Bharti AIRTEL Case Study

Bharti Airtel is a open public limited company commonly known as AIRTEL. it is a Indian telecom company which happens to be functioning its business across south Asia, Africa and channel islands, additionally it is in to the GSM providing business in all the countries including 2G&3G services. Due to its procedures in 19 countries, Airtel is currently the 5th most significant telecom operator on earth with over207. 8 million users at the end of 2010. It is the largest cellular service agency in India with over153 million members, behind china mobile and china Unicom Airtel is the 3rd greatest operator by subscriber base.

TYPE - public

INDUSTRY - telecommunication


FOUNDER - Sunil Bharti mittal


AREA SERVED - South Asia, Africa, Channel Island

SERVICES - Mobile network




Satellite television

REVENUE - 9. 290 billion

OPERATING INCOME - 2. 313 billion

PROFITS - 2. 079 billion

TOATAL ASSESTS - 15. 527 billion

TOTAL EQUITY - 9. 491 billion

EMPLOYEES - 24, 501

PARENT - Bharti Business (63. 45%)

SingTel (32. 15%)

Vodafone (4. 4%)

WEBSITE - airtel. com


Sunil Bharti Mittal

Manoj Kohli Joint

Akhil Gupta

Chua Sock Koong

Tan Yong Choo

Nikesh Arora

Pulak Chandan Prasad

Lord Evan Mervyn Davies

H. E. Dr Salim Ahmad Salim

Tsun-yan Hsieh

Rajan Bharti Mittal

Rakesh Bharti Mittal

Craig Ehrlich

Ajay Lal

Bashir Abdulla Currimjee

Mauro Sentinelli

N. Kumar

H. R Insurance policies OF ORGANIZATION

Strategic human management means formulating and performing human resource insurance policies and techniques of the business that produce the staff competencies and behaviours the company needs to achieve its proper aims. The tactical plan indicates certain workforce requirement, in terms of employee skills, features, and behaviours that HR must deliver to allow the business to achieve its proper goals.


In Airtel you are an at will employee, this mean you are working in your own will without any push or pressure, before you join the business you must sign conditions and condition agreement that will point out corporate and business governance of the company that must be accompanied by all employees, in violation of the arrangement, it can result in termination of the employment.

Employees must report to their superior and maintain disciplinary work.

All employees will be paid monthly by cheque treatment.

In circumstance of leave employees must draft an in depth application mentioning the reason behind leave.

Lunch break of just one 1 hr will be provided

Camera monitoring will be achieved to check on the good work of the employee.


A Plan under which employee gets advertising in the business which is a pay back for excellent performance.

Generally to qualify for promotion a employee must have successfully completed 6 months of employment in Airtel.

Internal request process has been carried out and previous documents are checked and performance is analysed.

Further written ensure that you interviews are done for advertising process.


The internal relationship between different careers and salary helps the firm to decide its wage framework.

60% of Employees in Airtel are on changing pay structure this means these are paid according to their work done.

At AIRTEL strong purchase performance culture maintains the internal collateral.

AIRTEL take into consideration factors such as performance and maintaining internal collateral to ensure people at same level (in the business hierarchy) and same performance are paid at the same level.


Motivation is an effective tool for uplifting the labor force and creating self-assurance on the list of employees.

The work force will be satisfied if management provides them with opportunities to fulfil their physiological and emotional needs. The workers will cooperate voluntarily with management and can contribute maximum to organizational goal.

The rates of labour turnover and absenteeism among staff will be low.

There will be good individual relations in the organisation as friction among the workers themselves and between your employees and management will decrease.

AIRTEL always encourages motivation by rewarding the talent through a TOTAL REWARDS Methodology, performance bonuses, assured cash and also stock option.

Tremendous growth in job opportunities makes life at AIRTEL exciting and motivating towards performance.

Motivation tools like on job grooming, involvement in key projects, monitoring programs and visibility across various businesses, AIRTEL offers all its employees, assured job satisfaction producing a Total Employee Proposition.

