Business Research Influence on Decision Making Process

In today's modern world, businesses are highly interdependent on one another and seldom the decisions are taken in isolation. Effective decision making talents are crucial for the management of any business. Making decisions is an everyday part of a business. From a low-level supervisor to the panel of directors, everyone needs several decisions within a day. Every decision which is manufactured today has a certain effect on future decisions, and thus, it is of great necessity that a director should deal with these carefully. They will be the ones who have to act as the captain and are accountable for steering the "ship" to its destination. These decisions can be strategic kind decisions (about investment & route for future progress), tactical decisions (how office may add most effectively the entire business targets) or functional decisions (carry out of the responsibilities, responses to the clients and advancements to business practice) considered by the owners, professionals and supervisors respectively.

But the key hurdle remains - steps to make a good quality decision. You can find no standards that happen to be set to determine if a decision is a good or bad. And it is only after the final result, can your choice be really examined and applied, if required. But, it's possible for the management to make effective decisions which are highly apt to be beneficial to the business. A number of factors which may affect your choice making talents include:

1. Prior training of managers in decision-making skills.

2. Good information in the sequence.

3. Management skills in analyzing of the info and of handling its shortcomings.

4. Experience & natural capacity in decision-making.

5. Risk & behaviour towards the risk.

6. Human factors like as mental replies, rivalries, biasness, and values etc.

Since a environment of criticism and apprehension suppresses risk hunger and creativity, managers might respond in ways which ebbs the business' progress and success. Hence, providing a work environment where they don't be disapproved of for making wrong decisions and will probably obtain appropriate support using their company co-workers & superiors might help them to build up as a choice maker.

Identify Objectives

Collect Information & Ideas

Choose Course of Action / Make Decision

Communicate & Carry out decision

Analyze Information & Ideas

Outcome & Result

Evaluate & Report

Fig 1: Decision Making Process

From the aforementioned diagram, it can be observed the predecessors of earning a powerful decision will be the collection and research of information and ideas. It is only after optimum information that any management can follow the best possible course of action. After determining the targets, collecting information might be a daunting task which lies forward in the path of success of the decision taken, but after the information is gathered and weighed, it is time to make that decision without looking back again.

One of the greatest ways of collecting information is carrying out research. When research is completed explicitly for the purpose of running businesses, it is termed as "business research". Business research, which is also commonly known as general market trends, is an activity where business relevant information is collected in order to ensure that the business enterprise operations are run intelligently. With the help of business research, existing companies are able to keep in touch with the ever-changing consumer requirements and objectives and adapt accordingly. Typically, business research is targeted at getting information that could make the business more successful. While owning a business, there may come up some situations which might seem to be difficult and management face problems as to find a remedy to them. In such instances, business research may be used to making positive decisions. Business research can help the management to answer questions regarding issues varying from understanding industry tendencies, determining which products to be offered and deliver to the market, or to better understand the ways to meet up with the demands of concentrate on customer segment and fulfill them in order the ensure brand commitment. In one way or the other, business research means that the best decision is manufactured such that it can be productive.

Business Research: Steps in Decision Making

Fig 2: Business Research & Decision-Making

Assess Current Business: The existing business environment of the business provides the platform the development and progress of the company. So it is of great importance to examine the current business situation. There might be some problems in the prevailing business model which may have been forgotten till now, but need to be addressed in order to grow. Discovering the challenge at the right time and finding a remedy to the same quickly and efficiently might give an edge by improving the bottom line.

Create Research Methods: On the basis of the problems that develop as a result of assessing the current business situation, research methods will be chosen. These research methods could include assortment of demographic data about the mark market of the new service or product intended to be sold, or to conduct consumer research, filling of questionnaires or through focus groups and have for reviews on test products that could be either given away freely with other products.

Determine an Action Plan: Having gathered information about the possible lessons of actions that can be considered, the management should give attention to creating a plan that will effectively implement the change. This plan should be made remember the long-term as well as the short term plans of the organization.

The key to responsive decisions is within linking with the available information by capturing business events which are happening over the worlds and are related to your business, as well as by constantly general market trends about the scope for expansion and the possible lessons of action.

Business Research: Benefits & Methods

Business research can be taken up in various methods mainly depending after the type of the information that's needed is. However, other factors that also play an important role in the study solution to be chosen include the size of the business, the budget allocated, the time constraints etc. Business research is primarily focused on doing market research activities. In so doing, businesses are efficiently able to identify an optimal marketing mix because of their products or services. They can identify potential markets, their needs and wishes, what steps can be taken to meet those needs and needs, their distribution channels and means of making the merchandise and services most accessible to customers and clients. With the help of research, they can identify the competitor threats, what the competitors are doing and what profit the rivals may reap consequently of that. It also helps these to predict the possible best price for their product or service based on the market conditions, situations and the competitor pricing.

