Background of the Amway Business Venture

"Amway was co-founded in 1959 by Jay Truck Andel and High Devos, they did the trick together in a number of small entrepreneurial projects since their teenagers whereby they found that they shared many common beliefs, interest and aspiration. Amway established fact for direct selling, and it began by expanding and providing their own products of high quality, high focused home maintenance systems. Multipurpose Liquid Organic and natural cleaner, known as L. O. C. products was the first company's product"("httl://www. amway. com").

Amway is a part of the Alticor band of companies (parent or guardian company) with headquarters in Ada, Michigan, USA. Company has extensive selection of products which reaches for some where around 450 quality of products. Amway has always been at the centre of Global market for the last 50 years hence their saying "Think Global, Action Local"

Amway is good at direct advertising where they sell their product person to person manner generally in their home or home of others or other places away from long lasting retail location whereby direct selling occur through reason or demo by salespersons normally referred as Direct Retailers. It has proven successful, with direct selling in 2007 only generating an gross annual turnover of near to 111 billion US $ worldwide.

Amway's trend has shown significant expansion from when the company was founded. In 1960s its first years sales come to an impressive US$500, 000 while the business persisted to grow in USA, where Co-founders made a decision to develop to Canada in 1962. In 1989 Amway was accepted as a corporate leader to advertise environmental understanding and education when it received the United Nations Environmental program Achievements Award.

In 1990s Amway found a remarkable international expansion. In only half of the 10 years, Amway doubled the number of its international affiliates. Annual sales maintained growing, by the end of ten years more than 3 million sales people in a few 80 countries and territories were involved in the Amway business worldwide and the retail sales come to and estimation US$5 billion. Around the world Amway affiliates extended to support their vendors with the launch of e-commerce sites that stretches the Amway Business opportunity into cyberspace. The web-based Amway business around the world, supported by the local distribution and production and warehousing facilities, has assured on time and correct order finalizing and delivery of products. Amway today still remains under the mother or father company Alticor Inc. (www. alticor. com) today Alticor has online sales of US$7. 1 billion (fiscal calendar year 2007) sales team greater than 3 million unbiased business owners and contracting agencies more than 13, 000 worldwide employees, 160 syndication centre and among other advancements.

Amway has a long-standing custom of Corporate Citizenship which because the company began has been an important goal. Amway is subjected to different laws in several countries and Amway will go beyond mere compliance with suitable legal requirements and always places importance on keeping the highest ethical standards. This is ensured through; dealing with employees with anticipated respect, maintaining a relationship with Amway Business Owners, which is dependant on trust and partnership, ensuring trustful relationship with customers, providing high quality products, looking after the environment through the conservation of resources committing themselves to the wider community.

Social Responsibility since the founding days has always been an integral part of the company using its Global One at a time campaign, Amway needs to provide children with an opportunity to live an improved life, and to achieve this goal the company helps various jobs promoting education and health as well as ethnic progress among children in more than 50 countries. .

Amway have prevailed because of their clear eyesight of the business enterprise, it has formulated strategies which includes helped them achieve their goals and objective and also assist them in getting together with their stakeholders needs and promoting corporate and business sociable responsibility in a worldwide way and also performing in an moral way, all these drives have enabled them in becoming one of the very most successful direct selling company on the globe.

Cited on (www. amway. co. uk)



It is important for any organisation to have a long term plan to be able to achieve their aim. "Hence strategy can be explained as long term aims and general means by which an organisation/business intends to accomplish them, it can be an part of management that is concerned with general course and long term policy of the business as specific from short term techniques and day-today procedures" (Karami, 2007) matching to one American "Business historian, he defined strategy as the determination of the essential permanent goals and objectives of an organization, and the adaptation of causes of action and the allocation of resources to carry out those goals" (Chandler, 1962).

"Strategy as both position and point of view can be appropriate for strategy as plan and or structure although these explanations can be involved more than simply stating what a strategy is, with regards to these meanings Johnson and Scholes" (1993) describe the strategy as concerned with: Full range of your organisation's activities

Strategic Management: "Mainly Strategies are created and created for the whole organisation by senior professionals therefore managing strategy should begin from the very best to bottom level. Effective strategies require conversation and communication. Proper management targets integrating managerial abilities and techniques such as; marketing, financial/accounting, human resource management, development management, research development to accomplish organizational success. " (David 1995).

