Analysis IN THE Richard Branson Leadership Business Essay

Sir Richard Charles Nicholas Branson (delivered 18 July 1950) is a United kingdom industrialist most widely known for his Virgin brand of over 360 companies. Branson's first successful business enterprise was at age 16, when he released a mag Called Student. Then setup an audio record mail-order business in 1970. In 1972, he exposed a string of record stores, Virgin Records, later known as Virgin Mega stores and rebranded after a management buyout as Zavvi in overdue 2007 that later proceeded to go into Administration in 2008 and only exists now as an web store. Branson's Virgin brand Grew rapidly during the 1980s-as he create Virgin Atlantic Airways and expanded The Virgin Data music label.

Richard Branson is the 261st richest person on the globe according to Forbes' 2009 list of Billionaires, with around net worth of around Ј2. 6 billion (US$3. 9billion). Branson was created at Stonefield Medical Home in Blackheath, South London, and the boy Of barrister Edward Adam Branson and Eve Branson. His Grandfather the Right HYPERLINK "http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Right_Honourable"Honorable Sir George Arthur Harwin Branson, was a judge of The High Court docket of Justice and a Privy HYPERLINK "http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Privy_Councillor"Councilor. Branson was informed at Scaitcliffe University (nowBishopsgate School)] until the era of thirteen. Then attended Stowe College until he was sixteen. Branson has dyslexia and possessed poor academic performance as A student, but later learned his potential to connect with others Honours. In 1993, Branson was granted an honorary amount of Doctor of Technology from Loughborough College or university.

He was knighted in 1998 for his "services to entrepreneurship". In 2000, Branson

Received the Tony Janus Award for his accomplishments in commercial air travelling. Branson is the patron of several charities, such as International Recovery Corps and Prisoners Abroad, a documented charity which helps Britons who are detained beyond the united kingdom.

Sir Richard appears at No. 85 on the 2002 list of "100 Greatest Britons" (sponsored by

The BBC and voted for by the public). Sir Richard also rates No. 86 on Channel 4's 2003

List of "100 Most severe Britons". Sir Richard was also placed in 2007's Time Mag "Top

100 Most Important People on earth". In 2009 2009, Branson was voted the UK's

"Celebrity Dream Employer" in an opinion poll by Malignancy Research UK.

On 7 December 2007, United Nations Secretary Basic Ban Ki-Moon presented

Branson with the United Nations Correspondents Association Resident of the World

Award for his support for environmental and humanitarian causes

Main characteristics of Sir Richard Branson

Finding the right people

Drawing out the best things

Love learning

Inquisitive mind

Life is a one learning process

Ability to connect with the people

Innovative method of the business

Some simple strategies

Take it easy, merge fun with work

Mingle such as a common man, just do it like a bullet

Richard Branson's attributes


Listen to the people, encourage communication and opinions, integrate personnel into other areas of organization

Core beliefs and values

Being a catalyst to success of others, constantly learning, supporting people achieve things that they didn't know what they were capable of

Values and beliefs

He says that he never listens to critics, he's a sponge for new ideas, encourage visitors to think

Like business owners, you and everyone around you will make mistakes

Branson's skills

He is likeable. He has learned when to disappear

Branson's management styles

Participative leadership

Sir Richard Branson looks for to involve other folks in the process, possibly including Subordinates, peers, superiors and other stakeholders

Autocratic decision by leader

Leader proposes decision, listens to feedback, then decides

Team proposes decision, leader has last decision

Joint decision with team as equals

Full delegation of decision to his team

Branson's authority qualities

Art of delegation-"I must be proficient at helping people run the average person business"

Branson says his philosophy of" look for the best and you'll supply the best" helped him built an empire identified because of its fun and culture. "When a flower is watered, it flourishes. if not, it shrivels up and dies. it's much more fun looking to discover the best in individuals".

Employee should get an possibility to prosper in another virgin group job. Firing is hardly ever an option. Connections between employees and professionals is fundamental. Encourage stuff to create Him (the employee) with any ideas or recommendations. Either way they get the chance to be observed Branson has developed a level of trust with his top professionals by preparing the course and then stepping back again to let them get around. "I include the initial idea, spend the first three months immersed available therefore i know the ins and outs and then give leader a stake in the Company and ask them to run it as though it's their own". Motivational strategies prolong to innovative ideas-the key to pushing innovation within the virgin ranks, suggest Branson, and are to listen to any all ideas and offer reviews Inspire people to think like internet marketers and whatever you choose to do treat them like people. The Hardest taskmaster of most is someone's own conscience, so the more responsibility you give people, the better they benefit you

He says that he never listens to critics. The first severe criticism against him Emerged when he launched his Virgin Atlantic air travel in 1984, when one critic Wrote, "A brand can't stand for music stores, airlines, cell phones, colas, financial services, and on and on. No brand on earth can do this. That's ego. " Branson didn't listen, and he proven that critic incorrect.

He is a sponge for new ideas. He keeps a notebook in his pocket and jots down

Every encouraging idea he hears. "Good ideas result from people all over the place, " he

Says, "Not in the boardroom. " His overall management principle rests on the necessity to treat other folks with respect however the Nuts and bolts than it are much harder to pin down. Branson strains the importance of their time Management skills, saying he spends about 1 / 3 of his time on trouble firing 1 / 3 on new projects - both business related and charitable - and one third on Promoting and marketing his businesses. In between, he also makes time for his family and trips Part to be a good head, regarding to Branson, are also the ability to know when to cool off from a task. "Around you need a strong personality to build a business from scuff, additionally you must understand the art work of delegation, " he says. "I have to be good at helping people run the average person businesses and I have to be ready to step back again. THE BUSINESS must be create so it can continue without me. "

But, for Branson, the most important factor of good authority is associated with other folks "If you are good with peopleand you truly care, genuinely care about people then I'm sure we could find employment for you at Virgin, " he says. "The companies that look after their Folks are the companies that do effectively. I'm sure we want additional attributes that would be the main one. "

Leadership: Branson once joked, "I believe in benevolent dictatorship provided I am the Dictator. " Despite this, Branson's success has happen in large part credited to his leadership skills and the esteem, good care and autonomy he provides to his employees. He realized that with out a stable team behind him, he'd not have the ability to make his Dreams come true.

