Case Studies and Evaluations of E-recruitment

Part I

Google's standard start occurred during 1996. Throughout that time it took on the name BackRub but performed the same main function it can today i. e. search engines. Over time BackRub transitioned into Google, so when it extended so did it's services and outreach. At the moment Google functions from office buildings found all over the world. That being said the site also offers one of the very most extensive e-recruitment setups one will discover online.

General Impression

The process of hiring has been elaborated on the site one step at a time. The entire method of online recruitment actually commences with one searching for career. Candidates that are looking for jobs will be taking on options based on where they are located, the departments they are simply interested in and their overall passions. The website also takes into account different services that Yahoo offers to its users in terms of its entrepreneurial attempts around the world. This would include Adsense, mobile marketing etc.

Once a person completes a distribution, the Google team sets out to control it. It really is first analyzed in conditions of the conditions of eligibility. Following this process is completed the candidate is contacted via telephone, occasionally online interviews also take place before your final decision is manufactured. The web site has been peppered with consumer aids in the form of videos and illustrations to help them find their way and better understand the steps they are necessary to take. A whole section has been dedicated to elucidate the expectations at a Yahoo office i. e. 'life at Google' shows the guests exactly what Google's office environment is focused on. The site has been modified over the years to encapsulate the key ideals behind Yahoo. In terms of students, the job opportunities have been organized based on where they are located globally.

Corporate Values

The primary goal of Google has always been to avoid a strictly corporate atmosphere. They may have tried to maintain the environment and atmosphere bought at any small company. A hierarchical framework may can be found but it does not impact the atmosphere of any office i. e. employees aren't only allowed but should go forward and tell upper level officials with their ideas and opinions. The main process of selecting is more worried about skills as opposed to the experience that one has. Google places a substantial amount of importance over its users before anything else.

Career development opportunities

Google suits the needs of most employees due to its virtually operated job recruitment procedd. The excellent target being on the individual job fit adds to the mission of selecting the best professionals in neuro-scientific information and technology possessing diverse capacities in terms of controlling the multiple activities of the search engine, the advertising agenda and the participation in community services. To stimulate its current labor force special remuneration packages are provided. The personnel are highly paid to maintain their loyalty with the company (Griffin & Moorhead, 2009). The workers of Yahoo are enriched with chief operating officers that contain previously proved helpful for major IT companies like Microsoft. Job development opportunities are available in the form of training sessions being periodically assemble. Graduate students are also benefited by the pupil job services offerd by Yahoo worldwide.

KPMG international

Overall impression:

A financial advisory organization offering taxation and auditing facilities to the customers globally, KPMG is regarded as a famous financial service provider on a global scale. Possessing a labor force of ten thousand employees KPMG carries organizational activities with the help of 556 associates that aid in the tactical development of the firm. The website offering e-recruitment opportunity can be easily seen by users. The internet site is informative in the sense that it offers the objective of KPMG, why should potential applicants decide on a job in this firm somewhat than other well accredited organizations of the same genre. The site is fully improved with decription of the forthcoming vacation programs, the trainings being offered for the graduates who should take part in the auditing section to be able to develop their expertise in the respected field. "i Yahoo" compatible gizmo designed to revise the work vacancy announcements by the business is an additional feature to appeal to job seekers who wish to start off their profession with KPMG.

Corporate Beliefs:

At KPMG employees are believed the main building blocks around that your efficient activities revolve therefore their commercial values derive from maintain employee integrity so the company can maintain versatility with the changing environment of financing sector.

Career development opportunities:

The web portal offering e-recruitment to the actual prospects also mentions the honors under the business's banner e. g. in '09 2009 KPMG was entitled the "Best Big Company to work with". The company is an identical opportunity professional as women are also motivated to use for the auditing and taxation advisory posts. In the entire year 2008, almost 45% of the workforce comprising of graduate students were women. Profession development opportunities are well catered due to the expanded range of the network, distributed all around United Kingdom, thus offering the flexibility that employees can find the work post in the KPMG branch that is near their locality. Organizational matrix is kind of linear as hierarchical levels do not follow the same top-bottom methodology. Leadership maintains on transiting among most in a position employees having experience to focus on the needs of ever changing requirements of the customers.

