The Impact of Biological Weapons


The usage of Natural weapons is a thorny concern, especially through the twentieth and twenty-atheist. And it offers caused much controversy in politics and of individual protection under the law purview.

A biological weapon is a trojan, bacteria are used to cause a serious accidental injuries and fatality to others in wars. After using many of these biological weapons within the last two centuries; during the First World Battle, the Second world war and The Gulf War many people fought against using these weapons because they are bad for humans and leave a negative impact on the environment and future generations of humans.


Since early times and individual was struggling against one another for the sake of power and got into into many wars and battles to survive or just to demonstrate that he is the most powerful.

This led individuals to seek for numerous different ways to overcome the opponent. And expanding dangerous weapons was one of the methods.

Starting from making arrows, daggers and even dangerous toxins that are extracted from pets, it was all for the purpose of harm. Whether if the mark was the opponent or obstacle in front of their goal.

Thanks to technology in the twentieth century man has created so-called weapons-biological, regardless of the presence of biological weapons since historical times, but since twentieth century biological warfare has reached its highest and the most dangerous level.

Biological agents are extremely strong and affective weapons, but the harm that is caused behind them is much more dangerous than what folks think. BWs usually can affect on living microorganisms for many years, it can ruin the ecosystem and result in a hereditary defect on the forthcoming generations. It doesn't matter how dangerous BWs are, the consumption of additionally it is immoral and against mankind.

Definition of biological weapons:

Biological weapons are bacterias, trojans, or other disease-causing Often used in wars between countries, and aspires to harm and injure or cause death to the foe or the target. . these agent may be used to damage certain people or a particular country or city.

Brief History:

The record of natural weapons is astonishingly long almost as soon as 600 BC. 1 when humans discovered steps to make arrows and other primitive weapons; they used to put poison that was taken from animals or vegetation on their weapons. And kill their foes so they either die from the wound or the poison. And sometimes they were putting poisons and animal feces in their enemy's food and drink.

History of natural weapons is divided into two parts, the first part is its background of BWs prior to the twentieth century and the second part is after the twentieth century, due to scientific revolution and inventions for the reason that particular era. The following are just a few cases throughout background

During the Roman Empire animal carcasses were used creature to contaminate their foes' wells. This helped these to make their opponent sick therefore conquering them was easy.

In the 14th and 15th ages during the Dark Plague using useless systems and excrement as weapons sustained in.

In standard, they used these procedures as biological weapons prior to the twentieth century

Poisoning of food and water with infectious bacteria and materials.

Use of contaminants or living or useless pets in a weapon system

Use of biologically inoculated fabrics.

During the twentieth century natural weapons improved very highly, because of the development in various fields of science that observed that time, besides that, major wars such as World War I and II made many countries spend a lot of money to establish bio-weapons and research programs to create biological agent. In those days biological weapons has become a master of the situation.

The Japanese navy formed a particular unit to investigate natural weapons in 1918, . U. S. and U. K followed in 1942.

The period 1940 - 1969 can be considered the golden get older of biological warfare research and development in the US. Some of USA natural weapons program

U. S. Military Biological Warfare Laboratories (1943-69)

Building 470

One-Million-Liter Test Sphere.

Operation Whitecoat.

The Former Soviet Union acquired an important biological weapons program, which might have expanded well in to the period following its dissolution, for example that they had a weaponized smallpox center called Vector Status Research Center of Virology and Biotechnology (VECTOR).

There are three main Classifications for natural agents, each type has its characteristics:

Category A real estate agents:

Category A brokers have the probable of high damage and impact adversely on general population health, also it has potential to spread greatly. Many of these providers require Biosafety Level 4 laboratories. (This level is necessary for work with dangerous and amazing agents that pose a high specific risk. )

The Category A has many bio-agents such as include anthrax, smallpox, plague, botulism, tularemia, and viral hemorrhagic fevers

Category B agents:

Category B agencies have average for the proliferation, and the mortality rate triggered by the condition is relatively low.

Agents B are Epsilon toxin of Clostridium perfringens, Melioidosis, Q fever (Coxiella burnetii), Brucellosis, Glanders, Ricin toxin, Water supply risks.

Category C brokers:

Category C agents can be easily stated in laboratories and also have a higher rate of infection, or death.

They are pathogens that might be made for mass dissemination. Providers such as multi-drug resistant Tuberculosis (MTB) and Nipah trojan.

Ideal characteristics of natural weapon:

Diseases are likely to be looked at for use as natural weapons, because it is easy to acquire and legalize these infections and bacterias that cause the condition in the lab. But the real task is not how to make natural weapons, but how to have an impact on the sufferer easily and effectively.

So which means Ideal characteristics of biological weapon are:

  • high infectivity
  • high potency
  • non-availability of vaccines
  • airborne delivery
These are various other examples of natural weapons their organism, symptoms, mortality and treatment

One of the well-known biological weapons is Anthrax. Anthrax is an illness caused by bacterias called Bacillus anthracis. It influences both humans and other animals, they have many varieties such as Cutaneous -Skin area anthrax-, the majority of enough time these varieties are lethal. In 1875 Robert Koch, a German scientist, first identified the bacteria which induced the anthrax disease.