Corporate Strategy: organisations should be able to sustain competitive benefits in a discrete and identifiable market, It is the way an organization creates value through the configuration and co ordination of its multimarket activities. When each one of these are carefully managed then the company is able to achieve its competitive or corporate advantage. Commercial strategy involves the next; eye-sight which is the ambitious aspiration of the company, for example; Amway's CSR global strategic eye-sight is to make life better for children, Goals and Targets; short and medium-term quantitative focuses on e. g. Amway elevating funds for good causes, resource; they are skills resources and functions of the firm, business; this is the industry by which the firm works, Amway sells health insurance and beauty products and it has prolonged its product stock portfolio to household. "Structure; the way the corporation is divided into discrete systems Systems; set of formal procedures and daily habit and Processes; casual elements of the organizational activities. " (Bower, 1970).

Corporate Advantage results from a harmonious combo of the aforementioned elements which work together to create value of the business.

The Strategic Planning Process

The top down model which has a framework of top down is implemented my a number of big companies in the entire year 1970. According to this model the procedure in which strategic planning takes place became deliberate which involves advanced managements who constructs the business strategy and additional they push is over to company for execution. (Nolan 1993).

. The next is a flowchart model of this process







Situation Analysis



Strategy Formulation







Organizational Mission

The objective of the business is basically reason of it's presence. Mission is normally presented in the proper execution mission affirmation, which mainly talks about the reasons for worker and work also the companies market image to customer. Along the way of proper formulation, this declaration determines where company essentially wants to move.

Organizational Objectives

Objectives are set targets that the business wants to reach, generally in conditions of most of organization it's generating profit. The aims is actually challenging but should be reachable. The target is countable enough for company as it could keep a trail on it's improvement and also areas in which improvement needed.

Organizational Situation Analysis

Once organization has made the decision its goal, it starts with its existing situation to produce a strategic plan to reach those goals. Modification in the encompassing environment normally creates new opportunities and new ways to reach the targets. An environmental scan is performed to identify the available opportunities. The organization should know its own merits and demerits in order to choose the scope that it can follow with a far more chances of success.

"The external surrounding contain two aspects: the macro-environment which generally has impacts on all companies and a micro-environment that influences only the firms in a particular industry. The macro-environmental analysis consist of political, economic, communal, and scientific factors and sometimes is considered as a PEST evaluation. " ( Ansoff, 1987)

"The situation evaluation can produce large amount of data, which is not mainly related to strategy building. To generate the info and make it more controllable, it sometimes is beneficial to separate the internal factors of the company as talents and weaknesses, and the external environmental factors as opportunities and risks. Such an research often is referred to as a SWOT evaluation. "( Brooksbank, 1996)

http://www. marketingteacher. com/Lessons/lesson_swot. htm

Organizational Strategy Formulation

Once a clear image of the business and its surrounding has been you, particular proper alternatives can be produced. While multiple company having multiple options differing from other situation. Michael Porter "identified cost command, differentiation, and target as three common strategies which may be considered when determining strategic alternatives. Porter recommended against employing a combination of those strategies for confirmed product; rather, he argued that only 1 of the generic strategy alternatives should be pursued". ( MIcheal Porter, 2004)

Organizational tactical Implementation

The strategies are usually shown in top-level specific conditions and priorities. The life of strategy in practical regulations mainly highlights all the subject areas that are not easily obvious or even accessible at higher-level. Generally the strategy are shifted to particular plans in functional website like Marketing, R & D, Procurement, Production, Human resources, Information systems. The one of the important task involved in this technique is identifying all the available resources and then further planning them at right place in the company.

Organizational Control

After any strategy being carried out then further ahead at each stage the strategy gets assessed and recalculated in order to make changes at the mercy of requirement.

