An Evaluation Of Performance Management Strategies Business Essay

"Performance management (PM) includes activities to ensure that goals are constantly being fulfilled in a powerful and useful manner. Performance management can concentrate on the performance of an organization, a department, staff, or even the techniques to create a service or product, as well as many the areas. "

In both explanations it is clear that performance management is procedure for continuously calculating performance of each individual in company to achieve set goals. To check that group is undertaking in right way, we use performance management strategy or system to evaluate performance of specific team or employees or even to evaluate performance of whole organization.

Performance management discusses important and broader issues of group. It gives methods to organizations to achieve their goals. Performance management links everyone, teams and individuals associated with business. Performance management should include:

Performance management throughout the business for person, team and increased production of organization.

Development is also very important for improved upon performance. Unless there is no development plan for employees in firm you will see no performance improvement.

Organizations should ensure that employees are urged and motivated to fulfill their responsibility.

How It Works?

As performance management is very key part of business to make firm work effectively. So this strategy should be structured properly. There should be a performance management platform to use it effectively and efficiently in company.

Tools of Performance Management

Performance Reviews

To measure performance management there must be regular reviews of individual's performance. There should be performance review conferences to evaluate performance management. The conferences should be properly maintained and organized to assess.

Learning and Development

Most famous and successful organizations give importance to staff development for increased performance of group. By using performance reviews employees can be inspired to consider deficiencies in them. And it should be responsibility of business to provide learning and development strategies. Organizations which have high focus on individuals learning have emphasis on performance improvement indirectly.


Organizations which want to evaluate performance management effectively, there employees or individuals ought to know that on what conditions or by which procedures their performance is going to be measured. Organizations should measure performance on pretty and genuine basis.


In many organizations performance management is related to performance related pay. Performance related pay is important tool in many organizations to encourage employees through performance related pay.


I have taken the performance management strategy of DERBY CITY COUNCIL as example to evaluate their strategy. I will examine their performance strategy of 2007-2010.


The basic target of performance management strategy of DERBY CITY COUNCIL is to control performance across council and the steps they will use to accomplish their goals.

They have referred to everything in their strategy that what they will achieve and exactly how they will achieve.

Importance of Performance Management

As from definitions it is clear that performance management strategy can be used to make company more effective also to engage every staff in development of firm. So DERBY CITY COUNCIL has considered the value of performance management very really as well. Performance management strategy make council to look for current status of their work, screen for problems and issues arising, how to solve them and programs to implement their strategy.

Performance management strategy is important to DERBY CITY COUNCIL for volume of reasons.

Improving Services

Council is obviously here to boost services for folks. So that is why performance management strategy is very important to council as they want to continuously improve services for people. They are centered on reaching right goals relating to needs and targets of residents and community. And their strategy helps those to watch out their improvement in attaining those goals and look for just about any issues occurring in their current plans or not. And regarding to council their strategy is main key to boost their services continually for people.

Motivating staff

For DERBY CITY COUNCIL their performance management strategy isn't just to achieve goals prefer to improve services of people. For council effective management strategy is that which motivate their staff to comprehend them what is their role in this strategy, how much they get excited about achieving goals establish by council for local people and whether their employees is getting fit into framework established by council to achieve their targets. That is why council has explained in their workforce Development Plan the design called Achievement and Development to stay connected with personnel and promote their learning and motivate them to satisfy their individual tasks to achieve organizational goals.

Meeting Government Expectations

Performance management strategy is important to council because they want to meet government objectives. As performance examination which is twelve-monthly assessment by local government bodies to evaluate performance or accomplishments of council in last year. So to meet government goals performance management strategy is important to them.

Demonstrating Value for Money

Council tax is always matter for local residents, plus they want to see that while council is doing or bettering services for the kids or not. Which means this strategy is important to them to make a clear vision in neighborhood about their value of money and council is consistently working for advancements.

Purpose of Strategy

For DERBY CITY COUNCIL, purpose of their performance management strategy is to

Establish strong planning and performance construction to continually improve services.

To implement performance management system to evaluate performances of individuals and of organization.

To achieve their set in place goals and goals.

To be categorized as four legend council by meeting government goals by continuously bettering services for folks.

