Basic personality associated with an individual

It's very important for an individual to learn about his personality. "Personality has been defined as "an individual's characteristic habits of thought, feeling, and behaviour, together with the emotional mechanisms--hidden or not--behind those patterns". No two people could possibly be the same they fluctuate at any point even the twin's own different personality behavior. Over amount of research evaluation it was discovered that the personality depends upon the Heredity, Environment and Situation of the average person. (Robbins & Judge, 2009)

I haven't thought of what my personality is, so after i was asked to create an essay on what my personality was it was only a great task for me personally to authoring my personality. Later by making use of Prentice Hall's Self Assessment Collection i came to know a little about my personality. At first it appeared to be a standard one for me to attend the test but later after viewing the results possessed me to use the test seriously and was involved in the test to find my personality. So by using this Self Evaluation test, this article will be talking about my personality behavior and the matter that encourage me in the work environment.

My basic personality: Emotional stability, Extroversion, Agreeableness, Conscientiousness and openness to see. These are called as Big Five models of personality (Robbins & Judge, 2009). Emotions are the extreme feelings that are directed at someone are something. I am always enthusiastic person but becoming a calm person by and by. I usually lose my calmness easily but by doing some personality development classes I've started being a calm person and enthusiastic person. Whenever a work is given to me and if it's capable of me to work i do it with eagerness and finish off it. I am someone who thinks that the responsibility is achieved and cannot be taken. It really is us who are in charge of ones future and about stability to state I be based upon many options like my friends, elders during some activities. As I used to like in the personal campus from my schooling so in the starting days i used to be an introvert person being by itself and used to talk to only few persons but by and by as enough time passes I improved myself into an extrovert person and began getting together with other persons and like the company of others. I am also not an openness person because comfortableness is situated in the ones that happen to be familiar if you ask me as opposed to the ones that aren't familiar if you ask me.

Jungian 16-Type Personality: This test instructs that my score final result is ENTP which means i am a forward thinking, individualistic, flexible and entrepreneurial. I've an idea of building an exclusive business for income and also like to face hazards and take problems it was easy forme to adopt to the surrounding and I am an person who does not prefer to be self-employed and prefer to be considered a fellow person in a group rather than some person in an organization.

Am I a Type-A? : With this personality test i achieved A+ personality type. I believe that it demonstrates only a few of my qualities like that extreme, moving, walking, eating swiftly and the impatient quality and job satisfaction in workout and really on acceleration. As of doing work i don't like to do both things at a time but rather like focusing on each thing and like to workout in groups I can't stand to wok on permanent results but rather like to focus on fast yielding results. .

Ambiguity: Ambiguity identifies the term doubtfulness or doubt. This is interacted as the uncertainty in the behaviour of the individual seen at different situations. (Ritov and Droary, 1996)

I do agree with the test partly as it shows my personality because i tend to be more comfortable in front of the known people rather than the ones whom i have no idea. I like the items going in the same way rather than changing immediately. But that one is exercised to be only beyond your firm but within the organization the result displays my personality. So for me the result shows my personality in the task place or a business because I like to work in a group if i am uncertain of what i am i cannot be friendly to the other people. So by this I cannot say that i could handle ambiguity depending on circumstances around me.

Creativity: Ingenuity is one of the finest ability to make it through in today's world. "Roger von Oech - Creative thinking requires imagining familiar things in a new light, digging below the surface to find recently undetected patterns, and finding connections among unrelated phenomena. " I am not an creative person but was good at studies and score good percentage but the creative capacity is very less in me. During my group presentation I could find the things that are available only but could not produce anything new which my fellow mates could produce on a specific idea. Hence i could judge to myself which i am low at creative thinking "Being creative is viewing the same thing as every person else but thinking about different things"

All the five assessments test discussed above are about my personality now we will discuss about things that motivate me and there insights.

The first test is about what Motivates Me? Drive means "The procedure that accounts for an individual's depth, direction, and persistence of effort toward attaining a goal". (Robbins & Judge, 2009: 175). The main element elements in determination are Intensity, Direction, Persistence. For the test the examination was made on the Development, relatedness and Presence needs. I prefer to get an loyal purchase the work done that was done me alternatively than changing with the unbalanced pay if you are paid in line with the work this would motivate you and cause you to to work hard. It had been during my job as a marketing sales professional where my manager called everyone up and said he'd be presenting an bonus payment for the ones who makes more sales for every 90 days, this announce by the manager has made everyone to work hard and it helped everyone on both attributes.

