Analysis of the Success of the Castrol brand

Castrol is a name of industry and motor vehicle lubricant brand. Castrol brand is part of BP's group which is global coal and oil Company that headquartered in London, UK.

In February 1899, Charles Cheers Wakefield resigned from the Vacuum Essential oil Company because of a disagreement about Vacuum Oil's foray into the railway lubricants sector. Shortly after that, the firm which he previously left altered its name became Mobil Petrol.

Then he rented three small rooms on the third floor of 27 Cannon Neighborhood in the central of London. On Thursday 9 March 1899, C. C. Wakefield & Co opened its doors for the first time. In 1909, the company started to produce a new motor vehicle lubricant called "Castrol".

In 1966, Castrol was purchased by British petrol company Burmah, that was renamed Burmah-Castrol. Castrol brand continues to be sold throughout the world.


Castrol offers lubricants for almost all local, commercial and industrial applications. For automotive lubrication (including motorcycles 2-heart stroke and 4-stroke, car petrol and diesel motors), they sell products include extensive range of manual and automatic transmission fluids, chain lubricants and waxes, coolants, suspension fluids, brake liquids, greases, cleaners and maintenance products. Castrol also produces lubricants for agricultural machinery, plant, standard industry and sea engineering uses.

Castrol products are divided into: (2)

For Cars: Advantage, Magnatec, Syntec and GTX; less commonly, XL, GTD, Method RS, Synt and SLX

For Motorcycles: Electricity1, PowerRS, TT, TTS, GP, Gps device and Go!

For Heavy Duty Vehicles (Constructor) : Elixion, Enduron, Hypuron, Tection, CRB and Agri

For Boats: Cyltech and TLX Plus

For Industrial Machinery: Hyspin (hydraulic), Aircol (compressors) and Alpha (professional gears)

Differences between Across Country and Home Country

Castrol has propagate its branches to over 50 countries. Their world class products supported by a network of sales, engineering and research and manufacturing operations. With the technological knowledge and in-depth experience, they can meet the diverse needs of customers from round the world. Broadly, Castrol divides their country focuses on into four areas; Americas, Asia Pacific, European countries, Latin America

Castrol was set up in London at the very first time so the home country is known as in London, England. Basically, Castrol will not discriminate between home country and variety country. They make a decision the same regulation on some important and standardized strategies like the waste material system and environmental responsibility system.

Castrol oil Lubricants Company has the same way with another common professional company to perform the CSR (Commercial Social Responsibility). For instance, Castrol branch in South Africa. Castrol tries to focus on job creation, HIV/AIDS solver, road safeness and environment. Castrol offers sponsorship in any project as long it has shared relationship between the community and the Castrol itself. Castrol emphasizes on people somewhat than things. Castrol do not support politics organization, religious and sectarian cause, commercial fund-raising agencies, bursaries, individuals, etc.

Another example, we can take from Castrol branch in India. Castrol tries to reduce the crashes that possibly took place in the Manufacturer, not to harm people, preventing the damage to the environment. Castrol tries to determine interpersonal investment in India by planning security project and rehabilitation for the post-disaster effect. In order to conduct the protection project for the country, Castrol builds link and corporation to some private organization like; The traffic law enforcement, The Mumbai Municipal Organization, The European India Automobile Relationship, etc. For the rehabilitation task, Castrol help the victims of devastation like Tsunami, Mumbai's Floods etc by reconstructing housings and boarding, providing healthy and hygienic drinking water and sanitation facilities, encouraging the girl empowerment, giving sustainable income, and building school (mid-day meal program).

Competitive gain and strategy

Castrol has a lot of branches that are disperse in over 50 countries. Each branches have different beneficial establishment that is completing the other person in the Castrol own organizational body. Castrol has some competitive advantages like the specific variations for specific utilization, customer satisfaction oriented programs, partnership relationship and environmental responsibility system.

Castrol creates specific version of products (has been proven in the products of Castrol) such for Automobiles, Motorcycles, Heavy Duty Vehicles, Boats, and Industrial Equipment. Castrol also specify their products by specifying deeper standards for each and every machine. For example, motorcycles with 2-strokes engine motor have different kind of lubricants to possess and so do the 4 strokes engine motor. Castrol also ranges their products to satisfy the lubricants need for each and every part of machines like chain lubricants and waxes, coolants, suspension fluids, brake essential fluids, greases, cleaners and maintenance.