Heriot Watt University or college:

Overall impression:

Being an educational institution, Heriott Watt College or university was founded in 1821. The college or university has excelled in the research and development sector to the level which it has gained the status among the very best notch educational centers of United Kingdom offering degrees up to Experts and PhD level. The electric portal working with the job vacancies help current students of the college or university to keep enlightened anout the approaching university posts that meet their education qualifications and subject of interest. In addition, ex-students can also gain access to the portal to instantly make an application for any vacancy that requirements hook working experience in the coaching discipline. There's a proper section where personnel profiles are subscribed, also appointment and pretest screening idea and advice can also be seen from the e-recruitment website of university or college.

Corporate Worth:

Heriot Watt University or college is proclaiming to eradicate any inequality prevalent in the population based on educational position, therefore initiatives are focused to provide common masses access to online information that is within reach of everyone, also providing the best level of educational standard possible.

Career development opportunities:

For staying away from any ambiguity from the process of applying online for a post, Heriot Watt College or university would like students and graduates to post a scheduled appointment so that their worried problems can be solved. Together with such job advisory services, the web portal have different description of the job fairs being arranged by the educational middle. A chat container facility providing twenty four hours service help the students to further clear their myths about the e-recruitment proceedings.

Critical examination of e-recruitment techniques adopted by successful businesses:

To apply online for a job, search engines are to be accessed for looking available job opportunities depending on the educational qualification. With one click a potential prospect can get access to a huge selection of job boards. Sponsored links are also available that can led the prospect to the web portal of these choice. Among e-businesses, Yahoo is one particular site that is involved in providing recruitment facilities to seize the most in a position candidates. Google works with the aim of getting the best recruits, the net portal elaborately explains the applying standards. With prior researches being carried out to check on the strategies of Yahoo dealing with hiring online, analysts believe that recruitment strategies must show flexibility, as a lot of people are prepared to be a part of the business. The criterion for selecting an applicant is targeted on selecting those those who possess either a doctorate or master's level from a well-known university.

Not only Google but other famous software coders are reliant on taking the most certified persons having intelligence to a considerable extent thus limiting opportunities for individuals who cannot afford to get education from a certified institution.

The reason for opting for the highest qualified prospect is to keep pace with the technologies in progress. The reliability of the post can only just be assured if the applicant chosen is able to meet the job criteria and perform functional activities consequently. Therefore attracting applicant requires promotional schemes being launched by Google and other major competition like Microsoft, Amazon and Yahoo. Being overtly licensed does not symbolize the entire rationale rather simply a view of the prevailing situation. The work seekers who've spent additional time in colleges to complete their educational degrees improve their subconscious reasoning for managing complex situations. These are more apt at presenting new solutions within the company as they have gained experience in the study and development sector instead of the newly appointed graduates who require additional training to understand the working system of the business. It cannot be argued that young graduates are likely to provide impressive and fresh ideas but recruiting them in lot is only encouraged if the company struggles to afford appointing a high qualified professional scheduled to economic downturn and more earnings should be generated within minimum amount time limit to restore market show. The greatly accepted strategy of 15 percent guideline is also applied by Google to improve work efficiency. The traveling force was first launched by 3M Company supplying company employees a independence to handle fifteen percent of the work in the company according to their will. Together with the overall flexibility ascertained by the idea, employees show better performance and are usually more motivated to provide their finest for the business. In Google work environment, system technicians are to spend eighty percent of their time for organizational process while for the rest of the twenty percent they can be allowed to choose task of their own accord. This plan also helps Google to gain competitive advantage as other web programmer and software suppliers do not offers such work diversity freedom.