Anthrax can be distributed by spores. And these spores can be transported by clothing or shoes. The deceased body of the animal that passed away of anthrax can be a source of anthrax spores. Also Anthrax spores can be stated in vitro as a natural weapon.

During the 1930s Unit 731 of the Japanese Kwantung has examined Anthrax as a bio-agent.

The Soviet Union created and stored 100 to 200 tons of anthrax spores at Kantubek on Vozrozhdeniya Island. These were empty in 1992 and ruined in 2002.

In the united states, in the 2001 anthrax problems a focused anthrax spores were used for bioterrorism.

Symptoms of Anthrax are:

  • Vomiting of blood
  • Acute inflammation of the intestinal tract
  • Fever
  • Gastrointestinal difficulty
  • Headache.
  • Loss of appetite
  • Sore throat.
  • Collapse of intestinal tract


In the last few years there were a great deal of researches to develop strong, effective drugs against Anthrax, there are some existing drugs and vaccine that can even be effective but only if treatment was began soon enough. The anthrax vaccine, produced by BioPort Corporation, includes non-living bacteria, and is about 93% effective in stopping disease Adsorbed (AVA).

Anthrax and bioterrorism:

One week after the 9\11 problems A letter comprising anthrax spores was delivered to Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle two postal employees were affected because of it causing loss of life to them. The notice with the anthrax spores killed five people and contaminated 17 others. 20

The ensuing exploration became "one of the most significant and most complicated in the history of law enforcement.

The effects of BWs:

After determining the biological weapons and discuss a few of it's example. Knowing the destruction occurring because of natural weapons and their impact on the environment and living microorganisms around us and humans is vital. There are several negative effects of BWs on our life for example

It can change the condition that meant only to wipe out and injure humans as genetic strands of DNA can mutate it could changes into one more thing that could effect and destroy other living kinds like animals and plants. This means that BWs has a long and lasting influence on us, a lot longer than the length of the issue. From that it turns out that the next generations will be in big menace. The hereditary mutation can express itself in a number of forms. New blessed babies will proceed through prematurity as a result of genetic mutation; also the quantity new born newborns with birth defects will increase. Additionally it is known a people will be vunerable to many different kinds of diseases that may weaken their disease fighting capability.

In addition compared to that there exists another disadvantage, some of biological agents last for really very long time, for example anthrax can live up to 50 years in garden soil.

When detonating a biological weapon it won't has one specific aim for but it can and will affect people, pets or animals and vegetation within its impact radius which is hard to regulate. Which means that it comes with an ability to destroy many innocent civilians including elders and children. For example natural weapon was used in the People from france and Indian Battle in the entire year of 1651, the British offered blankets to Native Americans which were afflicted with Smallpox which brought on death to many Native People in america.

International efforts to avoid BWs:

In 1972 many countries signed the Biological and Toxic Weapons Convention, which forbidden the "development, creation and stockpiling of microbes or their poisonous products except in volumes necessary for protecting and peaceful research". By 1996, 137 countries experienced agreed upon the treaty; however it is assumed that since after the convention many countries acquired developed BW programs.

The Biological Weapons Convention:

  • Article I: Never under any circumstances to obtain or retain biological weapons.
  • Article II: To eliminate or divert to peaceful purposes biological weapons and associated resources prior to joining.
  • Article III: Never to transfer, or at all assist, encourage or cause anyone else to acquire or hold on to natural weapons.
  • Article IV: To consider any national options necessary to use the procedures of the BWC domestically.
  • Article V: To talk to bilaterally and multilaterally to resolve any issues with the execution of the BWC.
  • Article VI: To require the UN Security Council to investigate alleged breaches of the BWC also to adhere to its following decisions.
  • Article VII: To assist States which were exposed to a danger therefore of a violation of the BWC.
  • Article X: To do all the above in a manner that encourages the peaceful uses of biological science and technology.

According to the US Office of Technology Diagnosis, since disbanded of BWs, seventeen countries were believed to possess biological weapons in 1995: Libya, North Korea, South Korea, Iraq, Taiwan, Syria, Israel, Iran, China, Egypt, Vietnam, Laos, Cuba, Bulgaria, India, South Africa, and Russia.


Biological weapons are unique in their invisibility and their postponed effects. It is a menace to humans and future years not mentioning the surroundings.

It causes fear and confusion among the list of people. Natural weapons can do way significantly that just leading to death and, it creates dread in the hearts of people.

And the target is to mistake and disrupt politics, economic and social activities; a little number of infections may cause an enormous anxiety among innocent individuals and a genuine fear, like the anthrax attacks words.

Biological warfare has become very possible at the moment. The knowledge of genetics is constantly evolving and there are many countries which have set up research Centers natural weapons on the pretext of "peaceful research".

In my opinion, natural weapons should be ended. The International initiatives and the medical community should organize to create moral limitations, for a few of these studies that develop dangerous weapons. In addition, media have to improve people awareness of the seriousness of the natural weapons and show them how to approach it or how to act if a natural agent attack needed a location.

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