In order to meet and match the costumers need, Castrol put some work to help the costumer trim their cost on lubrication management system. Castrol has just launched two offerings that possibly help the costumer to target less on lubrication management and even more on core prices within the business. The new products are Fluidsmart; it is an integrated modular liquid management system and Optival which really is a value delivery order.

Fluidsmart offers a One-Stop Solution which is includes products, technology, procedures and people which allow the costumer to give attention to the business enterprise while Castrol takes care of total liquid management. Optival lubrication management solution is delivered through a patented system which allows customers to rely their personal savings.

Partnership Corporation is a competitive benefit also for Castrol. Castrol has organization with BMW Group, Komatsu, Jaguar, Volvo, Land Rover and Aston Martin. For example with BMW, BMW has already released that Castrol is their public recommended lubricants petrol for them. Castrol oil can be used atlanta divorce attorneys part of BMW lubricants need such; making machines, first engine fill for BMW automobiles and motorcycles, and after sales lubricants suggestion.

Castrol also execute some regulations in its company to be able to treat environmentally friendly communal responsibility. REACH (established by EU) is Enrollment, Analysis, Authorization, and Limitation of Substance. REACH performs a great role to manage the potential risks that chemicals possibly pollute medical and environment. The chemical that is talked about not only chemicals which used in industrial techniques but also in lifestyle e. g. detergent, food soaps, etc. The objectives are enhance the protection of human being health insurance and environment from reason behind pollution by chemicals, create competitive gain to other countries outside the EU, promote the method for the examination of risks of compound, and ensure the free blood flow of substances inside the European Union inside market. REACH method may be used to decrease the VOC (Volatile Organic and natural Materials) emission. By lowering the VOC emissions, some benefits can be acquired like improved health and safety, aided with ISO 1400 compliance, more responsible to the surroundings and advanced environment for the workforce and neighborhood.

Country and Corporate and business Culture to Gain Success

Castrol's past and creator, Charles Cheers Wakefield has carried out his original philosophy that brings success to the Castrol Company till now up to now. He drew on the help and encouragement of his costumers to develop his new Castrol Natural oils; it was done because he had the foresight to observe that working in collaboration was the best way to become successful for both companies. That rationale is really working inside the Castrol itself.

Castrol's consciousness to the interpersonal environmental responsibility could possibly be the key success of Castrol. Castrol's attention to the cultural environment creates appreciation from any community and individuals. Nowadays, "green" things are actually demanded that any company that can show their "greens" can gain much attentions and appreciations from the public so do Castrol.

Castrol has a principle who says "Reduce Environmental Impact, Optimize Financial Edge". By putting this principle, Castrol's company orientation becomes more "green" so that Castrol has a whole lot of amazing system and benefit of "green" things. Castrol gets much attentions from costumers and community because their aids for the better and greener life. Castrol contributes benefits to the costumers by assisting their businesses to get innovative and better lubrication systems.

Each branches of Castrol on the globe have their own country's culture. For example, in Asia, like India, the girl power is not so shown and liked. Castrol tries to help the India's culture to be more developed by having rationale that gentleman and woman are same and equivalent. This kind of development helps the women in India to be more respected and valued. Although this kind of strategy evokes pro and con, Castrol has done good job to develop a country's development.

A lot of sponsorship that are given by Castrol gives a great supportive impact to the areas where in fact the sponsorship is given. For Example, Castrol Rushing competition, Castrol Basketball competition, Castrol Support for Marine Corps, etc.

PESTEL Analysis(3)


Government results are various to the Castrol Company itself. For example, in India, the government insurance plan is quite adaptable for the Castrol Company to do the development of the country itself. Every federal of course would like to build up their own country to attain the betterment of life in the united states. Castrol Company has already been included to the India's authorities by supporting their country's condition like property and education. Castrol helped the victims of Tsunami and Mumbai's overflow by rehabilitating the cover and education. Castrol built new housing for people who lost their cover and also build new school and its own facilities to help the study activity.

So much, Castrol does not have any offence both from the government and individuals of country where Castrol Company is working. For Example in England, minimum wage that acquired introduced in Apr 1999 has been executed by Castrol well. Castrol also recognize the 48-hours/week in works time.

Castrol has intangible asset which can prevent Castrol products from the falsification. By the common and international patent and copyright Castrol can keep their existence to keep the image of Castrol Lubricant Essential oil.


Castrol lubricants product's price possibly damaged by the engine oil price that is getting increase and increase every day. When the essential oil price in market gets higher, Castrol Lubricants Company should consider about the product's price to keep the oil's price stabilization.