Dominant Needs: The dominant test was carried out on four sociable needs Success, Affiliation, Autonomy, Power. I agree with the test end result because i am so much concentrated to excel in my own studies within my under graduation time because of my inability in a unit, so through the next exam I considered to improve myself and perform better than the past effect and achieved it and the similar one is being following in my life like doing the things with comparing the past results. Even the companies take days gone by result into consideration and plan today's strategy. The other communal needs remain satisfactory for me personally.

On the test consequence of what i value most? It Is a very good test question for me because it shows almost all of my ideas in doing or choosing an job at an organization. As of the effect shows my ideas of an ideal job whether it is a good pay, exclusive title, vacation time, security in job, recognition, interesting work, plesent working conditions friendly co-workers but i scored quite lower in the flexible routine which says that i love to work within an designed schedule somewhat than regular changes.

The next test is What's my view on the nature of people? This test final result was predicated on the Douglas McGregor's Theory X and Theory Y. It is stated by the Douglas McGregor's that the individual with Theory X own to be sluggish, disinterest in working while the Theory Y is quite contradictory to Theory X. Folks with Theory Y have a tendency to work interestingly and are extremely accountable in their work. Predicated on the scores of the effect the personality of a person is divided evenly. Based on the assessment test final result I am versatile in the selection of my senses. An example because of this can be during the group creation of a specific device. Each and everyone are new for me and I have no idea of their knowledge, personality and behavior. Few of them looked to be smart, not lively, sluggish and thought I put fallen within an unexpected group and also have decided to try my fortune in the group but as the timed transferred by the group was more friendly and everyone are quite different from what I judged.

The next test is on the course performance goals? The test is actually trying to check our reasons to study and whether it's an goal oriented study course work or not. I have come to Australia from India for doing my Post graduation in Telecom and Business Management. As I wish to explore my knowledge internationally and three would be no sense if I attended here without the goal and waste my money. I have done my Under graduation in India and as have a goal of establishing an business and thought to build that business in Australia. So thought to do my post Graduation in Australia which help me in a couple of things like getting to know the Australian culture and can also be finding a study degree.

The next question is about how confident am i in my own Abilities to achieve success? Without self-confidence and hard work reaching goals is not easy. Robbins and Judge (2009) expresses that self-efficacy refers to an individual's idea that he / she is with the capacity of performing an activity. An example for this can be the recent job which i had got in an software company. My role is to call the clients and remind them to make their remarkable balances, initially when i began making calls i got so much shocked by the reactions of the customers and since it a new challenge for me personally to contend i thought to withdrew from the work by the response of the clients however the team leader helped me in rising my confidence and from then on the job was not as it is before.

The next test is about my Attitude toward Accomplishment: this test assists with understanding the result of the average person on the success of others. The scores notify me which i favour very less finding the successful people fall. An example because of this could possibly be the present fall of Indian originated MNC company SATYAM. The chairman of the company had worked hard to build-up the business but he previously been cheating the business share holders from previous few years exhibiting fake total annual results of the company. I do also prefer to see the successful people being rewarded. An example because of this can be the Problem of Oscar award to the Indian Musician A. R. Rahman.

I like to get paid for what i do and be prepared to be given the same importance as other who do the same are I really do. In a short and easy to say i expect the outcomes to be exactly like the incomes of which i keep. The assessment result says my personality as the equity sensitivities which can be an reflection image of my quality and idea.

The job motivation potential is calculated depending on factors of skills, task identity, task significance, Autonomy and Opinions. I like to work in employment where there is variety, less contribution moderate autonomy and a regular feedback for my work. Within my job as an call centre operator i used to have variety tasks to complete and my contribution would be less for the company and used to obtain a constant feedback for each call I discuss.

Do I want an Enriched job? Everyone prefer to have a enriched job. "job enrichment strategies might not have the same effects in more collectivistic civilizations than they do in individualistic civilizations" (Robbins and Judge, 2009: 237). The result shows that i like have employment with creativity, security, friendly employees and my potential to excel.

It would be wonderful thing to summarise my article in few lines. With the help of this article it managed for me to know my personality and desire. My personality is an emotional balance one with a less creative knowledge and stress based and also have ambiguity quality and need to lessen this. On for those that motivates me will be the within my job is the good pay for the work, friendly environment, capacity to do, security in the work, mindset of people, aim oriented and the attitude towards the success and the level of confidence in achieving the target.

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