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The Flavour of India, a brandname so distinctively Indian is a part of our own lives for almost five years now and still can touch a chord inside our hearts. As a brand AMUL has grown from being merely a differentiating factor to safeguard the passions of manufacturers and consumers. AMUL encouraged 'Operation Flood' and heralded the 'White Revolution' in India. It commenced with two village cooperatives and 250 liters of dairy per day, nothing but ooze set alongside the flood it is becoming today. AMUL distributes over a million liters of dairy per day, it also gathers and functions various milk products, during the top, on behalf of more than a thousand village separately owned by half a million farmer users. AMUL too has become a icon of the aspirations of an incredible number of farmers.

AMUL sprung from the seeds sown in the black ground of CHAROTAR, an area in the KAIRA area of Gujarat, as a cooperative motion to empower the milk suppliers. At that time POLSON Dairy was the largest buyer of the dairy being stated in KAIRA. Polson was built based on providing superior quality products to up-market consumers. However Polson's products weren't the reason why that resulted in the surge of AMUL, it was its exploitative methods that started out the cooperative revolution. For quite some time the KAIRA cooperative supplied milk and allied products without a formal circulation network leave alone a brand. The name Amul was most probably suggested by a quality control expert in Anand. It was produced from "Amulya", which in Sanskrit, Gujarati and many other Indian dialects, means priceless, and suggests matchless brilliance. The name was brief, memorable and easily pronounced. It could also provide as an acronym for the business - the unusable KDCMPUL (Kaira Area Cooperative Dairy Producer's Union Limited) extracted from Kaira Cooperative's name, could be substituted by AMUL, ranking for Anand Dairy Union Limited. Even though AMUL products have been in use in an incredible number of homes since 1946, the brand AMUL was registered only in 1957.


As AMUL is recognised as the country's major dairy producing cooperative it has tangled up with global supermarket string WALMART to market its selection of dairy products and have also tangled up with Glaxo over the development of baby food in India. Amul added sugary buttermilk powder, another brand of baby food and a high proteins weaning food. In addition, it markets its products to Nepal. Now India is seeking to capture neighbourhood market segments like Pakistan, Bangladesh etc. These countries transfer over 50, 000 tonnes of milk each each year & Sri Lanka is flooded with an Indonesian brand, which is said to be of an inferior quality and also costs less. These countries import tonnes of dairy each year. AMUL'S Indian desserts are very popular in countries like Singapore and Malaysia. Amul has list of products advertised to various countries few of its products are Amul butter, Amul cooking food butter, Amul cheese get spread around, Amul pizza parmesan cheese, Amul shrikhand, Amul fresh cream, Amul excessive fat milk, Amul natural ghee, Amulya dairy products whitener, Sagar Tea and Caffeine whitener, Amul butter milk, Amul ice ointments like cassata, cool chocolate and frostik, Amul milk chocolates and Amul Eclairs. Amul has started out preparing and selling pizza pieces that prominently feature ample portions of Amul parmesan cheese. Amul's pizza slices are being sold through super market segments and large departmental stores which may have snack counters

AMUL is recognized as India's best known local Brand across all categories. Indians prefer Dairy Glaciers cream alternatively than frozen desserts and Amul has a wide range in the dairy products ice cream section, 35% market talk about in the countrywide Ice Cream market. Amul is biggest sourcing platform for dairy food in India, people are convenient buying products in the worthiness for Money segment and Amul is well within this section. Amul has built up a terrifying image as a brand in which years of customers have placed their trust, arriving to pricing strategy Amul is the purchase price warrior and currently has an extremely wide selection of products to offer for many price things. Amul is known for well established distribution and delivery network for milk products. AMUL'S success resulted in the creation of similar set ups of milk manufacturers in other districts of Gujarat. They drew on AMUL'S experience in job planning and finishing. This patter was not only followed in KAIRA district but also in Baroda and Surat area.

In these districts, they experienced and found easy and easy ways to change Amul's idea to their individual areas. This resulted in the Creation of the Country wide Dairy Development Mother board with the clear mandate of replicating the 'Anand pattern' in other parts of the country. Initially the pattern was adopted for the dairy products sector but at a later level oilseeds, fruit and veggies, sodium, and tree sectors also benefited from it's success. Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation (GCMMF) is India's major food products marketing firm. Amul is point out level apex body of milk cooperatives in

Gujarat which aims to provide remunerative comes back to the farmers and functions the eye of consumers by giving quality products. It has been honored a "Trading House" status & has received the APEDA Honor from Government of India for Quality in Dairy Product Exports for the last 8 years. Amul is in a position to manage these belongings to effectively command line the marketplace leader's position in the rising fresh milk products market due to its milk processing capacity. Amul has always been a model to which other cooperatives have looked up as an example and ideas as well as one that many have benefited.

Success in Circulation: The major development on the circulation entry was the development and position of four syndication highways-those of Fresh Products, Chilled Products, Frozen Products and Ambient Products. This is a significant achievements because it allows them to develop synergies among all products and leverage these highways to present and distribute services as per market demand. No other firm in India has been able to develop this kind of route synergy so far


Advertising is an important role for the product to be sold on the market, as Amul advertising has low profile so by this other opponents were benefited. The competition products have been perfectly received by consumers because of the advertising pitch Example: Kwality, Vijaya, Nestle. Vendors list a credible Replacement policy as a factor very high on the wish list. They would be prepared to make further purchases only for that brand that provides replacement facilities. Amul has no replacement plan. Quality control was the major problem that confronted the cooperatives. Farmers were paid every 10 days for this reason though he shipped milk the farmer was not sure about the quality of milk. The milk which should be tested was stored in plastic bottles and was tested after milk collection process was completely done this leaded to contaminants and handling of corrosive chemicals and also by using numerous kinds of glassware added to the cost and time taken up to test the quality of milk.


AMUL has risen from Indian garden soil and it remains Indian in every sense. With origins more developed in the home market Amul is ready to struggle in the global arena. With the commitment it has shown in the past you won't be too much time when Amul emerges successful on all fronts. There may be ample range in the low priced segment as also in other categories where consumers currently are dissatisfied with the number being provided vis a vis the price being costed. Delhi market is not limited to monopoly outlets. There are a significant number of merchants who are currently stocking more than two brands. So Amul can overcome it as before it acquired to overcome this issue in the Mumbai market. Kwality Walls is right now in an investment mode which is concentrating on expanding the market as also its reach. Amul should lead its resources towards cashing in on Wall surfaces market development.

Amul has the opportunity to record the more evolved young adults and children who are open to services provided they meet their objectives.


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