Family friendly work options: Adaptable time system, telecommuting, part time options.

Maternity/ post natal benefits: 12 weeks maternity leave, leave extendable up to 6 months, flexi work location, flexi /part time options.

Revised sabbatical insurance policy: Permits time off for enhancing education up to 1 1 year & personal exigencies limited by half yearly


Travel policy revision: Includes two additional safeness norms for females employees.

Employee referral insurance policy: Enhanced financial benefits for referring women employees across all levels.

Mentoring program: Initiated for high potential middle management women employees - mentoring by senior women supervisor.


All employees have to submit a medical certificate talking about the physical and mental fitness.

Regular medical check up promotion is done by the AIRTEL group.

Suppliers coping with Bharti Airtel shall comply and abide by all laws, polices and rules on environment, health and safety.

Suppliers will ensure that new service offerings as well as new product designs are in compliance with the relevant environmental regulation and guidelines, during implementation at Bharti Airtel.


Vast pool of real human resource time to time improved in terms of management and technological skills through various outsourced and in house training & development activities such as process and task management skills and technological skills.

By providing world class resources and blended efforts by AIRTEL many employees are being trained and developed to become future market leaders.

The company's HR is continuously working on introducing various initiatives like on job training, apprenticeship training, designed learning, simulated development, computer platform training.

AIRTEL also believes in internet based training which includes



Development effort by the business is aimed by job rotation in which a management trainee moves department to department for overall learning in organisation.

Case research method is also implemented by AIRTEL.

Outside training seminars are organized for both employees and employer.

(b) Identify any 3 Careers (one each at Entry Level, Midsection Level and Mature Level) within that chosen company.

Entry level- sales executive (broadband)

Middle level- Area administrator (sales)

Senior level- Standard Manager (new business development)


Job description- A set of a job's tasks, responsibilities, reporting romantic relationship, working conditions, and supervisory duties.

Job requirements- A set of a job's individual requirements, that is, the essential education, skills, personality, etc.

Job description

Sales professional- main aim is to sell broadband links to the multinational corporation.

Cultivate new broadband customers.

Briefing the new product regarding broadband to customer

Field survey to assemble new demand preference in the market

Job specification

Experience - 1 to 2 2 years

Location - Ncr/ Delhi

Compensation : Rupees 65000 - 1, 22, 000

Education: UG GRADUATE, ANY Specialty area, PGDM in any area

Industry Type: Retail

Role: Sales Exec. /Officer

Functional Area: Sales,

Job description

Area administrator- Achieve targeted net gives for many products (voice - pre-paid/post-paid, data, VAS etc), guaranteeing quality, across all available sales programs (Syndication, Retail) / CS in the region office

Achieve route infrastructure enhancement goals.

Achieve revenue & sales aim for - across all products and programs of organisation

Manage changes in, business, trends, people to ensure quality satisfaction with continuity and simple operations

Coaching, monitoring, mentoring and retention of team member

Job specification

Experience: 9 - 12 Years

Location Ncr / delhi

Education UG - Graduate - Any Specialty area - PG Course - good communication skills

Industry Type: Telecom/ISP

Role: Area Manager

Functional Area: Sales,

Job description

General manager- To formulate new business development strategies & identifying new business opportunities.

To take care of the IT sector within the business.

Mange the corporate affairs with other multinational corporation

Building strong connections with business associates.

Strategy and Implementation of most Business SLA's & Managing consumer SLAs for operations

Transition management& profile growth

Cross-functional collaboration to enhance performance& advanced strategies.

Workflow Management, Hiring support& capacity planning

Setting-up and taking care of operational practices

Identify opportunity areas and put into action the process for additional improved strategies

Job specification

Experience: 14 - 20 Years

Location: NCR/ delhi

Education: UG - Graduate - Any Specialization - PGDM/MBA - Any specialty area, excellent communication skills

Industry Type: telecom

Role: Head//GM-Operations

Functional Area: IT, research & development.




In AIRTEL existing opening are checked and accordingly position method are being completed matching candidates account and market.