The special control system is normally being facilitate to provide for this. Performance is normally standardized to particular level and every individual performance is cross checked to ensure the success of the objective. The whole process and the end result of success generally can be seen via tools such as Dashboard etc


Stakeholders is normally a " person, group or company which has immediate or indirect talk about within an cmpany. The concept stakeholder was developed by R. Edward Freeman in time 1980. They could be either external or internal to the company. There are various types of stakeholders which is often one of the following

Employees, Areas, Shareholders, Investors, Federal, Suppliers, Labour Unions, Federal regulatory Businesses, Industry Trade Groupings, Professional Associates, NGOs, Potential employees, Prospective customers, Local communities, National Communities, Community (Community), and Challengers.

Further more interior stakeholders are the ones who are usually a 'people' of the business organisation plus they can also including Owners and shareholders, professionals, staff and employees

Mainly External stakeholders are not considered as a part of the company; while few teams has both interior and exterior stakeholders. Such as personnel or shareholders who are also local residents. Also Alternative stakeholders present outside the company but has a primary desire for what it does.

All stakeholders aren't essentially equivalent and have entitlement to different things to consider. First is to determine who exactly your stakeholders are.

Communication of Strategy With stake holders

"Amway have an array of stake holders, whereby each one of them have fascination with the company. They are as follow: Global head office Amway Europe; they are simply considering the progress of the business and want to start to see the CSR strategy matches with the company strategy all together. Amway regularly communicates with them through magazines and updating their sites regularly. ABOs; the key interest is the fact they want to start to see the company" (Amway UK) being truly a responsible caring corporation at the same time as assisting them earn some money. Communication is through in person i. e. regular meetings example in 2005 they arranged a joint briefing for ABO leaders, imprinted materials and E-mail Customers; they can be more thinking about good quality products which meet their needs as well to be productive. Normally Amway uses immediate selling because of their product which is door to door hence they are able to meet them in person. Staff; it is at interest of any staff in a business to be employed by an organization which does the right thing and which will make them feel safe at work place, this may be in terms of having good trained in place among other needs. Main approach to communication is in person either using their professionals etc.

AMWAYS Business Strategy

Amway being truly a global direct sales company, works together with around three million ABOs in over 80 countries. These ABOs form the links with consumers and the neighborhoods in which they operate by offering and retailing them a wide range of Amway's own top quality products. ABOs are stakeholders in Amway.

Amway producers and then distributes a range of their branded products to the ABOs worldwide, the normal products that ABOs sell include: Skincare and makeup products, Personal good care, e. g. ; fragrances, body health care, etc, Clothing and shoes, Cookware, Drinking water treatment systems and Nutrition and wellness products such as dietary supplements, food and beverages.

The ABOs are one-man shop and are highly encouraged people, hence the Amway's support in allowing visitors to have their own businesses. The ABOs operate their business individually as smaller businesses and develop direct supply channels and sell the products to the people who they know or meet. In addition they present others to the Amway business, this chain is shown in a simple diagram on the next page

Source: www. thetimes100. co. uk

The ABOs work to Amway's rules of do and code of Ethics, that are about being genuine and sensible in trading, Amway places strong focus on the ABOs being that they are more able to focus on specific customers and their needs, hence portion them better and building sustained relations with them. They work in a self regulatory environment, and really should also have a flexible approach to business. However as stated earlier they hint a contract to work within Amway's rules of conduct and code of Ethics, since they are the final and the most influential contact with the finish consumers in the source chain, and if they do not operate within the set rules it could bring a negative impression on the company.


Base on our conclusions we have been able to find out how Amway have been successful in doing their business. Amway have been able to succeed in developing a huge selection of product they sell through direct advertising, though they engage in direct selling method they have got few retail outlet whereby customers can buy their products. Stakeholders are essential area of the business today and their contribution condition the success of the business all together, clearly Amway means that by meeting their needs by any means areas of their business.

Today many businesses need to have a Strategy just how they actually their business it is important because it reinforces the durability between the companies and the stakeholders most importantly. Amway take this aspect seriously in the manner they are doing their business and tries to be honest in what they do especially when they are simply conducting business in different countries it's important to respect guidelines and regulation of each country. Good communication is important in any business today, either internally or externally, Amway have strategic communication in place and this enables them to have the ability to do business plus they continue steadily to improve on the communication through innovation and development of software and communication networks. All this have helped to condition Amway and empowered these to be one of the better Organization Globally today.

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