Automotive Industry Evaluation- SWOT and Competitor Analysis

The average age group of signed up vehicles in 2015 was 11. 5 years old and has been steadily increasing because the Great Recession. Almost 75% of our population drive to work, people need their vehicles. If you cannot buy a fresh one and can't live without one - you better keep carefully the one you have operable.

With improved economical conditions, expansion is expected to plateau, that may cause the common age of listed cars to hop from 11. 5 years to 11. 7 years by 2017.

The motor vehicle industry can be an extensive, contrast set of processing and service businesses that bring large trucks and vehicles to the marketplace, whether keeping them in working order, painting them, or cleaning them, repairing them or even trashing them if it is time. While there are interesting business opportunities at the vehicle dealership level, it's chiefly after the cars are sold that the franchising commences.

Environmental Analysis

Competition fosters affordability. With added suppliers of similar products, come more options for a consumer. One of many ways to obtain a consumer to select one item verses another is to offer it at a lower price.

Inevitably the continuing future of automotive technology becomes today's, what's costly now will decrease in cost as technology becomes less high tech and standardized.


  • We have superior customer support.
  • Qualified mechanics.
  • Quality repair services at better value.
  • Trusted auto repairs with large customer bottom.


  • High Responsibility.
  • Risks associated with unsupervised work.
  • Possible injuries credited to equipment involved.
  • Open to lawsuits if not careful.


  • The increase in evolution of autos oftentimes resort to specific training. Repair retailers can gain an edge by staying current.
  • Hybrid and Electric vehicles are delivering new opportunities to the market.
  • Service providers can effect and gain marketing efficiencies.


  • Labor and over head costs
  • Competitiveness in the motor vehicle industry
  • Economy
  • Financial Stability

Competitive Analysis

The vehicle repair business is highly competitive. Each business in this area has high principal costs, low margins, and a high level of competitiveness. Providers have a great deal of influence in setting up and negotiating the costs of these goods and services to correct shops. This is because of the component that the suppliers who absorb the best amounts of cash from repair shops are huge car part companies. These businesses tend to be more united that the repair industry, have bottomless pockets, an almost infinite variety of clients. Subsequently, these lenders can established whatsoever price they wish to. In addition, because the clients start to see the service as undistinguishable and a "product" with slight cost separation between rivals (if they feature an appropriate level of quality) consumer ability is likewise very high. Furthermore, the expenses of services aren't economical, and clients are ready to search for the most acceptable blend of price and satisfactory service.

The barriers to entry and departure are discreetly lower in this business. Substituting costs are virtually non-existent and the costs to accessibility and exist the marketplace are low. The huge number of opponents in this field including alternatives imply that the valuing for such services are actual competitive. The only path to have a benefit in this business is a low-cost management primary applied hostilely to all or any facets of the business or to build-up customer relationships to a point where the substituting costs are raised. Even though many clients seeking to buying motor vehicle repair services come to mind with price, the primary concern has been building a link of trust between themselves and their service provider. Many people within the united states have experienced or overheard of bad service encounters in this particular business. As an individual's car is usually associated in one way or another start individual's livelihood, a reliable automobile is crucial. Consequently, countless clients are prepared to pay a slight more for a mechanic they feel ensures an excellent job and recognizes their needs. An automotive repair business that can predict, meet, and even surpass customer's needs can form an impregnable position within the marketplace and acquire market show at the expense of other opponents.

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