Causes of BP Deepwater Horizon Petrol Spill

1. Introduction

The concept of effective leadership presents a theoretical construction to analyse the research study Deepwater Horizon Mishap. The idea of an effective leader can be captured by the following basic principles

the leader will need to have a long-term and strategic eye-sight (what should be achieved? How should be achieved? Who should achieved an discovered goal?).

A innovator should be focused on people. This implies the id of instrumental goals, their effective communication, and human being beings' involvement. The involvement will depend on both on incentive system and participation. effective leaders are progressively characterised as being enablers - helping people and organisations to perform and develop. Therefore that the first choice has to achieve a superior alignment between people's needs and the goals of the organisation

The leader needs to balance, reconcile and combine opposite cultural ideals (Hofstede). The conflicting worth and cultural differences emerges whenever a leader handles stakeholders (consumers, environmental communities, trade unions). Hofestede (1978) identifies four aspect to analyse cultural value of countries. He describes the next elements
  • power distance
  • individualism vs collectivism
  • Masculinity vs. femininity
  • Weak vs. strong uncertainty avoidance
  • Long vs. short term orientation

2. THE TRUTH Study

The Deepwater Horizon Car accident was induced by the break free of hydrocarbons resulting in explosions and flames on the rig. In those days the social marketing emphasizes this automobile accident not for the death of eleven people and the wounded of seventh, but also regarding the main environmental damages (like the rig sank and the continuing move of hydrocarbons from the reservoir).

The following inspection reveal that

"The team didn't identify any solo action or inaction that brought on this accident. Somewhat, a sophisticated and interlinked group of mechanical failures, individuals judgments, anatomist design, operational implementation and team interfaces came together to allow the initiation and escalation of the incident. Multiple companies, work groups and circumstances were included as time passes. "

( BP 2010, 5)

Thus, the difficult situation in Mexican Gulf appear to be made by the control style, as they are unsuccessful of focusing creating a clear perspective and communication and training strong control to the organization. This statement presents a thought provoking situation to be able to analyse the behaviour and leadership design of three leaders (Tony Hayward, Bob Dudley, Barack Obama)

2. 1 Tony Hayward

At the time of natural disaster Tony Hayward was the Chief exec of BP. In coherence with Hofstede (1978), he proved a short term eye-sight in his communication activity. The Guardian (14 May 2010) signify that the Chief executive declared: "The Gulf of Mexico is an extremely big ocean. The amount of volume of petrol and dispersant we have been putting into it is tiny in relation to the total normal water volume". The identical article report the emerging conflicts between BP's initiatives ("to contain the spill had succeeded in dispersing the engine oil and preventing considerable amounts reaching the shoreline about the Gulf") and the environmentalists' concerns the unseen harm being done to marine life. Also, Tony Hayward "admitted that BP got made faults in its early respond to the problems. It initially refused to pay fishermen who were unable to produce written proof their normal revenue. " Instead, the key worry concerned talk about values and income distribution. The first choice also failed to package with the stakeholders disclosing an individualistic approach and short term perspective in firm's management style. This aspect was also uncovered by the vulnerable safety policy used by the BP company.

2. 2 Bob Dudley

Following the criticism related to Tony Hayward, Bob Dudley was chosen as the new Bp Chief Executive. Mr Dudley became a member of the mother board of BP before, as his most high-profile role was as the principle exec of BP's joint venture in Russia, exploiting petrol fields in eastern Siberia.

The BBC statement (2010) reveals: "Mr Dudley is broadly respected within the company, and from a PR viewpoint, it could help that he is American, not United kingdom. BP has often been referred to as "Public Enemy NUMBER 1" in the US since the oil spill. Now that the company is to be run by an American, it could make it in its fight to repair its reputation in america". In coherence with Hofestede (1978), this assumption underlines the implications of national distance on command identification and recruitment.

The Christian Research Screen (2010) also reports "BP's voice in America will no longer come with a British accent attached". The Religious Science Screen (2010) also indicates

"He's experienced the frying skillet. Dudley is not any stranger to rough situations. The engine oil business these days involves working in difficult ground, whether that's in physical conditions (a mile below the sea's surface) or politically. His work has taken him south China Sea, Angola, Algeria, and Egypt.

