, accident, explosion or fire, poisoning;

o at the request of the supervisory authority;

o for work breaks for jobs that are subject to additional (increased) work safety requirements for more than 30 standard days, and for other jobs - 60 days.

Unscheduled briefing is conducted individually or with a group of workers of the same profession. The scope and content of the briefing is determined in each case, depending on the reasons and circumstances that necessitated it.

Targeted instruction are carried out in case of one-time works not related to direct duties in the specialty (loading, unloading, cleaning of the territory, etc.), liquidation of the consequences of accidents, natural disasters and catastrophes, the production of works for which clearance is issued, permission and other documents, an excursion at the enterprise, organization of mass events with students.

Primary briefing at the workplace, repeated, unscheduled and targeted briefings are conducted by the direct supervisor (master, instructor of production training, teacher). Instructions in the workplace are completed by verifying knowledge with an oral survey or through technical training tools, as well as by testing the acquired skills of safe working methods. Knowledge is checked by the person who conducted the instruction. At unsatisfactory results of the test, the instructed to independent work is not allowed and must again be instructed.

About the initial briefing at the workplace, repeated, unscheduled, internship and work permit, the person who conducted the instruction makes a record in the briefing register at the workplace and (or) in the personal card with the obligatory signature of the instructed and instructing. When registering an unscheduled briefing, indicate the reason for conducting it.

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