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Online Shopping Mall

This report presents the feasibility study for developing the online shopping mall for UK shops and customers. The idea was generated by looking at the staggering expansion of the internet user and online shopping specially in UK with a record 12. 8 billion pound online deal this past year.

This article analysis the necessity for online retail center as it offers a big possibility to those people who have less technological skills in developing the retail websites on the internet for themselves and these hosting sites can help them do the online business with les supervision for a fee only.

The statement is split into nine sections beginning with the explanation of what are online retail center and its own importance in todays competitive business community along with the emphasis on how technology helps business to grow.

Types of technology available for developing online retail center are also discussed. For backend development MySQL 5. 0 data source is used. On prominent end JSP will be utilized to develop the script as its easy to learn as well as more versatile.

The basic cost engaged is for hiring the space on ISP servers, the purchase of website name, the subscription with the search engines (web directories) and the main advertisement to generate traffic for the online shopping mall.

In the end a detailed job plan on the basis of time and activities is explained in context of the feasibility of online retail center from data study till development of the website and maintenance.

Aims and Objectives


The goal of this research is to provide a formal statement and a ability point demonstration on the feasibility of developing the online shopping mall for UK customers and retailers.


The objective of the feasibility article is to:

  • Provide about the background, importance and development of the online shopping mall in UK.
  • Preparing a feasibility article by providing the info regarding site development, technology available and cost involved
  • Prepare the task plan and
  • Prepare a four minute electricity point demonstration to explain the feasibility of online shopping mall.

1. Introduction

1. 1 Idea of Online Shopping Mall

The idea of online retail center originates from e-commerce. E commerce is in practice in most of the developed countries of the world such as USA, UK, and European countries etc where shopping strategy is changing from physical purchase to digital buying. This sort of business is extremely popular among the shops that are buying boost in their deal by offering customers new channels or mediums to make a purchase. In this manner not only the client has more options but companies also enjoy an increase in their deal scheduled to increased online wall plug.

Even following the huge success of ecommerce there was a large group of business who either realized how to do e-commerce or these were unable to deal with the supervision of such specialized field which required a lot of web knowledge. This produces a need of a place where these shops can start their online business but with no hassle.

Online retail center is basically the by product of e-commerce. The theory is to supply the easiest platform to these shops that can do web business without the trouble or risk. Its a niche site where any retail store can get registered and have a space and all of those other administration will be achieved by the coordinator of that online mall. Not just that but also the host will be the one who will take c are of most payment steps.

Online retail center provides a great deal of advantages to the retail outlets on the webpage such as administrative, management of the site as well as invoicing of the business. Customer is benefited too. He hasn't only the variety but also relieve to find whichever he's looking for at one place. The options open to customer is many as products available on online retail center can range between within the merchandise category (all Nike products) or an entirely different product type ( homecare, clothing, electronics etc. ) from as many suppliers possible.

1. 2 Range of Online Shopping Mall In UK

Europe has a staggering 42 million individual of internet and conversing of Britain, 11 000 users are increasing the list on a yearly basis. Thus giving an immense raise in the income generated by online activities on every month basis.

Among all the internet activity online shopping isn't only generating the utmost revenues but also is growing at the speediest speed. It can be proved by the actual fact that almost 30% of all the sites are being used for trading rather than bringing in the promoters for the means of business. By looking at this statistics and understanding that this will develop to another 30% within next few Years companies are fascinated towards internet to improve their sale with a relevant low cost, one of the best feature of online shopping.

Moreover online retail center further reduces the cost and inconvenience for those retailers who have less specialized skills to have the optimum good thing about the web business.

According to the report of Ian Give, as compare to Italy, Germany, France etc UK is the top most country in online shopping creating a sale of approximately 12. 8 billion pounds along with a record progress of 75% in online sales since 2005 till date

2. Building THE WEB Shopping Mall

In general there are 4 basic steps which you have to follow to have an online shopping mall

  • Get a business who will sponsor your site
  • Get yourself website name for your online retail center.
  • For search engines you need to get sites. So Register with them
  • Attract internet user through advertisements ( increasing visitor count)

To keep up with the sites you have to set up the important tools required for order control, invoicing and transaction

2. 1 Backdrop Research For Building An Online Shopping Site

Before needs to build an internet shopping mall we have to have clear notion of few things which will be needed once the site is complete.