Falsification to the Castrol Lubricants can affect the Castrol's position in the market share that will usually point to the Castrol's economical condition. Falsification may cause positive impact if artificial product of Castrol has no problem inside if the content and performance although, any type of falsification are bad and incorrect. Alternatively, falsification can result in a great harm to the Castrol Images.


Castrol pays focus on the society and environment in which they are put by making technological and societal system that support the society and environment to be come to the betterment.

For the world, like the writer already quoted that Castrol cares to the culture activities or problems by becoming involved the introduction of any country where the Castrol Company is existed. For example, Castrol attempts to focus on job creation, HIV/Assists solver, road basic safety and environment in South Africa. Castrol try to absorb local employees in order to create the job opportunity for the neighborhood people. Castrol also joins the Anti HIV/Helps advertising campaign in South Africa giving sponsorship. For the street safety, Castrol tries to have firm with local authorized institution like Law enforcement officials place, etc. Castrol make an effort to send concept to the culture to obey any street and traffic rules that has already established.

Another quoted information for example in India; Castrol has helped the Indians to rebuild the demolished places as a result of disasters. Castrol supports the Indians because they build new enclosure and new schools, providing clean normal water and sanitation, and encouraging the ecological income for ladies in order to create women empowerment.

For the environment, Castrol really gives focus on the lubricant ingredient and misuse system. By modifying the elements and waste material system, Castrol have enhance the protection of human being health insurance and environment from reason behind pollution by chemicals, created competitive benefit to other countries outside the EU, promoted the method for the assessment of dangers of chemical, and guaranteed the free circulation of substances inside the European Union inside market.


Castrol has coordination to with the Technical Centre of Brilliance around the world like USA, Germany and India. Castrol builds link with leading companies, scientific, technical centre and universities. For example, Castrol Magnatec that was created designed for Diesel machines and Castrol Elixion which ensure the costumer that the lubricant can save 4% of energy usage.

The other technology that Castrol has created is Trizone. Trizone system works on 4 strokes motorcycles engine motor. Trizone system provides the ultimate combined security on 3 critical part of engine; the engine motor, clutch and products. The Trizone system helps the motor bike end user to get the most out performance of the street bike.

Castrol has created cleaner for the engine unit so the used lubricant can be removed cleanly. Cleaning powder, Wonderclean, and Workshop Cleaner will be the variant where the cleaner can be used. Cleaning powder can be used for removing oil, grime and grease from equipment. Wonderclean is detergent you can use for removing essential oil, grease, dirt, road grime, smears, and grades very rapidly in virtually any need. Workshop Cleaner may be used to clean the ingrained earth from workshop flooring surfaces, machinery, and motors.


Castrol has branches over 50 countries with the own culture and natural condition. Typically, their branches are situated in America and European countries and the branches type is distributor so any climates change or weather change won't affect the business process. Some branches who are positioned in Asia are the supplier so it is important for Castrol to pay attention to the environmental condition like climates and weather.


Castrol has some legal limitation which can defense the Castrol image and name itself. Castrol has registered their trademarks that another people won't be allowed to use the name and company logo.

Castrol has copyright which is placed on their website that any copies of information should be asked to the Castrol's company first before can be used. Permission is necessary in order to work with the info publicly.

Three Majors Part of PESTEL

The 3 most important aspect of PESTEL Company Evaluation for Castrol Company are Legal, cultural element, and financial aspect. Those three major elements need to be concerned because the other elements outside those elements are respected sufficient to the company.

Castrol already has some legal restriction to be able to keep their position in the market. Castrol gets the patent about trademarks and copyright. Castrol also put into action the Grab the betterment of the business. REACH has been legalized and branded that REACH just restrict in European countries.

Castrol gets the public responsibility that is shown by implementing the REACH system which helps the business to become more sensible to the living contemporary society and environment. Castrol also attempts to diminish VOC emission which can create health insurance and safety, assisted with ISO 1400 conformity, more accountable to the environment and upgraded environment for the workforce and local community.

Castrol also support the culture by giving sponsorship and charity. Castrol helps any company which would like to get sponsored by Castrol. Castrol sponsors in some Race Competition and also Sports Competition. Castrol also support the contemporary society by aiding the victims of catastrophe, building housing, supporting the ladies empowerment, and creating education building.

Castrol has been getting much market show because of the trained products. Castrol lubricant company has power to affect the market price, especially engine oil price. Castrol can give significant result to the lubricant's essential oil price in the world because their ability and product have been founded successfully because the former attempted to focus on the company.

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