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This Business Communication assignment is made up of two question. For the first question, it is sub-divided into two parts where for the first part, I must describe the six step in the process of communication whereas for the next part, I have to explain and point out some ideas about how does indeed one ensure the designed audience has received the right subject matter.

For the second question, additionally it is sub-divided into two parts where for the first part, as the merchandise Manager of any soon-to-be-launched product, I must the explain the methods, the medium, and the vehicles that I'd use to communicate with my target audience in order to persuade those to buy my product and then for the next part, it requires me to create and come up with an advertisements for my product.

Explain the communication process. So how exactly does one ensure that the expected audience has received the right subject matter?

2. 0 The Communication Process

Communication is an activity of writing ideas, thoughts or thoughts with other people or it may also be simplified as a process of mailing and receiving text messages. The procedure of communication involve the combination of some essential elements for the success of goals in an organization or a firm. Communication doesn't happen haphazardly, nor should it happen all at once. It is greater than a single function and requires a common medium which is language. Communication is a strong, transactional or two way process that may be damaged into six phases as shown in the diagram below

The first stage in the communication process is where the sender comes with an idea and wish to share the idea. The sender may be an individual or an organization who commence or commence the communication process. The sender is faced with requires the encoding process.

The second period in the communication process is the encoding process where the sender encodes the idea. The encoder expresses his meaning through written words, cosmetic expression, looks and style. For example, when the sender put his idea into a message where his device will understand, the sender is actually encoding the concept, choosing the message's form which rely upon the sender's idea, sender's audience, and the sender's personal style or spirits. When encoding the concept, the sender has to decide on what he/she wants to transfer.

The third stage in the communication process is where in fact the sender transmits the concept. The sender uses some type of channel or can be called as a medium where it might physically transfer the meaning to the device. To greatly help ensure communication is prosperous, the sender needs to select the channel relevant or suited to the situation. Most channels usually used are either dental or written such as telephone, notice, memo, e-mail, record, face-to-face exchange. Aesthetic programs such as video tutorial e-mail emails or video conferencing have become more common and convenient as technology expands over the time. These choices is determined by the sender's concept, audience's location and the formality required.

The fourth period is when the receiver gets the meaning, where is the thing to whom the concept is directed. The receiver has the responsibility to receive the message with the same genuine so this means appointed by the sender. For communication to occur, the receiver must first get the message. For instance, when the sender sends a letter, the receiver has to read it before understanding it.

After the device gets the note properly and effectively, the next thing will be when the receiver decodes the message, which is the fifth part of the communication process. Decoding is the antithesis of encoding. The decoder could be a reader or a listener. The recipient must decode (absorb and understand) the sender's concept. The decoded message must be then stored in the receiver's head. If the receiver interprets or decodes the message correctly, then the communication will become effective. However, if the recipient does not interprets the message effectively, the communication can be ineffective.

The last stage in the communication process would be the feedback process, where the receiver sends reviews to the sender. Opinions is a key compoenent which is the receiver's response in the communication process. After decoding the message, the receiver responds in some way and signals that respond to the sender which can take the proper execution of either a written note, spoken comment or various other actions. Feedback enables the sender to judge the effectiveness of the meaning.

Therefore, the communication process is only effective when each step is efficiently carried out. It can take the proper execution of verbal and non verbal communication and will involve the subject matter being delivered and received. The communication process is also an outstanding guide towards attaining an effectual communication. Bad communication may cause inability in performance and in poor degrees of job satisfaction.

2. 1 Ensuring supposed audience has received the right message

How does indeed one ensure that the supposed audience has received the right subject matter? Generally, communication is the procedure of mailing and receiving message. However, communication is merely effective when people understand each other, stimulate others to do this, and encourage others to believe in new ways. Effective business communication depends upon skill in receiving announcements as well as skills in sending them. To make sure that the planned audience has received the right concept, the sender must plan to communicate appropriate so this means to the audience. The meaning must is available in the sender's head and in your brain of the audience. The sender and audience must show similar meanings for words, gestures, modulation of voice, and other symbols in order to ensure the intended audience has received the right concept.

Besides that, reducing the amount of messages is also a sensible way to make audience understand better and received the right text messages more efficicent rather than complicated. To be able to prevent such complications, one can consider by breaking these complicated emails or overloaded messages into simple and brief form messages to make sure that the right communication is conveyed to the audience to ensure that they received the right message. It is because listening ability decreases when information is difficult to comprehend and when it has little meaning for the listener. If the written message only increases the information overload, it's probably better left unsent or handed over some other way such as, by an instant telephone call or a face-to-face chat. Holding down the amount of messages reducing the chance of sending or transmiting bogus assertion or information to the audience.

Apart from that, planning a business concept can ensure that the designed audience has received the right note. When planning for a business note, the sender must choose the general and specific purpose of the message. All messages must have a general purpose such as to notify, to persuade or to

collaborate with the audience. To inform audience, the sender needs little connections with their audience. Audience people absorb the info and acknowledge or reject it, nevertheless they don't donate to message

content, where in fact the sender control the note. Business purpose will need to have a specific goal where that goal may be clear and clear-cut. Planning effectively by deciding on purpose, selecting participants who should be there, choosing a location and time that are conductive to the goals are also important to guarantee the planned audience has received the right meaning.