  • Domain name
  • Website Hosting
  • Secure Server Certificate
  • Merchant Account
  • Payment Business deal gateway.

2. 1. 1 Site Name

The website name is the fact that name by which will be identified on the internet, showing our online appearance we need a website name for our website, this name can be a of up to 67 characters long and really should be easy and meaningful to remember so that customer can remember it easily. The website name is authorized with a suffix, this suffix is a ˜. Expansion and represents the nature of the web site. Few common extensions are

  • . com- used for commercial business website
  • . net. - used for commercial network
  • . org - used for business.

There are other extensions available as well included in these are, . biz, . edu, . tv set etc. Selecting a domain name is a difficult task as here remain 128 Million names of domain registered and that's the reason thats why choosing a name that will represent out MALL will be a difficult task as almost all of the name are already taken. Therefore a lot of brainstorming is required to select a name with pursuing quality.

  • It should be short
  • Easy to memorize
  • Should not be confusable.
  • Not easy to misspell
  • Should stand for the MALL

Considering these factor we can choose a website name that will represent our website.

2. 1. 2 Website Hosting

A web hosting company provides space and bandwidth on lease, once our site is developed we can put the content of the website on the allocated space on the hosting server, this copy can be made from development site to web host server using File Transfer Standard protocol (FTP) softwares. Once website is uploaded and domain is directed to rented space. The website is up and running and whenever user enters the website it is aimed to the space.

A web server is a powerful computer machine which is designed in such a way it can bare the load of internet traffic being able to access the website present on it. This server can be on any plat form either Linux or Windows but should be able to handle the load. The web hosting companies usually setup these servers in data centres; these data centres are responsible for making the backup and providing security of data. The main element responsibility of data centre is to make certain that website is often present on the internet.

A typical process of how the web server makes a bridge between your website visitor and the administrator of the web site is shown in the diagram below (courtesy of eaysiteguid. com)

The visitor enter the website name of the shopping center in the net browser, the domain name is resolved on the website name server (DNS) and the user browser links to the net server which in exchange send the contents of the website to the guests browser. Likewise the programmer can hook up to the web server to publish new contents and then for management of website.

2. 1. 3 SSL Protection

Secure Socket covering (SSL) is the technology that provides an encrypted link between your web host site and the web server. An SSL is required as we want to provide safe environment to the client as our website will be involved in charge card transaction, and there might be a chance of robbery of information and customer personal information can be jeopardized.

For our RETAIL CENTER we require SSL certificate to make our customer feel comfortable while they may be giving there information to us, they need to make certain that there information will be placed private and only will be used for the deal they can be making, we are obligated to protect our customers.

In the true mall there are guards to protect customers and retailers from theft same as we need SSL as our shopping mall officer. Another reason of applying SSL is the fact there may be legal consequences as if some ones information is compromised, then once we are not involved in fraud but we could possibly be the source that gives the best way to let other people information accusable which customer can get us in to trouble. So SSL can be our first type of defence. Therefore a SSL qualification is required for our eCommerce site as we might loose customers if we cant protect there information.

How SSL Protects

In SSL the copy of data from an individual webpage to the web server is in encrypted form, the code is scramble in such a way that no person can put it to use outside, the encryption can be 128 pieces or 256 pieces with respect to the complexity of encryption, typically for online shopping site 128 little bit encryption is used, the 256bit is usually employed by banks. This certificate is released by the SSL issuing supplier that provide certificate with a encryption key, this encryption key is placed on the server that the SSL encryption, the web site host will mount this certificate on the net server, once installed whenever a customer access the website, a padlock is shown on the bottom of the internet browser that tell that site is secure, opening the padlock shows the license, which tell whos this certificate belongs to.

The cost of SSL is dropped speedily from 400 pounds to now it is between 20 to 60 Pounds per calendar year, SSL can be purchase by different vendors like VERISIGN. There's a facility to obtain a shared SSL which is provided by the coordinator. This SSL certificate is further cheaper however the drawback is that whenever a user or customer check the qualification the name of the host shows up on the certificate instead of the vendor that can cause distress on user brain as the info will not match with the website owner. So its best to have our own SSL certificate, after getting the qualification we can install the qualification on the root directory of our web server.

