An Summary of Sustainable Business Factors

Sustainable Business: Introduction

Green Business is the other name for Sustainable business. This ideal position of lasting business is attained by following the procedures which will not put any negative effect on contemporary society, environment, our community and current economic climate. Fundamentally, there are four standards which measures if business practices are harmonized with the ecological business or no:

  • Business has a commitment to protect the environment and following procedures
  • Greener than traditional competition
  • In each decision, it uses the techniques of renewable or lasting business.
  • It is providing customers all those environment friendly products and services which are capable to replace all the non-friendly one. (Wikipedia, 2016)

Life Circuit Thinking: (LCT)

Life routine thinking is almost a same strategy as sustainable business routines. This also feels in going beyond all the original practices of manufacturing and producing which pays off an even more attention to the effects of the business on environment, community and economy. If we take an example of typical product then at every level of creation and product life cycle there are chances of reducing waste, lesser impact on environment, re-cycling etc. So basically, all this is roofed in LCT. Life pattern of pondering can be used at every level of product life cycle as while extracting the resources from aspect, minimizing the wastage while processing, re utilizing it, environment friendly packaging, and disposable in order it could be re cycled. As mentioned above Anchor New Zealand will keep its focus on every stage of product life pattern as to decrease the wastages and utilizing the milk in best possible ways. (What's Life Routine Thinking?, 2016)


This is another principle that is developed to stimulate the sustainable business practices also to run the environment friendly business. It really is and development to the objectives of the Triple Bottom Line. Basically it has addition of 4P's.

  • Profit by competitive product: Adopting the competitive efficiency by producing the merchandise with scarce resources.
  • People (Life Quality): Focusing on the quality of life of folks by producing products that happen to be healthy, flourished, and good for society.
  • Planet: motivating the business enterprise procedures which really helps to promote the safeguard of natural resources, really helps to the booster of eco system during coming decades and life spans.
  • Progress: Being innovative in the ideas in order to be flexible to the changes that are beneficiary for the planet, people and are profitable as well.
  • Productivity: The dictionary meaning of Output is "dimension of efficiency of any product (machine, person, any system etc. ) to covert an type into an output which pays to. " it is a numeric value which is come to by doing numerical calculations. (Quadruple IMPORTANT THING for Sustainable Wealth, 2013)

Relation between Production and Sustainability:

There is a direct relationship between productivity and sustainability. A ecological business practices results the productivity of an company. It can be explained incidentally of below explanations:

Sustainability assists with increasing the production by decreasing the expenses. Sustainable business methods helps in effective business techniques which further helps in minimizing costs. Reduced costs always causes the higher productivity.

Company which goes with sustainable business and markets itself as a business which feels in environment friendly business makes a good brand image in company. The good brand image is always more fruitful and profitable for just about any company or business. Anchor Organization has always been active in communal causes, making an investment capital in the interest of culture. This mission of the business has always helped it to build a good brand image (Rogers, 2016)

Business will have comparatively more adaption to the changes in the environment whether they are by authorities.

Stakeholders of the business enterprise are always more drawn to a business which is more socially in charge so Anchor will. More determined employees and buyers results into more productivity.

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