Business Ethics: Fairness in the Hiring Process

Growth and good performance of any business solely uses volume of factors ranging from one business to another although almost all of these factors have ended up being common. Among these factors is upholding of business ethics within the functional domains of business activities. Business ethics has been identified by many business experts as the main pillar of thriving businesses across the globe. Whether this affirmation is true or false is determined by the role of these ethics in holding business activities. Because of the weight and concern of several people business ethics as a topic has received manifold attention that has resulted in informative findings in today's business. Most of these revolve the presence of several moral theories which make clear diverse moral issues. This newspaper explores many of these ideas within the framework of the People resource employing process. To do this objective, this analysis lays special concern on dominant honest theories like deontology, ethical egoism and utilitarianism.

Business ethics

What are business ethics? How important are business ethics? The knowledge of ethics is quite important in deciding what to. It gives the power of indentifying whatever is acceptable in the society or within the business world. It is of paramount relevance to note that personal action is key in determining the performance of any business. You will find countless businesses on the planet which have crumbled therefore of unethical business way in working with issues like workers hiring. It has been discovered that an moral business system has the full probable of affecting every part of business (Pojman & Fieser, 2008). It therefore comes after that any person who dreams to prosper in any form of business must double emphasize the necessity to upholding business ethics in daily activities.

Business ethics are well defined using and acceptable behavioral standards. It is very possible to discover that different societies have different business ethics predicated on the observed ethics. Notably, businesses formulate policies and rules which can be aimed at promoting morality as away of enforcing business ethics. These ensure the existence of appropriate conduct amongst managers and even junior employees within the business (Crane & Matten, 2007). It is worth talking about that business ethics is one of the very most recommended tools in dealing with ethical problems which may arise in an enterprise setup. Although it has always been considered, the primary concern has been the difficulty to decide specific ethical conduct towards a given commercial process. In deed business protects all areas of business activities including however, not limited to the responsibilities which a given, business has towards other businesses, customers, the surroundings and even to customers. This varies since some governments may consider placing national business standards or a firm designing a custom-made code of ethics because of its employees (Goodpaster, 1991). These ideas are however based on certain theories which determine specific moral action with regard to various business honest issues.

Ethical issues

The modern-day is faced with countless honest issues that are addressed today. Unfortunately, businesses around the world have collapsed because of taming a few of these issues which mainly cause honest dilemma. Among these issues is the hiring of staff in virtually any business set up (Ferrell. , Fraedrich & Ferrell, 2009). How moral are hiring techniques done? There is absolutely no doubt very minimal or no fairness by any means has been observed in the hiring processes of varied companies in the world. Essentially the most discouraging thing is the actual fact many folks have been considered for job or lost their jobs because of physical disability, gender, competition or even years. These immensely have an impact on the Human Resource sector of any business or company due to its crucial role in identifying the progress and performance of the business.

Ethical theories

These represent the key ideas which give direction in addressing ethical issues like hiring of employees in companies. They purpose at give answers to particular questions which know what and how needs to be done. Many ethical principles discovered my businesses mainly stem from these ideas (Rachels, 1998). These ideas are however very important in addressing certain issues even though the key points have always dominated.


This is one of the many business theories which were applied in establishing acceptable business expectations and habit. This theory advocates for maximum energy for the majority when coming up with decisions especially in influential leadership position. It is always governed by actions and rules which have been set up to create happiness to almost all. Pro utilitarianism thinks that any decision which should be taken must generate satisfaction in most and not for individual gain (Mill, 2006). This a key theory especially in dealing with issues of the Man Resource section. This can be used to determine the criterion to be utilized in say, employing employees or laying them off. In case a decision to be made must promote fairness to all or any, a person should not be disqualified on the basis of gender. Nobody ever before applied to be male or female. It would therefore unethical to disqualify an applicant because of gender dissimilarities. Giving every applicant equal opportunities to be considered a given job, it is clear that every person would be happy and satisfied.