The issue of employing the doctorate level experts can be justified as big companies like Amazon and Google demand the services of more logical thinkers that can solve work problems within a period limit assigned. Mostly the subject expertise of mathematics and research are deemed important, As PhD applicants are usually experienced in managing independent research works, they are likely to adapt to the situation well and help formulate fruitful results.


The task associated with tackling e-business concerns is incumbent after retaining the chosen professionals alternatively than recruiting them. Both the intrinsic b and extrinsic needs of the employees must be properly fulfilled in order that they remain dedicated to the company. Only financial assists cannot always be considered as satisfying as people's expectation and demands keep on changing. Extrinsic motivation can be as a result of satisfying the task environment needs of the employees while intrinsic indications are related to the level of satisfaction each worker holds with the existing job post. KPMG, Heriot Watt University or college & most significantly Google are trying to improve their desire strategies to catch the attention of t the most credible pool of employees over the globe.

Social connections sites like Facebook and Twitter may also be employed by major organizations together with their established website mainly for promoting online recruitment adverts. Web 2 2. 0 is one particular technology that helps company officers communicate with the applicant via the internet even through large distances for selecting them on the basis of eligibility. This fashion is looked upon valid as the company also gets educated about some of the job related skills that cannot be elaborated in a mailed application. Heriot Watt University or college utilizes the Web 2. 0 features in the electronic programmers providing to the job specific needs as required by the university. Online interviews happen with the potential clients but the success of the strategy is yet to be revealed as it is still in the intensifying stage.


Literature Review

Critical analysis: Advantages and weaknesses

Recruiting eligible applicants by using virtual directories is a greatly accepted phenomenon in the present world yet the literary evidence suggests that organizations make use of e-recruitment to improve their position in the organization sector and logically choose the best suited option after lots of primary test screenings (Bertozzi, 2008).

Time performance and the simple navigation of the net portal defining e-recruitment procedure are the two factors that people looks for while making a career decision. The operational efficiency and savings are additional attributes of e-recruitment that help organizations to make use of economic budget in other worth it proceedings instead of squandering it on boring job recruitment manual responsibilities. Such employing process ensure a time efficiency up to twenty five percent altogether. "Potential Park Marketing communications AB" published a report highlighting the ratio of internet surfers who are receiving benefitted by the web job vacancy websites instead of relying on tv set media and paper. The following physique presents the overall criteria employed by online job job seekers to see job vacancy kept up to date information. Included in these are consortiums, application providers, websites, se's etc. de. jpg

Among other benefits linked with e-recruitment it can be said that the concept is more favorable than the traditional recruiting procedures, as such mechanized software are developed which help organizations form online applications and organize them according to the job caliber and occupation requirement of the actual candidate. Such strategy is beneficial as publicizing online is relatively cheaper in the way that large number of people can be approached within seconds.

Not only is e-recruitment a much better option for the businesses but job hunters as wells. They are able to navigate the complete website in a time span of few seconds, reading the relevant information of a specific job, the brand status of the company and its own treatment with today's employees. Not only this, the job technical specs, staff profiles, profession development opportunities are also well performed to make it easier for the candidate to make a decision. Job hunters can pick among several companies offering a same job. Employers are able to provide feedback instantly, thus job applicant is given free allowance to try other recruitment as well in case of refusal from the one of the firms (Smyth, Bradley & Rafter, 2009).

Figure: E-Recruitment process as perceived by job applicants

The main drawback of online recruitment is the fact that sometimes it is difficult to handle the total volume of applications posted online. Selection process is delayed as some companies do not have efficient electronic means to further segregate people on the basis of their job capability Also quality of proceedings is challenged when employers cannot section applications based on the requirement of the work (Williams, 2008).

Corporate websites for e-recruitment:

The individual websites of firms are the easiest method to assemble the pool of rightful prospects where e-recruitment is concerned. Corporate firm ideals, and a location to submit request online are suitable for the applicants in particular when they have totally navigated the website of the respective business (Peacock, 2008).

