An Investigation of the Recruitment and Selection Procedures


In any business the most vital organ is individuals recourses. In the organization's effective functioning the employees play an important role. In the today's business atmosphere, the key challenge of the manager's is selecting the right applicant, then development of the candidate and the retention of the candidate in the organization. Human resources have the potential to have a business to the sky of success. Individuals resource management was created to increase the employee's performance and performance in the fulfillment of the aims of the business.

The recruitment of the effective, reliable and deserving candidates is very difficult job for the human resource section of the business. The human resource policy regulates the duty of the recruitment in the business. The recruitment process is dependant on the requirement of the organization. The human reference department should also be effective enough to recruit the ready candidates.

This dissertation will clarifies "the functions and procedures mixed up in Selection and Recruitment in Tata Teleservices Ltd. (TATA Docomo)".


The human resource department is accountable for the selection and recruitment of the effective, eligible and capable candidates for the organization. The decision of the human resource office to recruit one incorrect candidate can prove fatal for the organization, in terms of money, time and trustworthiness of the company. In order to avoid this mistake, the organizations have previously developed the new methods and means of selection and recruitments. There should be proper planning and proper coverage for the selection of the candidates.


Recruitment consists of the search and activation of the prospects to apply the vacancies in the business. The increase in output, morale, wages, etc can be achieved with the proper planning of selection and recruitment process. As the recruitment process works as the stimulant to the candidates to use the vacancies in the organization, so it is regarded as the positive process.

Sources of Recruitment

There are two sources of recruitment

Internal b) External

Internal Sources

The interior recruitment is the procedure of the identification of the actual candidates who are working in the business who can fulfill the requirements of the new vacancies in the business. In this the existing employees are offered the new vacant positions, like campaign of the staff to the bigger post which is vacant. This also boosts up the morale of the other employees and they also perform well to obtain the promotion to the bigger post. You can find inner advertisements for the information of the employees.

External Sources

The human tool departments of the organizations are reliant on the external options. The main external options are as follows

Information Commercials. It's the way to see the potential candidates about the recruitment process through the printing media like magazines, magazines, publications, pamphlets, posters etc. they are also known as as recruitment advertisements. These assists with spreading the information to millions of people at onetime. The job seeking prospects responds to such advertisements rapidly.

Employment Organizations.

These are also the effective source for the inflow of the in a position applicants for the vacant content in the organization. These employment businesses primarily interviews the candidates, then if they're found fit for the vacant post only they are described the recruiting company. This makes the process of recruitment simpler for the business as the business need to cope with only capable folks. Generally, these recruitment organizations fee fees from the workplace but sometimes in addition they charge from the candidates also. It depends on the organization to company.

Colleges and Universities.

The process of recruitment of the candidates straight from the universites and colleges is recognized as the on campus recruitment drive. It is executed whenever there exists need of the professional certified and technically sensible individuals for the vacant content.


In this, the current employees forward the credentials of the individuals who have the capability and eligible for the vacant content in the organization. The employees are free to recommend the candidates for the vacant content. This the effective method as company gets the required information regarding the features of the applicants referred from the prevailing employees. This also increases the favoritism and it may lead in degrading the morale of the employees.

Casual aspirants.

There are the individuals who themselves go to the business and drop their resumes in the organization. Whenever the content are generated the business also considers them.

Labor Unions.

There are some occupations which recruits the applicants known by the labor unions, like maritime, hotels and building companies. This source is chosen by the business since it is the in-expensive method of recruitment.

The Recruitment Procedure

Whenever the vacancy is generated in the organization then the human resource department begins the procedure of recruitment. A couple of predefined steps in this technique. in these steps the certification and features of the prospects is tested to discover whether they meet the criteria or not for the certain vacancy.

Execute job analysis.

With the generation of the new vacancy, it is necessary to learn about the work and its own requirements only then your human resource section can recruit the best candidates for that one job. In this analysis the task and responsibilities are determined which is required by the particular job. This technique consists of three steps

The environment evaluation, where in fact the man power will work;

Determination and recognition of the responsibilities and tasks to be discharged.

The recognition of the responsibilities involved in the particular job.

Job Description Designing

It is the written file which houses the objectives, goals, the tasks, obligations and responsibilities mixed up in particular job, the requirements which are necessary for the fulfillment of the objectives of the job. These written documents is helpful the suitable employee selection, in their training and orientation procedures. It provides the guidelines to the new employees also. This job explanation helps the HR team and the staff both in the achievements of the desired tasks to satisfy the organization's goals.

