BMW Research: SWOT


The research I conducted because of this report was mainly based upon information on the company's website and other resources which related to my research. The options I used because of this research were reliable sites and currently dated. Most of the information I found was biased towards the business and didn't have enough home elevators the topics I had been researching. The info found was ideas of marketers for the business and not facts. Another concern was the authors of the information were not known of and no information was provided about them, making the resources incredible. Here are the advantages, weaknesses, opportunities and risks for the business I researched which includes been located into a swot evaluation graph.

EXECUTIVE Conclusion

The company picked for this task is Bavarian Motor unit Works, normally known as BMW. On this report includes a swot evaluation (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and risks). Other aspects explored were product portfolio, market shares, success of the company, and occupation. Since BMW produces high end vehicles and motorcycles, it's important for the clients to view these aspects of the company. Many of these aspects are important in appealing to a worldwide market. I have subjected four major advantages, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

In 1916 the business was founded as Bayerische Flugzeug-Werke by Otto Werke, and then later became Bayerische Motoren Werke. They prospered through the first World Conflict making aircraft motors in Munich, Germany. It wasn't until 1945 that they began producing cars for the Soviet occupiers. Their first motorbike was completed in 1947 and was soon ready for export in 1950. Using the growth of the growing company it built more vegetation with the most significant being in Dingolfing, Germany. In 1970 Herbert Quandt made it not just a Western european company but widened it to a global company. Throughout the 80's and 90's they not only expanded factory smart but also with services. They attained the Rolls Royce Company which is another top quality car and also Minuscule Cooper to appeal to the low end consumers. BMW started in 1916 as a small business and now it has grown to one of the most recognized car company's around the world.



1) Well-known and a strong brand internationally.

2) High Budget.

3) Highly skilled labour.

4) Advertising.


1) Research and Development.

2) High prices.

3) BMW is a well-known company with a high position branding.

4) Customer needs.


1) Invention and Alliances.

2) Diversification.

3) New Technology.

4) New Collection.


1) Chinese Manufacturers.

2) Rising FUEL COSTS.

3) Mercedes and Audi.

4) Recession.



BMW is a well-known company with a higher status branding that has a very high reputation factor.

BMW has advertised their vehicles to consumers through marketing and film industry greatly over the years showing that their automobiles are built for all classes.

Another Strength is that they have high budget to get which pays for labour, services, or product research. Which means that BMW is a profitable company that has enough money to invest.

they likewise have very skilled labour, as BMW is a big company they want skilled labour to make their products because BMW is a branded company, if the labour is poor the products will be cheap plus they can loose customers. To make customers they need to invest more. The greater they invest, more they make income.


Developing new models, is it well worth it. Each day BMW is trying to produce and develop new automobiles to satisfy the shoppers. In the long run, who actually understands if these cars will be a big strike. The company may be wasting their money and time in producing a model that won't be worthwhile. When expanding and producing cars it is important to work through whether or not the car will become the one that is popular on the market.

Another weakness of the BMW industry gets the customers to buy these vehicles. Hybrid vehicles can save you fuel, but it will be so expensive that it could be hard trying to find customers to get them at such a higher price. Another reason the price tag on the automobile is so high is because they are shipped across the United States and also result from a manufacturer in Germany. The expenditures of the vehicles and the shipment rate are what make BMW's vehicles so expensive.

BMW having created such a higher status of the brand they can not afford to get any downfalls this will ruin the brand which has developed through the years to be always a brand that ensures customers their obtaining quality and perfection because of their money.

BMW has had a tansy to create vehicles with complicated and rather troubling end user interfaces in their autos in comparison to their competitors who go for a more simplistic and user friendly environment in their autos.


BMW has a great possibility to increase its success by invention and alliances. BMW has a great record of alliances such as its purchase of Rolls Royce which don't only produce the world's finest autos but is also the biggest maker of aeroplane machines. On the advancement area BMW has a link up with alpine amongst others to style and change their cars to make it more appealing to their customers.

A brand motivated by entrepreneur in Europe to sheiks in Dubai. BMW is definitely a diverse brand; this variety offers BMW the opportunity to sell its autos to people around the globe which makes it one of the very most famous brands.

BMW was the first company to set-up X drive which improves steadiness and efficiency whilst traveling. Customers who look for any such thing shall only be capable of geting it from BMW as they are the only ones that your technology. Such technology offers BMW the opportunity to be at the front end line of technology in the motor vehicle industry now with hybrids a great demand nowadays BMW being the first ever to develop this technology before its competition.

BMW comes with an opportunity of producing services i. e. they to push out a new type of autos that can aim for different markets segments including the lower school o providing they luxury with their alliances in their cars providing their customers more then what they ask for.


Chinese car companies pose the biggest threat nowadays to BMW. Chinese language car producers are producing automobiles identical to BMW with much better technology and a lot lower pricing with their customers.

The climb in fuel costs has a great impact to BMW's performance line of cars, compared to other performance cars in the same series as BMW, BMW's car are known to be a great deal higher in use of gas.

BMW's competition are their biggest threat. BMW, Mercedes and Audi have always been in competition producing similar vehicles throughout their background, BMW is definitely on the top but in recent years Mercedes and Audi have produced automobiles with greater design, technology and cost of operating.

The downturn has triggered car companies to spend less and reduce their labour drive this could lead to a downfall in BMW's quality and sales. The release of new models during the recession would have a great effect on the huge ventures on research and lower income.


They are certain places where BMW comes behind its competitors. The advice on bettering these downfalls are as follow

BMW has to discover a way to reduce prices, especially in these difficult times. BMW's very best competitors Mercedes and Audi are all either cheaper or on par with BMW. Audi is comparably cheaper than BMW while Mercedes is on par with BMW on prices but taking into consideration the user software of Mercedes the purchase price is justified. BMW should look back again at into their design stages and find a means of reducing costs without reducing on quality in order to own better priced automobiles and stay prior to the competition.

BMW's end user interfaces are incredibly complicated. It as though it had not been built for everyone. BMW needs to give this serious account as even though their vehicles drive and feel great. It really is their i-drive system that lacks. Using ideas from other subsidiaries such as Rolls Royce, BMW can apply a similar user interface to their cars without additional cost thus making their customers happy and overcoming the condition.

The current environment requires greener more energy efficient cars, BMW even though having the technology and having spent massive amount money on this area have didn't put into action their research with their production lines.


This report in essence lets you know about BMW's SWOT examination. SWOT evaluation means Talents, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Hazards. BMW's main Durability is their brand name, high budget, their highly skilled labour and advertising. Weaknesses are their high rates to their cars; for this reason the competition can have an advantage. BMW has generated a higher expectation placing them in the limelight. If one of the products loses its brand image then the entire group can lose its brand image. They have got few Opportunities such as that they can merge with other international companies and promote their products. They can enter a fresh market providing low end cars. BMW's risks are Chinese car manufactures producing similar vehicles. Being truly a company of such high calibre such manufactures should not be a danger to them plus they can ensure their customers with their product.

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