2. 1. 4 Vendor Account

A merchant bill is an bill which is provided by banking institutions or finical organization. This type of bank-account allows any e-commerce business to simply accept bank cards online, it can be used by customers to deposit the money electronically that is through credit cards, the process where in fact the money is moved through credit card is called Cards Not Present (CNP) merchant account and is needed when the client dont send the money in physical form during the transaction.

Merchant consideration can be opened up by any lender gives this facility to the merchant to accept transfer electronically. To start a merchant account negotiation is done with the bank or institution over the various charges, these charges involved

Up Front Software Fees: This is actually the fees that the specialist charges for handling the transitions, as the number of merchant profile provides are increasing and competition is building up, the majority of the providers waive this cost off.

Statement cost: This is the fix amount cost that the merchant have to cover his consideration, this is generally around 10 to 15 pounds per month, and this cost is also called on going set fee.

Discount rate: This is the sales commission demand by the vendor account supplier on each transfer; it is generally between 2 to 4 percent of the sales.

Fixed Transaction Fee: This is actually the fixed transaction fee for each sale, unlike the discount rate this cost is a fixed amount rather than the percentage, this charge is usually 0. 05 to 0. 01 pounds per sales.

Termination Rate: This cost is billed if the accounts is closed before the deal period is concluded.

Chargeback Fees: This charge is charges if a customer needs a refund and want to withdraw there money then your merchant account service provider will impose a charge usually between 5 to 10 pounds on each drawback.

A merchant profile acts as a go in the middle of your gateway (Credit-based card processor) as well as your business account, the money involves this consideration and moves to your business profile in case there are chargeback or individual cancel the business deal money is needs from you business count up and from vendor bill gets out.

2. 1. 5 Payment Method

The repayment method on an online shopping site the procedure is almost identical to the physical shopping site, like in shops peoples comes select items or products and pay cash on the counter, in online shopping site customer go to the website select item and put in the basket ( THE CART) and lastly checkout using charge card.

Once customer is checkout his mastercard is needed to be verified, this is examining whether credit-based card is valid and that there is profit the account and also that there is no fraud case. The checking of the bank card can be carried out by using a payment processing method; there are two types of payment processing methods

  • Payment Processor
  • Payment Gateways

Payment Gateway

This method involves checking credit card information instantly as the business deal is taking place, The gateway service is provided by different companies like LinkPoint, Authorize Net etc. The gateway processor verifies the charge card information in real time and completes the whole process (acceptation or rejection) of repayment within second and traction results are exhibited to customers. The process works like this.

  • After customer has made a decision that he wants to get he clicks the BUY button on the web page.
  • Once the client is finish with shopping, he clicks on the checkout button which can take the client to a secure form where his personal information is entered including the credit card information.
  • The visa or mastercard information is send to the payment gateway.
  • The gateway cpu sends the deal data to merchants loan company, which then goes by the information to Bank card interchange.
  • The credit-based card interchange then directs the data to credit card company for verification.
  • The issuer then verifies the info and sends the result to visa or mastercard exchange whether the information is valid or not.
  • The visa or mastercard exchange then directs the approval or denial information to merchants bank or investment company processor.
  • The exchange results send by the stores bank processor are exceeded to payment gateway.
  • The payment gateway then send the denial or acceptance information to the merchant who then screen the confirmation or rejection of purchase on the web page.
  • If transaction is prosperous the merchant profile is debited and customers is credited (this process is done in real time).

The entire process is depicted in the amount below


  • This method provides professional solution as all the business deal is done in real time.
  • Transaction consequence can be exhibited on the web site that is popularity or denial
  • The process is unseen to the customer.
  • The cash are directly deposited in the merchants bank account. And merchant dont have to get worried about fund deposition as the complete process is intelligent. This is because the scam is detected prior to the product is transported.
  • Some provider provide fraud security as well, this helps to protect the vendor and the actual card holder to be the sufferer of scam.
  • Transaction fee and service charges are less then of repayment processor.


  • This mode of payment control required a product owner account
  • Cost of setup is high then payment processor.

Payment Processor

This method is also known as postponed response as the purchase is not completed instantly. When an individual is preparing to checkout he's redirected to payment processor service provider, such as PayPal, Verisign PayFlow website link etc and these providers then grips the transaction for the stores.