Matching of the account is done by the company with respect to its requirements and needs.


An aptitude test is required for the work of front range sales.

For considering the middle and mature level job occupational personality questionnaire done.


Airtel calls for 1-3 rounds of interview process.


In circumstance of last selection qualifications are being confirmed by the business before joining of the applicant. Following this process final session letter is being offered with company's terms & condition memo, that every employee must sign.



Performance and pay policy

Incentive pay scheme- professionals often use two terms synonymously incentive arrange for the employees, that does apply to sales over the mark achieved.

As discussed earlier 60% of the AIRTEL employees are on varying pay that ties to pay to output or profitability in a single time lump amount.

Merit pay such as incentive is normally done by the company for excellent performance by worker in last term of his/her employment

AIRTEL also provides NON- MONETARY incentives which includes

Employee recognition

Gift certificates

Special events

Merchandise incentives

Free training programs

Commission plan


Benefits are indirect financial and non financial repayments employees acquire for carrying on their career. They include things like health and life insurance coverage, pensions, time off with pay, and child treatment assistance.


Life and medical health insurance for family and dependents

Housing, subsidiary on casing loans subsidiary, conveyance allowance, telephone and entertainment allowance, recreational benefits like health night clubs and hobby classes, delicate loans for asset building.

Different types of leaves like study leave, extraordinary leave.

Executive perquisites like chauffeur powered car, petrol allowance, and family holiday seasons.

Pay for time not worked - benefits for time not proved helpful such as unemployment insurance, vacation, and trip pay, and unwell pay.



For effective training five steps are followed

The first, or needs analysis step, recognizes the precise job performance skills needed, assesses the prospective trainees skilled and develops specific, measurable knowledge and performance aim predicated on any deficiencies.

In the second step instructional design, you decide on, compile, and produce working out program content, including workbooks, exercise and activities.

There may be a third validation step, where the bugs are exercised of working out program by presenting it to a tiny representative audience.

The fourth step is to put into action this program, by real training the targeted worker group.

Fifth is the analysis step, I which management assesses the program's successes or failures.


On job training - means using a person learn employment actually carrying it out. Every staff from mailroom clerk to CEO gets on job training when she or he joins the company.

Informal learning - after having a review done by AIRTEL it was uncovered that 80% of the employees learn on the job they learn not through formal training program but through casual means, including undertaking their jobs on a regular basis in collaboration using their colleagues.

Job instruction training curriculum takes place on a monthly basis in AIRTEL where logical collection of steps are best taught step by step.

On quarterly basis programmed learning is accompanied by AIRTEL in which self learning methods that consist of

Presenting questions, facts, or problems to learner

Allowing the person to respond

Providing responses on the accuracy and reliability of answers.


Computer foundation training

Internet based mostly training

Organizing virtual classroom

Research method

Case analysis methods

University-related programs

Role playing

Behaviour modelling

In house development centre


Performance management- an activity that consolidates goal setting, performance appraisal, and development into a single, common system, the aim of which is to ensure that the employee's performance is assisting the company's tactical aim.

In AIRTEL performance management system is by the process of planning, monitoring, growing, score, and rewarding.

AIRTEL also focuses on its key final result areas (KRA) for better management.

AIRTEL performance appraisal include

Informal review

Formal review


Appraisal review and



Bharti AIRTEL does exceptionally well in recent times it is expected with same quality services in the present scenario it'll overtake china Unicom in couple of years making it the earth leader in telecommunication. Going into in African and Route Island indicates it desire for expansion and also to become internationally known company, with the same pace it might also enter in other continent to increase its global market talk about.

Good relations with business & support associates like Ericsson, Siemens systems and IBM makes its outsourcing quit well

Company's income and assets are increasing good rate, it is expected in 12 months 2020 it'll mix 3. 09 billion turnovers.

AIRTEL strong HR plans help in maintaining its commercial governance composition.

AIRTEL can enter into the mobile market in India as demand is at its top.

Better customer plans & support services would make AIRTEL to capture the rival market.

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