Business research focusing on the customer may involve finding out about the customers' feelings and encounters after utilizing a product or service. The methods that can be used with the objective include questionnaires, interviews or workshops, etc. Researching general population data can provide financial information as well as educational information in regards to customer demographics and product use.

One of the most significant trends in today's business situation, across all market sectors, is mergers and acquisition. Mergers and acquisition decisions are incredibly sensitive ones as you step taken in the wrong course will not only bring about huge financial deficits but also impact the company's goodwill. It is only with the aid of business research, an organization can decide which company to merge with based on their eyesight and mission, how to value them, and do they have got the necessary resources open to garner some advantages from the merger.

Business Research helps businesses to comprehend the possible opportunities and risks that lay in advance. Opportunities help your company to expand & prosper, & hazards endanger your position. Using business researches can a small business not only find possibly opportunities but also evaluate them and choose the most viable option.

Research may also be used to make decisions that have a financial dependability as to evaluate if the chosen action would be cost beneficial or not. An expense benefit examination can be made based on data collected from business research and an informed decision can thus be produced.

As talked about above, business research answers a lot of questions about businesses and helps a great deal to make decisions. Both most important types of data that help in the info collection process, and in so doing the decision making process, will be the primary data and the supplementary data. Major data is the data which is gathered specifically for the problem accessible, while secondary data is the data that is gathered from studies done by other individuals, communities or institutions, including government organizations, trade associations or even other businesses, for generic purposes.

Primary data, if similarly, is important since it is unmodified information which is most highly relevant to the study, then on the other side, extra Data is important information that can show a clearer picture of the streets that lay ahead and foresee the possible effects of any action taken. It also paves the pathway for conducting research for the assortment of most important data.

Business Research, Decision Making and Information Technology

As discussed previously, assortment of relevant information is merely the beginning of considering the role of research in productive decision making. After collecting the information, it is also necessary that the collected information should also be properly analyzed, and so, undoubtedly, IT (IT) makes the picture. Since 1970s, use of Decision Support Systems (DSS) has been greatly acknowledged by various businesses, traders, organizations as well as academicians. DSSs are knowledge established systems which help the businesses by making decisions in terms of management (both financial and strategy formulation decisions), businesses, and planning levels. They help the management in keeping pace with the changing needs and would like of the clients.

DSSs are deployed by businesses in order to provide recent, relevant, and complete information in an easily understandable manner. They are interactive systems which help in inspecting data, remove usable and deployable information. This fresh data, as stated earlier could come from either main research or secondary data available from multiple resources. DSSs also employ company documents, company policies, strategies, and business models to assist decision making. DSSs have a number of benefits including:

They assist in improving personal success.

They help quick & prepared decision making.

They support decisions by finding evidences of benefits reaped.

They help the business growth by ensuring better organizational control.

They drive the thirst for information in your choice maker, concentrating on the training or training of the individual.

They help optimize the condition solving approach in an organization by exposing multiple pathways to the answer of the problem.

They provide opportunities for improved upon social communication.

They help to generate a competitive gain.

DSSs also help in automation of managerial processes.

Recently, the info environment that surrounds today's business activities and decisions gets ever more complex. This is due mainly to the actual fact that with the improvements in IT, the relevant information available to the business enterprise management is growing exponentially by leaps and bounds. With increasing amount of information releasing sources and constantly multiplying technology, it is no surprise to start to see the huge importance of IT in aiding business research and therefore, decision making process by properly being able to access and controlling data & information. IT helps by extracting and making sure relevant information moves to the worried individuals and simultaneously providing reliable and versatile support. Also, through the process of decision making in order to solve an existing problem, it is also possible to draw out valuable information about the marketplace, the business, the competition etc for possible future situations, such as competition threats, or product demand and offer. Hence it can help in generating new knowledge & experience for the members involved, and regarding right decision increasing assurance in the foreseeable future actions.


In conclusion, it might be not unreasonable to state that detailed business research is very vital in the process of effective decision making. By providing adequate information, both in terms of opportunities that lay in advance as well as the threats that exist on the market, research means that proper mitigation options are taken beforehand, thereby, guaranteeing minimal assets, and simultaneously, it can help in the risk management procedure for the business.

By following steps of any decision making process, a small business can effectively gather relevant information and have a decision predicated on that. The decision of right researching method is also important in efficiently conducting a research. Collecting the right data, examining it for deployable information and then choosing a course of action based on that information helps in effective development of business and paves the pathway for the future of the business.

Also, unquestionably, IT plays an important role throughout the basic processes of an organization and thus, decision making is also not untouched. DSSs have been acknowledged by many businesses around the world and they continue steadily to help decision making.

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