The customer is educated about the completion of transfer once he is finish checkout however in actual the procedure is of confirmation is started at this time. The charge card is prepared and transaction acceptance or decline results are up to date to the product owner who is then responsible to inform the customer about the deal endorsement or rejection thought email. The procedure works such as this:

  • After customer has chose that he wants to acquire he clicks the BUY button on the website.
  • Once the client is finish with shopping, he click on the checkout button which takes the client to a secure form on an authorized website where his private information is considered, once user carry out checkout he's shown transfer is complete
  • The individual part is currently done, the user thinks that purchase is complete but in actual the info is send to repayment processor chip that then communicates with the finance institutions to authorize the visa or mastercard.
  • This process may take minutes or up to a days
  • If purchase is refused the vendor are notified through an email, if transfer is successful the money is deposited to merchants account. Other wise vendor has to inform the client that the purchase is rejected.


  • No merchant account is required as alternative party processor will handle the transaction and can deposit the amount of money to your account
  • Cost less to create then process gateways.
  • Transaction fee and process charges are less then process gateways.


  • Delay in business deal process to complete
  • Credit card is checked for authorization following the user is prepared that transaction is complete.
  • Customers are redirected to third party website such as PAYPAL etc for checkout process also to finish exchange, this losses the uniqueness of branding as customers views that he's being redirected which causes the movement to break.
  • Customers are up to date later if the purchase is accepted or refused, and if denied then customer can get annoyed.

3. First Requirement

3. 1 The Users

The idea of this task is to create a website shopping center which can provide two types of customers one would be the shop owners who would like to open up a shop in our virtual shopping mall and second will the customers who'll purchase item from those shops. An Administrator would be the person who will administer the shopping mall, the shop owners and the customers. Therefore our design should coupe up there kind of users, this are the ADMINISTRATOR who'll be looking prior to the complete site, The SHOP owner who'll be owning a shop in the Shopping center, and the CUSTOMER who'll be purchasing the products.

3. 1. 1 Administrator

Administrator will be user who'll have full usage of the MALL, they can be said as a super consumer, all the get to open a shop will be send to the administrator and then admin will determine weather to accept the submission or reject it

Admin will also responsible for handling the categories or subcategories of retailers, he can truly add remove or update them as required without impacting on the shop owners. Admin will also look after reviews sent and can reply to them or take them off. The Use case diagram below show what actions admin can perform in the system.

3. 1. 2 Shop Owner

If a customer want to open up the shop in the mall, he will complete the form and send it to administrator, If his submission is approved by the administrator which is granted space in the shopping mall he will end up being the shop owner,

The responsibilities of shop owner is to manage the shop, he can add remove categories, design a catalogue and can remove, add or revise item in the catalogue. He can also create several reports regarding the sales and inventory that will keep him current f the business enterprise. A shop owner can take away the shop anytime he wishes. The Use circumstance diagram below shows what action shop owner can perform on the system.

3. 1. 3 Shopping center Customer

Mall customers will be the users who will purchase products from the shopping mall; they can browse the mall search outlets, products within different shops and can compare prices. Once they are determined what they would like to buy, they can truly add the items to the shopping cart software and can checkout at any stage during there stay on the virtual shopping center, when checking out customer can login and all this information will be modified in the checkout form.

A customer can login any time to see his order status or he can change his personal stats like shipping address and other information. The Use case diagram below shows what action mall customer is capable of doing on the machine.

3. 2 Shopping center Interface

An initial review was done on what software will be created for the Shopping center, these user interface includes.

3. 2. 1 Admin Interface

ADMINISTRATOR ADMIN:This interface will only be available to administrator and let end user administer the site from accepting shop question to generating accounts and modifying site articles.

3. 2. 2 Shop Owner Interface

CATALOGUE CREATOR: A catalogue originator interface will be available to shop owners where shop owners can truly add, remove or revise items by category. These items will be added to the catalogue accessible by the customers.

SHOP OWNER ADMIN: This page will be accessible only to shop owner following that he is capable of doing the administration of the shop, this include connect to catalogue creator, report generator and information updater.

3. 2. 3 Customer Interface

CATALOGUE: For each shop a catalogue will be produced from where customer will get item information and price.

PRODUCT SEARCH: A search web page will be build where customer can seek out products this page will fetch the results from the info base and display them on the search web page.

SHOP SEARCH: This feature allows customers to find shops by categories

SHOPPING BASKET: A shopping basket will be created which is linked with the BUY button so when a customer visits the buy button the particular item will be put into the basked, the client can treat this basket to revise or remove items.