In addition, choosing the right channel and medium for the communication can also ensure that the planned audience has received the right note. When selecting a channel, the sender must consider the media within each route. For example, the oral channel includes medium such as face-to-face conversations, speeches, videotapes, tone of voice mail, phone interactions etc. A written channel includes press such as words, reports, e-mail, faxes, flyer and so on. Mass media richness is the worthiness of any medium in confirmed communication situation. Richness is determined by a medium's capability to convey a message by means of more than one informational cue ( aesthetic, verbal, vocal ), to help feedback from audience, and to establish personal focus. For a communication to be more effective, It is said that attention to eyes contact is important wherever possible alternatively than other forms of indirect communication.

Morever, creating a good relationship with the audience will also ensure that the expected audience has received the right concept. Establishing a good marriage is important to be able to get the note across to the audience. Just how how the sender postion him/her do it yourself in the area, the tone of voice the sender adapt, and just how that sender interacts with audience in the area will also help all to establish this romance. The message instructs what the sender would like, and the audience is expected to go along with it. Besides that, way too many business talks or meeting own an 'I' or 'We' attitude, which appears selfish and uninterested in the audience. When someone makes a mistake, the sender may want to minimize it by directing our the error impersonally. In general, try to express the message without using words that may damage or offend the audience.

Question 2

As a product manager of the soon-to-be-launched, explain the techniques, the mediums, and the vehicles that you would use to communicate with your market to persuade them to purchase your product. Produce one advertisement for your product.

3. 0 Advertising running a business Communication

Advertising is unique and diverse that it's difficult to summarize about how precisely advertising works. It is employed to promote a product, business or an event to its market. Advertising may take the proper execution of communication which is intend to persuade or impact an audience to purchase the product It includes few different kinds of characteristics which is effective in dynamics, non personal, paid for by way of a sponsor which is distribute by mass course of communication.

Commercial promoters usually seek to achieve the advance growth of consumption with their products

and services by branding, which involves the repetition of an image or product to affiliate marketing related features or characteristics with the brand in consumer's mind. In other palm, advertisement also may help to set-up and control brand equity where brand collateral can be an intangible asset resulted from impression of differentiation, brand or hallmark. It is setup and managed through advertisements that control on product capabilities, image, service and other top features of company. Advertising is meant to develop consciousness in consumer's mind and changing frame of mind in the consumers however, not creating sales. Advertising's input to sales is difficult to segregate credited to various factors that effect sales.

One of the ways of advertising is through immediate advertising, where it makes an effort to force targeted or potential clients by respond to proactive approach. Direct advertising conveys the ability to make the advertising liable and accountable, where the advertiser can observe and keep an eye on an ad's efficiency.

However, the exception to the conception is bound to internet website. While resources of ad such as banner advertisements and pops-out should continue be viewed as means for promoting something and not necessarily sales motorists, technology delivers the ability to track or account the amount of visitors clicking banners of your website, wanting to know more about a product and eventually making purchases. Essentially, it is able to track how many visitiors aroused their interest or acknowledged the adverts.

Morever, the expense of advertising is too high and this high cost is enclosed by the value of the advertising goods. Unbalanced advertising may cause creating several goods to cost the consumers more than they have to. Thus, this is used as an economic waste products. Besides that, consumers have also become more skeptical about advertising emails and tend to resend advertiser's try to persuade.

Thus, advertising is one of the very most essential and large element that should be present in a firm or any type of organizations. This is because advertising advocate consumers to keep them informed about products and services available for sale or in other side, it also help to create and disperse consciousness about products and services among consumers and audience.

3. 1 Choosing the Product

As the Product Manager, I've choosen the merchandise 'Best Buy Travel Bagpack' as a soon-to-be

launched product. I'll now enhance and improve with the explaination of the techniques, the mediums

use and the vehicles that I will use to speak my products with my target audience to persuade those to buy my product.

In order to advertise my product ' Best Buy Travel Bagpack' to my market, I have choosen advertising as a strategy to advertise my product and encourage my target audience to buy my product. The advertisement will create the knowing of the product to consumers and upgrade the consumers about the produt's features, characteristics and the price tag on the product rendering it easier for consumers to acquire the product without any confusion and hesitations. Besides that, through ad, consumers could save their amount of time in purchasing the merchandise and also create or use the informations of the merchandise in the consumer's mind, which eventually they will start to utilize the product.

I decided flyer as the medium for my advert by distributing and offering them free of charge on roadways, postboxes and through email. They are allocated to every consumers to improve the knowing of the merchandise in the consumer's head. In addition, it is one of the least expensive way to advertise products but its impressive way to draw in targeted consumers, which is ideal to work with great response and feedbacks through flyer. Flyers is essential as they placed the first impression or image of the company/product that is usually to be advertised by wondering viewers. Like they state a picture talks a thousands words, hence a flyer can notify a lot with one look. An excellent, shiny flyer that stands out wil help in the retention of an company or product's name in your brain of a consumer. Therefore, a great and impressive flyer printing service is necessary in order to get or attain highly quality promotional materials.


Therefore, the capability to communicate will impact people's perceptions of someone as a business professional. Morever, because communication performs a key role in efforts to improve efficiency, quality, responsiveness, and invention. As a career advances and also to achive positions of higher responsibility and leadership with an organization, communication will become an increasingly obvious and important part in job.

For audience participants to successfully receive announcements, they must first sense the occurrence of the meaning, then choose it from other sensory suggestions, then understand it as a note. To decode communications successfully, they have to remove the same and therefore the sender encoded in to the message. And to respond in a manner that the sender would consider successful, audiences need to remember the message, be capable of react to it, and have the determination to answer.

Hence, I have completed the both question for this assignment and understood everything related to the project questions.

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