Resilience: After a failed around-the-world balloon trip, Branson said of his experience,

"It's been like hitting against a solid brick wall. All day and all night long, we battled to get through it. " This challenge is a familiar one to Branson, that has seen his talk about of failed business ventures. But, in typical Branson fashion, he rebounds from his failures with the same more youthful energy he previously the very first day he created Virgin Information. His Passion to make can't be quelled by any obstacle no subject what size Ambition: "We'd love to be involved with the creation of something very special, something quite large then one quite interesting, " says Branson. Never one to dream Small, Branson always tried out to be the best of the greatest. Whether it was breaking world Quickness files or providing impeccable flight service, Branson wished his name to be near the top of whatever list he was coping with. By thinking big, Branson would leave his symbol not only available world but also on the earth as a whole.

Authentic leadership

Richard Branson's leadership is often compared to authentic leadership. He's attentive to people's needs and ideals. He is translucent, morally grounded and wanting to receive Reviews from others. He requires others in his work and frequently consults others. He Builds relationships

Team leadership

Richard Branson targets his team. He consists of everyone. He managed effective Clubs. He gives importance to his team and its own members.

Transformational leadership

Transformational leadership is a process that changes and changes people. It consists of a greater influence that helps fans to bring about more than what's actually expected of them. It is a process that often incorporates charismatic and visionary authority. Burns says that transformational management is the procedure whereby a person engages with others and creates a connection that raises the amount of drive and morality in both the innovator and the follower. Sir Richard Branson places a clear exemplory case of transformational leadership. He's often considered as a transformational leader. He inspires his enthusiasts to perform great things. He understands and adapts to the needs and motives of followers. He is named an alteration agent and a perfect role model for his enthusiasts. He created and articulated a specific eye-sight for his corporation. He empowered fans to meet high standards

Leader member exchange theory related to Sir Richard Branson

Sir Richard Branson gave importance to his members. He never overlooked his associates. He was available to receive commentary and engaged everyone in his team

Contingency theory

This approach can be involved with styles and situations. It provides the platform for effectively matching the leader and the situation. In this theory command styles are

Described as process motivated and relationship motivated. The folks who are task Motivated will be more concerned about reaching their goals and the folks who are Relationship motivated are usually more towards building interpersonal relationships with their workers. Sir Richard Branson was romance oriented and he was focused on building Relationships.

Behavior Approach

Leadership skills derive from leadership patterns. Skills exclusively do not make market leaders style and tendencies. If you're interested in authority training and development focus on Leadership behavior. Now why don't we see some actions that i think, Branson had possessed in his lifetime which made him the most important business leader

Integrity: That is one of the main requirements which every innovator should maintain. Richard Branson jogging his 300+plus virgin brands in his kitty always possessed integrity along with his fellow staffs and staff. HE'S always truthful to his supporters and didn't cover anything from them.

Leading by example: sir Richard Branson is a type of person, who leads people by his own instances, he in his life remains restless and made his employees restless by causing them work at all times and teaching those to adapt changes consistently. He is a tremendous motivator, he's fired up and he gets you thrilled and you are always moving forward.

Fairness: Among Sir Richard Branson's hallmarks is to treat everyone equal. He is also keen in rewarding people who is meritorious and does well in their careers.

Planning & Prioritizing: Branson is more anxious about planning the task to be done in future and prioritizing the task based on the nature. He spends an enormous amount of his time in planning.

Positive Frame of mind: Branson always had a positive attitude towards his job and revealed a Positive attitude while dealing along with his subordinates. He always used to create short term Goals for his subordinates and have them to attain the goals within the time, but the Subordinates complained to Branson about insufficiency of their time to complete the goals. Branson with his positive attitude motivated his subordinates and helped them in achieving their short-term goals successfully

Trait Approach

Traits are some things which obviously differentiate leaders from followers. It had been believed that market leaders are blessed with some special features which others don't possess. Some of these traits are height, intelligence, extraversion, fluency, sociability, and other characteristics.


Richard Branson was intelligent. Having began his business and his entrepreneurial opportunity he succeeded in every his endeavors. He's now leading 300+brands under the name virgin.

Self confidence

He was comfortable in his frame of mind. He never let his brain down. In his career he previously failures. He previously whole lot of criticisms. But he fought back again. He was resilient


He had a strong conviction. From a sensitive 19 time old guy, to start up his entrepreneurial enterprise, he made everyone stunned by his courage and perseverance.


He had the grade of integrity and trustworthiness. He motivated self confidence in others. He's loyal, dependable and not deceptive


Sir Richard Branson looks for out pleasant public relationships. He is friendly, outgoing, tactful and diplomatic he is hypersensitive to others needs and shown matter for others health. He has good social skills. He created cooperative connections with his supporters.


Sir Richard Branson discovered, from an early on age, never to let adversity stand in the way of accomplishing an objective. As the pioneering thinker, he has changed many entrenched industry procedures by turning the traditional business model on its end. A unique method of business is his hallmark and he is somebody who is not fearful to challenge convention and promotes creativity. Insufficient success in a business is not really a deterrent, rather a motivator as this produces opportunity. His personality and style of management combined with an effective leadership approach will be the takeaway lesson for just about any common man

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