The e-recruitment website might be thought to be an extended version of all functions performed by the retail business. With the commonality of this concept, approximately five hundred companies across the globe established their standard websites having webpages working with recruitment specifications. Some research has proposed that job hunters are further given the liberty to surf with more overall flexibility with the onset of Job domains that immediately link the potential candidate to the organization of his interest. Such electronic tinge put into the otherwise usual hiring functions should be welcomes by employers, as communication stream is more coherent among the two parties that means it is easier for both of them to build up a psychological agreement right from the initiation level (Pitcher, G 2010).

Current thinking and practices in e-recruitment

Globalization has probed further concern for the simple implementation of the e-recruitment techniques used by organizations. With increase in competition, companies are willing to induce more graphical and animated features on their websites so that potential applicants might make an effort to revisit the online portal and take notice of the business's offering with regard to career development opportunities. Various market strategies are used to help expand enhance e-recruitment features wanted to the applicants. In the contemporary world, online existence is crucial for the success of organizations. Therefore employers must submit their utmost effort to satisfy eager candidates for the job by tackling them as consumers who have the ability to either raise or reduce the brand image of the business. If web sites is so developed that right individuals wish to find their way the contents on the web site, than the organizations have achieved the purpose of targeting right audience for the job promoted (Sylva & Mol, 2009).

The advancement of technology has altered just how businesses used to mechanize in earlier, traditional recruitment techniques have loopholes which administrators cannot cater, therefore e-recruitment presented the "candidate management system" for interacting with this impeding concern. New software have substituted the need for employers to choose the individuals in the first stage of recruitment as they can sort out them based on job expertise relating their online job application and credentials

Characteristics of an online recruitment website:

The website so designed for recruiting individuals online will need to have a charismatic charm as well as features such as user friendliness and audio aesthetic support. This content of the web site must be understandable for the general public. Google has adopted the way of using informal language online internet pages so that audiences feel relaxed and do not become baffled about the application form procedure. There has to be separate portions elaborating the annals of the company, its achievements so far together with thorough contact information on the major employers or human resource people who might be approached any time by the potential candidates to get any additional information; designing an internet portal should think about the targeted people that must definitely be approached for recruitment. A highly qualified technician won't respect an unattractive website missing essential information about the work proceedings and employee benefits offered by the company (Parry & Tyson, 2008).

Figures and Reports Linked to E-Recruitment

According to "The Global Online Recruitment Source of information" (2005), e-recruitmentis getting tremendous attractiveness. In 2003 estimates revealed that 3. 1 billion dollars were obtained by advertising recruitments. Likewise IDC expected the gain of 13 billion by e-recruitment on the global size till the entire year 2005. Almost 34 % individuals seeking a job use online web portals to get information, 46% prefer contacting hiring businesses, 77% use print out media so you can get aware of the work updates, 36% look through magazines, person to person as medium of job advertising campaign is utilized by 57% individuals while 33% immediately contact organizations(The Global Online Recruitment Tool, 2005).

Figure 1: The decrease in expenditure due to e-recruitment

Pie graph demonstration reveals the analysis of companies who have employed e-recruitment for selecting employees and the affect it produced on the outcomes of the companies. It is visible that 46% companies recognized that the starting point of e-recruitment in their business proceedings helped them to save lots of expenditure better than the original recruiting methods. As the earth is facing financial recession, the full total volume of job vacancies offered online may also get afflicted, thus accommodating only few job candidates to become part of the companies (Smyth, Bradley & Rafter, 2009). This can eventually happen due to constant downsizing in businesses and the inability to meet the current bills of present employees. With go up in unemployment, people will apply more online yet the employment proportion would remain minimal The job contraction do not guarantee, that the success of e-recruitment will get affected by any means rather the acceptance of the sensation will probably improve as people would use this less expensive means of communication for posting their cv. Same goes for organizations, that will prefer to spend less by exhibiting new job vacancy on their web portal thus keeping advertising expenditures. In a nutshell, e-recruitment is the original solution to the increasing job demands of people and employers.

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