Case Study-Introducing Scrum at P2P

How well is Scrum working?

This seems just like a 2-part project. Through the first part, it seems like the Scrum guidelines were adopted and substantial improvement was made on the task. The team has changed into a self-organizing group and confirmed signs that these were energized. Unfortunately, during the second part, the task strayed from Scrum guidelines which brought on the team to seem less energized and regretfully productivity has declined.

What will be the issues confronting the top Feet project?

The group active seemed off at first. Everyone wanted to be careful and to not enter other's way. Also, it appeared like there have been member on the team that got it between themselves to determine work they thought should be achieved first rather than focusing on a work structure as a team.

Assume you are Kendra. What do you want to say at the Retrospective? How could you say it?

If I got Kendra, I'd point out to the group that we appreciate how well everyone worked well together and we're able to have a much better view of the ups and downs in the job from the start. We still have some work before us so we have to get an improved handle on documenting and would be good for have some type of composition in the task to help us get this done in the brief amount of time that people do have.

What advancements or changes need to be made?

Prem should reestablish the methods used during the first part, he should take care of just the process, not whole project as the role of activity master. Prem needs to reiterate the guidelines, which can be sprint deadlines that can't be prolonged or the goals can't be changed after the sprint has started.

How could you examine Prem's performance as a Scrum Grasp?

In the beginning Prem seemed to be starting off on the right foot. However, as soon as there was an indicator of trouble through the second part Prem reverted to being truly a task get good at. Prem unfortunately found more assertive. Rather than telling the team how to proceed, he could have asked questions that could have helped the team to solve the problem independently. This isn't easy to do when you are under the gun but are self-confident you possess the answer. Prem appeared to make things worse when he would take control from the team with the daily scrum. The positive relationship that had developed through the first part acquired certainly vanished as team members no longer believed personally in charge of their jobs. The project likely suffered by not stimulating the collective know-how of the team.

Part B

How can you assess PSP work at introducing Scrum?

P2P fell short in endeavoring to present Scrum on the IT jobs. By the end of the project it seemed that all the folks have been dishonored and really the only benefit is that the project has been done in stages with the prospect for reviews and changes after each sprint. That is a considerable improvement over the original method, however the developing collaboration within the team has been lost.

What challenges does an organization like P2P face when implementing an Agile approach like Scrum?

The first challenge can be culture. For the most part the project managers over a team are trained to develop and control the project strategies. So, whenever a project clubs can control themselves, the project manager might not exactly always learn how to react.

A second task would be getting everyone to trust the procedure. All of the players in the project should believe that over time the job will be better off if time boundaries are not extended, changes aren't announced until after the sprint, and groups are given the liberty to control themselves.

What could P2P have done to enhance success?

It was a blunder for P2P to assume that by simply sending a project team to brief workshop would produce prolonged change in performance of the team. Learning to do things in a new way can take time. Especially true when the actions signify a thorough differ from how assignments were accomplished in the past. When things do go wrong people just get back to just how they used to do things.

It could have been expensive, but would have been a benefit if there could have been a person who could have worked with Prem so he could have played more the roll of the facilitator rather than a task master through the critical parts of the job. Some could say that they tried to do too much at one time. Sometimes it is better to bring in new things in phases when you can concerning not feel overwhelmed.

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