Development of the specs of the particular job

The job specifications and information both are essential in knowledge of the job. One the information is written then comes the specs it includes that the type of staff will be suitable for this specific job, what skills that staff must have in himself/herself. The education and complex skills needed to do this job.

Attracting the applicants

It is one of the key steps in the recruitment. The success in future can be dependant on the attraction ability of the organization which draws in the applicants to use for a specific job in that organization. This appeal power is totally reliant on the recruitment options adopted by the business.


When the mandatory number of people applies for the particular job, then the process of selecting the right applicant begins. The choice process ensures that the best ideal candidates in conditions of skills, education and experience should be chosen for the particular job. The selection's definitive goal is to complement the work requirements with the person's individual characteristics. The individuals selected in the selection process should be confident enough to meet the goals of the business.

Selection Method

Selection method is the positive eradication process, which eliminates the individuals who aren't suitable and qualified to receive this job. It means the job necessity will not match with individual's characteristics. This method should be made to gather everything about the candidates. The prospect is announced to be determined only when he/she qualifies all the steps involved in the selection process. It could be fatal for the organization if it decides the wrong applicant for the particular job. The wrong selection appeals to the upsurge in expenses, wastage of that time period of organization. In order to avoid such situation the well organized process should be designed.

The reception of the applicants, the different departments advise the human source departments about vacancies to be filled up in their division and inform them about the abilities needed by the candidates to use for these vacancies. If the department obtains the applications from the applicants, then the process of selection is began.

Preliminary/First Round Screening,

In this task, the instant assessments of the applicant's features are judged by the human being resource division employees. Here the individuals who do not meet up with the requirements of the job description are taken out in this task. This is actually the candidate's first connection with the company. This task reduces the time of the choice process as the unsuitable applicants are shunted out in this in support of eligible candidates are licensed for the next process. These interviews are of brief durations. The recruiting executives do these interviews. Here the interviewers get the required application forms filled from the candidates. This steps works on the mechanism of the filtration system, here the in a position candidates are stored and break is shunted out.

Application Blank,

The qualified candidates of the first steps enters the next step, here the applicants properly fill the formal applications, these applications varieties are specially created by the human source professionals to get the proper information about the candidates. The following fields are present in the application form forms -

Identification information such as gender, name, father's name, marital position, quantity of dependents, weight, level etc.

Educational requirements e. g. , schooling, schools, graduation, post graduation details, dialects skills etc.

Professional Experience.

Status of health.

Achievements and awards


Psychological factors e. g. , salary expectation, previous job going out of reasons etc.

Tests for the selection

The tests for the choice are designed to have the quotient degree of the applicants which cannot be assessed from the application form varieties. Some to testing for the selection are the following:-

Intelligence checks. An intelligence test explores alertness, understanding and reasoning skills of the applicants. Through these lab tests, managers can forecast the near future job performance of the applicant. Questions in brains testing are job-oriented, and abstract.

Personality lab tests. These tests measure certain characteristics such as psychological maturity, sentiments, conflicts, ascendance, social capacity, objectivity etc of an applicant. Whether a candidate is having a ill personality or healthy personality can be dependant on these tests.

Aptitude tests. It is vital to know as to whether the selected candidate will be capable of learning the work or not. Testing designed to measure the learning capacity of the individuals are known as aptitude checks. They evaluate whether a person has the covered potential to learn confirmed job, if he is given sufficient training.

Performance or work sample tests. Such tests are a way of measuring sensible ability on a particular job. In performance or work test exams, the applicant completes some job activity under organized conditions. For example, somebody who has applied for the post of something rep may be asked to handle a stimulated situation regarding a complaining customer. Although they could be costly if special facilities and equipment are needed, performance testing, when devised to strongly reflect important aspects of the job, have a tendency to be valid predictors of future performance.

Dexterity tests. These tests try to gauge the swiftness with which the prospective company can employ various body parts e. g. , capability to move hands, eyes etc. Sometimes due to aspect of job, these exams become essential.


Tests cannot be relied upon in isolation. Many requirements and abilities of the individuals can be known during interview or training.

It is extremely hard to anticipate the success of the candidate on the basis of such checks.

Tests have also a high margin of error through it is generally thought that the results are exact and exact.