For DERBY CITY COUNCIL effective performance strategy not only requires good strategy but also organizational culture which helps this strategy by encouraging personnel to boost their services.

Performance Construction of DERBY CITY COUNCIL

Their performance framework includes community strategy, commercial plan, business ideas, team programs and individual programs.

In framework council used community strategy to set the long term visions and focuses on for neighborhood. It's a long-term technique to improve services which is often renewable.

The Council corporate and business plan is to support community strategy how they will focus on continuous improvements and key actions to be taken for advancements.

Business programs in performance platform are there to spell it out how each portion of council improve improvements.

Team strategies will show employees to develop their knowing that how they will separately or in teams contribute for advancements.

For council performance framework must be clear, accurate and timely prepared.

What Council is Aiming to Achieve?

Through their strategy council want to make a host where every specific knows his/her contribution towards improving services and feel motivated and encouraged to manage their own performance effectively.

Council Main Principles

Council target is based on five guidelines which lead towards improvement.

Balanced measurements

For every process three elements are always important like inputs, outputs and results. Matching to council as benefits are always very important to end users nonetheless they want balanced group of all procedures means inputs, outputs and benefits in their technique to improve services.

Strong Decision Making

For council strong decision making is very important to them. As it is their one of main rule that decisions machine should be comfortable enough in information which he/she is using for decision making. They must use data of good quality to make decisions. The info or information which is used for decision making should be appropriate, strong and relevant.


The performance information must be clear and should be accessible to all or any users.

Goal Oriented

Information should be goal oriented, focusing on key goals and focuses on to be performed.

Individual role

Every individual must know his/her role in managing performance and key actions towards improvements.

How Council will achieve his Vision?

In this section council will deliver his technique to achieve their goal. For council there are some sections that ought to be satisfied to make their strategy successful.

Role of Innovator in Culture of Performance Management

A performance management culture is local climate or environment in which corporation is working. Through performance management culture every worker and individual knows the values and vision of group and their own tasks to achieve those goals for company. It induces and motivates individuals to do something in their role properly and perform their obligations.

As it's important for everyone to control performance culture, but it should be lead by effective leader who has strong authority skills. Like in performance platform of DERBY CITY COUNCIL there should be effective innovator to lead corporate or business ideas.

Strong and comfortable leaders really know what kind of performance is necessary and have capability to clearly communicate every individual's role towards improvement. They explain to everyone these areas should be targeted or improve and whose role is required or important in this matter.


Managers or leaders established clear goals and goals across all employees that are continuously checked.

With performance options there are continuous appraisals.

DERBY CITY COUNCIL has culture where excellent performance is praised and shared across council.

Clear Roles and Responsibilities

To make their strategy effective council has explained every individual's functions and obligations in their performance management strategy.

Some assignments are defined below:

Corporate Directors:

Take functional responsibility of key actions to be achieved by council.

They continually review performances.

They made activities required regarding data quality for decision making.

They ensure that performance is in mind in department.

Performance Table:

This board screens that performance management strategy is put in place properly or not.

Heads of Service

They identify opportunities for improvement in strategy or performance management system.

They screen underperformance and their responsibility is to take necessary actions when required.


Their responsibility is to deliver council priorities.

They review performance every 90 days and take activities if performance is not supervised properly.

They also have responsibility of calculating either affordability is achieved or not.


Their role is to provide clear perspective and make corporate and business plan consequently.

They approve all costs.

They ensure every success.

Audits and Accounts

Their role is to keep up the inner environment manipulated and managed.

All Staff

Know what their functions and contributions will be required by council to achieve goals and improvement in services.

They know what is vision of team in which they will work and what exactly are the visions of stakeholders?

What are their own private goals and what they require to boost in themselves?

Internal Audit

They have to assess overall procedure implemented for producing performance management.

They check steps which are risky.


Everyone is aware of what performance platform is and know that bettering services for residents is eyesight of council.

Every member performs an important role in monitoring and controlling performance management strategy.

Continuous and Strong Performance Information System

Council performance information is regularly employed by group of people, employees, individuals and stakeholders. The Council use performance attention as main tool to analyze, collaborate and reporting performance information to all of them. The machine is accessible to all or any staff so that is why information is clear to all staff.