CHECKOUT FORM: A form will be created that will need customer information and send it to processor gateway for verification and save the exchange data in the repository.

3. 2. 4 Miscellaneous

LOGIN Software: A login interface will be provided where administrator, shop owner and customers (optional) can login; the user will be aimed to the page his customer type belongs to.

REGISTRATION PAGE: This site will let user to join up with the site either as a customer or shop owner.

4. Technology Available for Development

Now days different solutions are for sale to expanding software and website. Handful of them are open up source and do no add cost in development. For building our website we require to choose technology for Backend and Forward end development.

4. 1 Backend

Backend is where in fact the Website data will be stored, this data can be of the customer, shop owner or can be site articles. For an ecommerce request databases are the foundation, everything comes from the data source and everything will go to the data base. There are many databases technology available like MSACCESS, MSSQL and MYSQL.

  • MSACCESS is Microsoft data source that can operate on windows based servers. It is employed for small range ecommerce website, it is simple to develop data source using MSACCES for growing low traffic site. It really is a file established database and the challenge with file structured database is the fact that if a data bottom part crash all the data is lost.
  • MS SQL SERVER is also Microsoft structured database server which has wide support, they have powerful improved feature like stored procedure. It's very fast and stable. A free Exhibit developer edition is open to create local databases for development and assessment.
  • MYSQL SERVER is an open source databases, it also has extremely huge support community, the version 5 has enhanced feature you can use to create organization level databases. It is very fast and secure as compare to other directories. MYSQL is also multi program such that it can be deployed on any web server jogging on either glass windows or Linux.

It is important that data platform should be build correctly as software will run on top of it and after start of website if a serious flaw is available then its hard to fix the challenge as data bottom structure has to be changes that can tremble the building blocks of the application. So its necessary that through time should be spend in planning of database. Few factors were conceders while choosing the data source. These factors require:

  • Stability: The repository should be secure and should not crash as this may make the website down which can cause potential loos to business.
  • Scalability: data bottom part should be scalable to take care of massive amount data and can be long if possible once build.
  • Speed: Swiftness is once of the essential aspect, the database can retrieve home elevators fast rate so that customers or users dont have to hold back for the info to be fetched; the info based can optimize queries.
  • Referential integrity: This concept includes that data basic should be developed in such way that inconsistent data shouldn't be saved in desks.

4. 2 Frontend

Front end is exactly what the user will dsicover on the web page, this consumer can be considered a customer or the Shopping mall administrator or shop owner. The front ends code brings the information back from the backend and display to the user or take the information from the user and send it to returning end for handling or storage space. We need a scripting language that can be used to build up font end. There are different scripting languages available for writing server part scripts like ASP, JSP and PHP etc.

ASP: Active Server webpages ASP is Microsoft developed scripting words used to make vibrant WebPages, it is used by many web hosting companies and lots of material and catalogs are available, the drawback of using ASP is that the code can be writing by only using VBScripts as Microsoft bounds that, and writing code in VBScripts has its own limitation.

JSP: Java Server webpages is another technology of creating energetic WebPages, it is dependant on JAVA programming language to design server aspect code. The JSP code is integrated in HTML data files by using special tags to write dynamic contents. The JSP source code is carried out from the server on JSP Servelet Engine; this Engine then creates the HTML and delivers the result to client internet browser.

The advantage of using JSP over ASP is that ASP is based on Microsoft. NET architecture and can only operate on Microsoft platforms where as JSP is Combination program and can be operate on any program like Linux and glass windows. Another benefit of Using JSP is that beside its Object focused, it can be used with different technologies like, Expanded java coffee beans (EJB), SERVALETS and AJAX to make site more interactive.

PHP: PHP is one of the trusted server area scripting vocabulary, by using PHP vibrant websites can be created which provide conversation of end user with the website. PHP is cross system words that is PHP scripted working from Linux web server can be carried out on glass windows machine and vice versa. The terms is open up source and it is available without any cost, beside open source it includes huge development community with can be contacted for help if required. The vocabulary is fast, steady and secure.

5. Selected Technology

5. 1 Backend

Backed will be developed using MySQL 5. 0. The reason behind using MySQL is that it's open source and can not add cost in development, beside that this have extremely huge support and a huge builder community from where great help can be obtain. Other reason is that it's expected that the website will have heavy traffic and fast steady and secure repository server is necessary and MSSQL is the only open source data source that may be relied upon.