Comprehensive Interview, A comprehensive interview or an in-depth interview is most fragile aspect of the selection procedure. The information about the applicant which cannot obtained from the application form blank, assessments and group talk, may be anchored easily if the interview is designed well in advance and it is conducted by the interviewer tactfully.

Checking References, A job candidate may be asked in the application form blank to provide several references

Characteristic research b) Experience Reference.

These recommendations provide information about the behaviour of the applicant. A distinctive limitation of the technique is that it lacks standardisation and objectivity. It really is natural in case there is character mention of give brands of recommendations of only those persons who would always write favourably for the applicant. It's very rare to obtain a frank thoughts and opinions about the candidate. The other options to get information about the candidate are professors from whom prospect has studied, colleagues with whom prospect had worked. References may be inspected by mail, telephone or an individual visit may be established.

Approval by the Concerned Office, The candidate is then delivered to the line manager for the agreement. The personnel office cannot have a ultimate decision regarding selection because the prospect has to actually work under the lines managers who are immediately responsible for the results of your organisation. At this time, it is not in the interest of the business to reject the candidate. Instead he may be sent to some other departments.

Physical Assessment, Only those prospects should be chosen who are physically fit. It might not exactly be the last step in the choice process if physical as well as mental fitness is very important. Physical examinations are designed to ensure that the candidate can perform effectively in the positioning for which they're applying to protect other employees against contagious diseases, to determine a health record for the applicant also to protect the organization against unjust payment claims.

Making the Selection, The people who qualify in the choice test, interview, reference check and physical examination are now considered to be eligible to obtain an offer of work. Usually an appointment is made on probation initially. The probation period may range between 8 weeks to 2 yrs. If the work and carry out of the staff is found reasonable, he may be confirmed. It is also in the interest of the organization to prepare a waiting around list and advise the candidates, in the event a person does not join after being determined, another person on the longing list may be called.


Research in common parlance refers to a search for knowledge. The advanced learner's dictionary of current English lays down the meaning of research as "a careful analysis of enquiry especially through search for new facts in virtually any branch of knowledge. "

Research Design

"A study design is the design of conditions for collection and research of data in a fashion that aims to combine relevance to the research purpose with market in procedure. " - JOHN. W. BEST

Research may be defined as "any prepared inquiry designed and carried out to provide information for resolving issues". - EMORY

"Research is actually a study, a tracking and an examination of evidence for the purpose of getting knowledge". - ROBERT ROSS

Descriptive Research Design

Descriptive research design studies are those studies, which are worried with describing the character of a group.

The researcher makes an idea of the analysis his research work. Which will allow the researcher to save and resources such an idea of study or blue printing or study is named a research design.

Data Collection

The research was based on questionnaire method. The analysis was about the Recruitment and Selection System at Tata Teleservices Ltd. and discover the effectiveness of recruitment.

There are two types of data collection

Primary data

Secondary data

Primary data

The primary data are those, that happen to be collected a fresh and for the first time are actually original in character. It's been collected by using a Questionnaire and personal interview.

Secondary data

Secondary data are those which have already been collected by another person and that have already been handed down through the stratified process. It offers accumulated through the manuals, publications & Internet.


The Recruitment and Selection Process is one of the basic HR processes. Recruitment & Selection is very very sensitive as many professionals have a need to employ a new worker which process is often under a strict monitoring using their side.

HR management is an integral part of every manager's responsibilities. These responsibilities include inserting the right person in the right job, and then orienting, training, and compensating to boost his or her job performance.

Tata Teleservices uses two resources of recruitment - inner and external source. But they prefer inner source because it gives opportunity to employees within the business. After recruitment Selection process occurs. This entails building the best fit between job requirements and the candidate's account. Selection process includes screening, interview and different testing. Then offer was created to the prospect if he/she accepts it staff undergone through various pre- job activities like reference point check, lab tests, etc.

It is vital to have a competent and responsive traffic monitoring mechanism to judge the impact of recruitment on the topline and bottomline. Metrics not only assist in assessing the robustness of inner processes but also provide inputs on customer satisfaction and vendor analysis guidelines. Various metrics like - quality metrics, time metrics, cost metrics & Review process is used to find out the effectiveness of recruitment procedures.



Start Date

End Date

Title, aim, objectives



Literature Review

Questionnaire Prep & Distribution, interviews

Data Collection

Data Analysis



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