Performance eye tool includes all visions of performance management including value for money.

Wide use of performance attention tool by all people, employees and stakeholders.

While developing performance eyes data quality is used seriously.

Local people get educated about council performance and progress in obtaining their goals.

Continuous Evaluation of Performance

Measurement of performance actually and actively is vital part of performance culture. Council has taken this aspect in factor as well to adopt effective actions against underperformance, making sure right actions to be achieved to bring performance back again to action. Council considers their employees to be best source for their success and their development is essential for council's future. It is vital to agreeing aims with employees, giving them appraisals on their achievements and dealing with their development needs in right and arranged path.


Council continuously manages poor performers and rewards good performers and work for their development.

Learning and Development

Learning forms the basis of development of performance handled culture of business. Here learning is approximately collecting information in what plans spent some time working and what has not worked well. Organizational performance table is there to boost learning and view which activities are necessary. Training and development is definitely important for checking out knowledge of every individual in every organization and at all levels. With performance management strategy another training plan is executed as well in connection with performance for support and development of people.


Sharing of knowledge and learning between all departments of council and other stakeholders.

With help of different plan, more set up learning with performance management strategy.

Main Steps in Delivering our Strategy

Council has supplied their performance management strategy by means of short-term, medium term and long-term goals.

Short term Goals

Short term goals are those goals which should be achieved in 12 months or shorter time frame.

Improved regions of underperformance through tight and strong action planning and benchmarking.

Council does indeed benchmarking to compare his results with successful results achieved by other same type of organizations. To look at their planning and way to attain targets.

Training of performance tools to all or any staff to improve performance supervised culture.

It is short-term goal of council to teach all personnel to how to use performance tool to steady the culture of company. Council wants to do this goal in a nutshell time frame to boost performance for community.

Communication of performance information with neighborhood.

Council wants to achieve this aim for in of communicating its improvement to neighborhood, and to tell them that they are progressing, that they are working, that they are converting resources into improvement for community. So there must be clear and clear communication with local community.

Celebrating the successes.

Council wishes to celebrate and wants to share with to neighborhood they are reaching their goals and proven increased performance.

Medium Term Goals

Medium term goals are goals which are to be achieved in amount of one to two two years.

Review of performance eye

It is focus on of council to examine performance eyes tool regarding to council and future needs. After review, if council requires further changing's, would have to be done effectively.

Improvements in Learning and Development

Learning and development structure should be reviewed half yearly or yearly to manage performance effectively. If performance management is not working effectively it could be due to no learning and development as well. So its council goal to review their learning and development plan consistently.

Long Term Goals

Long term goals are those goals for council which they want to attain in period of three years.

Change to Performance Management System

Implement changes to performance management system to work it more effectively and issues which includes influenced the performance management of group.

Changes to Individual Performance

Council wants to use changes to every individual performance to make sure they are more effective for organization. It really is a long term goal for council to check individual performance management to check on who needs learning and development.


Performance management strategy is employed to assess performance of specific, team and or corporation as a whole as well. By using this plan organizations assess how effectively their workers as individual working and how much efficient is organization working.

With the help of performance management strategy

Everyone came to know that how much they are simply contributing towards organizational goals and focuses on.

Everyone ensures that what is company anticipating from them and they has skills and support to achieve this or not.

Effective communication boosts in organizations between all employees.

Managers stimulates individuals to do best they can and opportunities of learning and development.

Performance management strategy of DERBY CITY COUNCIL has describes some main concepts which are essential for the coffee lover in their strategy.

They have given importance to:

Being clear and transparent to your staff in what is performance.

Understanding to employees how they may improve performance management culture.

Every individual should be focused on his own contributions needed by organization.

Decision manufacturer should be self-assured and strong enough in decision making. Decision manufacturer should have good quality of data.


As I've assessed strategy of DERBY CITY COUNCIL. They have got given every information about how precisely they will put into practice their strategy and what are important key roles to them for effective strategy.

One thing which seems wrong to me in their permanent plan is approximately changing of individual performance in permanent plans.

In my perspective, individual performance should be checked continuously and sudden strategies should be put in place to improve in their individual's performance.

If they need some improvement learning and development plan should be employed effectively.

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