A Case Evaluation Of Apple Inc Business Essay

The reason for this newspaper is to describe this is of Strategic Management and just why it is advisable to the success of an organization in getting together with its goals and objective. The paper includes a brief examination of the problem and pending decision problem, as shown in the case and in relevance to the answer. Furthermore, the major issues will be encompassing the organization or individuals involved with the business. Included will be alternate programs of action to address the issues identified. Next, will be the decision or suggestion to use it, with the appropriate supporting quarrels if any.

Statement of the situation(s)

Thousands of folks were laid off at Apple, Inc. It does not appear to be Apple, Inc. spent much time focusing on its management and marketing strategies from the beginning. It was not until better marketers such as Careers and Sculley came into the picture, before the company began to expand to raised markets with acquisitions and joint ventures. The problem was not changing their strategy quicker. The careers are what donate to a company's efficiency (Mello, 2011, p. 115) and if they kept their employees it could have contributed to early on success. It really is human being capital that helps companies to strive. For Apple, Inc. to place off employees to help their financial record for stakeholders might have been area of the cause of the condition (Yoffie & Slind, 2008). Their mission statement should have solved the question in what is tactical management, and just why is it critical to the success of a business in meeting its goals and mission statement?

Summary of the reality

According to research done by Yoffie and Slind, (2008) Apple, Inc. started out with a great products to reach the computer market. They advanced to the ipod device, iTunes and the 3G network in order to progress their technology in to the competitive marketplace. They became the industry head under Wozniak with the new Macintosh. However, their technology was gradual. They did not beat their competitors during this level. Sculley added desktop posting, which focused on the educational market which sold at top price. Because Sculley was good at marketing he could hit the market with the non-public assistants gizmos. The smartest move Apple made was to create a joint venture with its competitor. Products decreased and IBM and Apple parted but they were beginning to learn the jv game.

When Steve Careers came on board the company went through reorganization and many people lost their jobs. Microsoft invested a hundred and fifty million dollars just after Microsoft Office was shaped. Then iMac went out to 3 hundred million and Apple's image was back on track again. Their online marketing strategy was to identify themselves from other opponents. Apple, Inc. possessed great designs under Steve Careers with Microsoft's co-operation. However, Acer and Dell were capturing up with the new Intel processors and Windows 7 surfaced. Apple's smartest move was the ipod device with music. However, Amazon was the company's newest threat. The outcome was the iPhone achieving the smartphone market. They reached all levels by finally changing their game, by reaching 70 % of the U. S. market. In addition, the "iPhone 3G come to twenty-two marketplaces" (Yoffie & Slind, 2008, p. 22).


The components of a strategy consist of arenas so the company recognizes where the key businesses will be and core technology used (Mello, 2011, p. 131). The next step in setting up the business's strategy is the automobile they will use to attain their goals? Third, is differentiation about how they can conquer their competition in the high-tech world? Fourth, is the staging management strategy of what products they anticipate using? Last but not least, is the company's economics in deciding how much to ask for or to decide if their product is hard to market. Furthermore, there are different stages of scientific change. The fast growth stage is when the product starts with a thought and then has fast creativity. The "Wild, Wild West" stage is also fast technology but for smaller companies taking risks. The consolidators are in the continuous evolution level that are in the mature life cycle and use economies of level. Last but not least in the creative destruction stage there is certainly new knowledge and competencies and the company seeks other industries to joint venture (Mello, 2011, p. 145).


Apple, Inc. began as an idea driver when they come to new market demonstrating fast growth initially. Then, they came up with new knowledge and competencies as theory learners. These were also pioneers in the industry showing fast development. They reached an adult life cycle with economies of scale when they had to widen their product lines. Apple, Inc. experienced all the stages of scientific change. However, in the fast progress stage these were not prepared for what lay ahead, so that they had to come up with different ways of contain the competitive advantage. Every level requires development of their workers and more financing resources (Mello, 2011).


According to (Mello, 2011), "Strategic Individual Resource Management (SHRM) and the Resource-Based View (RBV)" organizations need to employ employees that are motivated and have an extremely trained skills to help the company have a competitive edge (p. 119). Primary competencies are shared throughout the organization collaboratively. This knowledge connects "strategy and SHRM" (p. 125). The systems need to include "human, communal and company capital", and it is through this creation and integration working collectively that the company can remain successful. This should have been done in the very beginning in their formation of strategy planning and origination of these mission assertion.

Moreover, tips for the business in the future is to make it part with their proper management goal to execute a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and hazards) analysis year. A SWOT evaluation should have been done in the beginning of their tactical mission, so they might have known the risks that lay ahead. That is normally done with their marketing management team. If all of the departments were included to work together interchangeably using primary competencies, they would have foreseen what lay down ahead. Every time a company has fast development such just as Apple, Inc. 's fast progress stage, the business takes the chance of competitors striving to dominate the marketplace with better high technical products (Mello, 2011).

Consequently, their proper management objective and goals must have included an idea for when there was overkill in the marketplace. Apple, Inc. would make a smart move to find ways to possess employee retention and also to beat the competition with continuous new impressive products. It is by keeping employees and training them they will come up with new ideas and support their growth in the foreseeable future. They can stay ahead of the competition by having some low-cost items such as music downloads and more expensive for their other products. Apple, Inc. should use a few of their new revenue towards research and development to create new innovations for "tomorrow's customers" (Mello, 2011, p. 152).

According to Zhouying & Ying (2011), proper management problems before with organizations were because they lacked integration. Apple, Inc. must have used ecological and long-term development in their technique for "tracking, management and reviews" often long-term goals are harder to accomplish (p. 49). Apple, Inc. failed to pay attention to its market and money needed in the beginning. However, they do sustain expansion in the later levels of the business. Now they need to sustain their growth through ongoing integration and coordination (p. 50). The goals need to comprise with development for the long-term and also to give attention to the exterior environment. Proper goals need to be achieved from underneath up and the very best down (p. 53) in their vision. Apple, Inc. must continue to motivate and encourage their new employees giving them a support system to attain their perspective and goals that are possible.


The case evaluation consisted of a declaration of the condition showing a brief analysis of the problem and decision problem. The research included the major issues encircling the organization and individuals involved. The alternate training of action were discovered in the referrals, which showed strategies needed to sustain expansion and development in a high-tech environment. The primary strategy is to keep up and inspire their employees to continue with expansion in this fast-pace environment.

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