The 5. 0 version of MySQL also contains the stored treatment call, a stored procedure call can save the query data that is frequently used so that that data doesn't need to be fetch from stand again and again, and its a sort of caching. Beside that MySQl has built in security feature so that MySQl data source is not really a document thats why it cant be copied from the server, MySQL is also multi platform and can be deployed on any server.

5. 2 Leading End

JSP will be used to develop the front end scripts as we have previous track record of JAVA and JSP is based on java and is simpler to learn and also to develop which is more versatile and various technologies will be used like SERVALETS and AJAX to make the shopping experience more interactive as AJAX function can be carried out on user internet browser therefore carefully writing the function can decrease the bandwidth consumption hence making the website much fast.

6. Cost Involved

Building and making the ecommerce site useful require cost, this calls for the expense of softwares which will be need to develop and design the web site to buying the names of domain and hosting service and after site is launched cost of ad is involve. An in depth chart of the cost involved in development and after development is seen in desk below.




Domain Name

8. 99Ј/year

. com domain

Hosting Server



2 x Intel E5310 Quad Key Xeon 1. 6GHz


2 x 2GB

Hard Disk

2 x 500GB RAID1

10TB Once a month Traffic


100Mb Network Speed



14 Ј/year

128 bit

Search Engine Submission

30 - 150 Ј/year


100 - 500 Ј/year

The actual cost of building a ecommerce site is around 3000Ј but most part of the cost is considered by the development company but as we live building the online shopping on by our own there fore this cost has been minimize. We will be using open up source software like MYSQL and JSP there the price tag on development tools are also slice. The original budget is therefore around 500Ј. The particular increase of budget is when the retail center is up and then budget for advertisement will be produced take can be around 2000Ј primarily, but we dont have to be concerned relating to this right now.

7. Period of Design and Development

The online shopping mall will be produced by using the show up model; the proceeds will be carried out in phases. In first stage the feasibility was conducted which result in form of this report. Other stages which will be involved with process are.

Requirement Analysis

In this phase the necessity will be made that are to be put in place in design, this period involve full review of exactly what will be tasks of Admin and Shop owners. The factions they can perform on the site and the outcome they expect, on the other side the requirement for customers may also be used consider off, what the customers can get from the website. After the requirement are analysed the job will be shifted to next stages where in fact the system will be analysed.

System Analysis

After the requirements are finalize then in next period (predicated on the requirement accumulated) website will be analysed by creating different UML diagram, this involves creating use circumstances, data stream diagram and creating the style of data base such as creating tables and then normalizing these to make sure they are optimized. After the system analysis stage is over the look phase will start.

System Design

In this phase the structures of the website will be designed this include developing the WebPages also to create the site map that may include how customer or admin can get around through site, in system design period also the look of shopping cart and catalogue will be looked at. After the process of designing is complete then the Development phase will start.

System Development

This phase will involve the coding the machine, in this stage website code will be written, the code for shopping cart and checkout will be written. At this stage the database will be created and link to the website. The complete process of development will be achieved on development servers.


As the system is being developed the assessment will be were only available in parallel so that defects can be set because they are discovered. The procedure of Testing calls for the unit evaluation in which each web page is tested one at a time, also features of the website will be tested this include evaluating the process of fabricating of shops, catalogues and procedure for checkout. The process of tests will continue during the remaining website building process.


Once the machine (website) is developed and analyzed it will be shifted to creation server (the host). And development testing will get started that will test that website is configured properly and everything the functions will work on production.

Site Launch

After the machine the ready to go and examined on the development server the website will be made available for the user.

8. Task Plan

9. Conclusion

The review is concluded by concentrating on the fact that the near future is focused on online business. More and more people are enticed towards internet gives them a simple access to the business world and in return the business world enjoying the nurturing sale every 1 / 4. The growth in technology helped both, an individual as well as the retailer, to gain earnings.

Online retail center is a more affordable medium not limited to the webhost to start out this as a small business for but also for the retail businesses to start more and more shops online with a minimum cost of may be two to three thousand pound per annum providing customer with a lot of options with a click.

With this, it could be concluded that online shopping mall is a feasible business for folks with technological skills and knowledge.


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