As talking about by research experts, this theory emphasizes on the necessity for everybody to stick to his or her specified responsibilities and obligations when examining any form of ethical dilemma. Individuals who follow this kind of theory are recognized to produce more constant results since they perform their roles in a defined manner (Darwall, 2003). How would a individuals source of information operate under this kind of theory? This might definitely imply that there are identified duties that your manager must perform as identified by the service manual. Although there are many businesses and companies on the globe which supply the job description of any manager say, for human being source, there are countless unfair practices carried out with regard to the recruitment methods. There is generally a tendency of managers favoring specific candidates especially during interviews. That is mainly predicated on factors like gender, contest and even physical impairment. Although some jobs require toned folks who are strong, impairment ought never to be considered a key issue selecting employees. You'll find so many handicapped people who perform far better than fit people.

Ethical egoism

This has been considered as the root cause of a number unethical issue in business which revolves around preparing of personal hobbies before anything else. Those who support the theory assume that satisfaction can only be achieved by driving personal interest regardless of its effect on other folks especially the minority in the world. Many human resource professionals have been found subjects of this theory because of the unfair execution with their hiring powers (Hospers, 12). Although there are specific factors and bare minimum requirements for specific careers, it is possible to miss an employment opportunity in a standard bank because of your actual age, competition and gender among other natural factors. How would contest determine the performance of a worker? This may not be considered as an elimination criterion factor. Nevertheless, egoistic managers have gone ahead to make use of it given that they lack thoughts for other people as long as their needs are mate. Collapse of businesses and flourishing companies has also been closely associated with recruitment of incompetent people based on either race or gender. Whenever a person is driven by personal passions, negative outcomes of his actions are not a problem so long as he succeeds in his plan.

The issue of women being discriminated at workplace is highly linked to ethical egoism. This is common in areas where those in specialist misuse their positions to fulfill personal dreams and dreams. In cases where the potential employer has personal pursuits in certain applicants, it is very possible for such applicants to secure the work even without the necessary requirements. This egoistic manager does not service whether or the business realizes its goal as long as his interests are attained (-sterberg, 1988). It is important to note personal hobbies do no promote progress but instead gradually leads to the suffering of several.

Rights honest theory

This theory mainly targets the rights established by the contemporary society and which have to get the first concern in protecting and providing human beings. Which means that the functioning of this theory varies from one modern culture to another to the deviation and variety in privileges (Brady, 1985). However, there are other privileges which lower across global restrictions. These include although not limited by gender protection, privileges of the impaired, age group and even competition. Human rights are normal in every country and play a significant role in protecting minority people in the world like the impaired and more susceptible groupings like women. A whole lot of discrimination which takes place in the modern-day society can only be curbed by observing the protection under the law theory amongst others. Is worth noting that a woman, disabled person or a dark one can be hired for a particular job as long as the person complies with the lowest job requirements. However, the theory can well operate in a contemporary society or country which completely protects human protection under the law, looks out for the protection under the law of the handicapped, aged and even women. The primary driving theory of the idea is that everybody has the right work no matter other factors as long as the minimum certification are found (Smithers, 1996).


Business ethics is an extremely fundamental concept in dealing with many honest issues and dilemmas observed in out daily lives. They essentially give a knowledge of what and exactly how something needs to be doe in the most satisfactory way. There is no doubt that a clear comprehension and differentiation of what is wrong from what's right can be of significant benefits. Business ethics supply the basis of decision making in any contemporary society since it establishes and sets benchmarks within which certain business activities operate (Short et al. 2000). These ethics give rise to ethical theories that are mainly applied in deciding honest issues. Although every staff or any other person must monitor business ethics, those in general management positions like the real human resource managers are anticipated to totally operate within moral boundaries in order to market fairness and good performance.

Hiring of personnel on the basis of their race, time, gender and physical impairment should be condemned completely. Unless there are restrictions which limit the recruitment of certain individuals, the entire process needs to be done with fairness and available minded. The idea of pushing for personal interests does more harm than good to any business (Machan, 2007). Although every stakeholder available world is prompted to protect the rights of each person in business, laws which protect human rights are also important in augmenting legal coverage of these privileges. This may go a long way in taking legal activities against those who discriminate others especially in the HR section. It would however be ineffective without having a transformed Human tool sector which upholds equality, fairness and best for everyone.

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