He's experienced the fire. He won't bring fresh eye to the Gulf. He's recently been one of BP's point men there - helping to orchestrate the failed "top destroy" and other efforts to connect the wellhead drip. His new role simply formalizes something chairman Svanberg acquired already released - that Hayward would soon relinquish day-to-day management of the spill response.

He's has shown some attention with words. This is important, because BP has both a public-image problem and legal difficulties - and those a couple of things can tug a corporate spokesman in various ways. One demands an air of forthrightness, the other for extreme care. "

In compliance with these empirical evidences an emergency management requires contingency theory can describe command style. In this example there's a unique way to lead a business, but the ideal course of action depends upon the inner and external situation (Mintzberg, 1979).

However, another criticism from Bob Dudley' s management style related to high moral and moral issues. This aspect emerges with his previous activities in Russia area.

2. 3 Barack Obama

The new leader folks, Barack Obama has signalled the motive to assign criminal charges in the Gulf of Mexico oil spill catastrophe. Mr Obama said his federal would do whatever it takes to clean the olive oil, adding that BP was liable and must pay.

This methodology can be equate the position of Obama compared to that of a innovator of social justice.

However, there some critical aspects

a. the sociable media illustrate that Obama was the game of golf during the essential oil crises;

b. nearly all People in america disapprove of how Mr Obama has maintained the crisis;

c. the Republicans accuse Mr Obama of exploiting the turmoil for his own political gain.

"We're working with an enormous and probably unprecedented environmental disaster.

"The petrol that is still seeping from the well could significantly damage the market and the surroundings in our Gulf areas.

"And it could extend for a long period. It might jeopardise the livelihoods of a large number of Americans who call this place home. "

, pledging to "bring those in charge to justice" if laws and regulations were broken. Chief executive Barack Obama sharpened his criticism of BP Plc and pressed the power giant to prevent the oil gushing from its ruptured well.

President Barack Obama has been criticised for the game of golf as the BP engine oil spill disaster proceeds Barack Obama has been criticised for carrying on to play golfing while petrol spills into the Gulf of Mexico. He has enjoyed at least seven times since the Deepwater Horizon rig exploded on April 20, creating America's biggest environmental devastation. Having already racked up 39 game titles since taking office, Mr Obama is approaching the record as the U. S. President spending the most time on the course. Republican Get together chairman Michael Steele has called on the Leader to stop participating in until the essential oil leak has been curbed. Steele said. . .

Speaking in Louisiana, .

He said the focus was now on protecting against any further harm to the Gulf shoreline.

BP says it will be at least weekly before temporary procedures to stem the leak are set up.

But it could take up to 90 days to drill alleviation wells which could fully support the spillage, Interior Secretary Ken Salazar warned on Weekend.

The Deepwater Horizon rig, that was carrying out work on behalf of BP, sank on 22 Apr, two days and nights after a huge explosion that killed 11 workers.

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal has warned the spill threatens just how of life in his express.

Mr Obama flew to Louisiana on Weekend to see for himself the harm.

Speaking in the town of Venice, he said: "We're coping with an enormous and possibly unprecedented environmental devastation.

"The olive oil that continues to be leaking from the well could seriously damage the economy and the surroundings in our Gulf areas.

"And it might extend for a long period. It might jeopardise the livelihoods of a large number of Americans who call this place home. "

Presidents use Oval Office addresses for what they respect as vital countrywide issues.

The speech came as thoughts and opinions polls suggest a majority of People in the usa disapprove of how Mr Obama has managed the crisis - the most detrimental environmental devastation in US history.

The Republicans were quick to criticise the address, with party chairman Michael Steele accusing Mr Obama of exploiting the crisis for his own politics gain.

on US politicians Obama Barack, with assumption instead of emphasis on reasonable debate by. . the incident failure was organized in actually fact was caused by individuals errs, speedily become clear that there is not much effort have set up. Regrettably for those undergoing pain in the gulf appears to be that the procedure will not include process urgency. it could well show that the democratic authority need to explain their accountability for decisions. A majority problem with democratic head styles is the senior managers are willing to give up the power, means the work place are intricate and highly contested concern in which makes democratic approaches to leadership extremely difficult.

We provide an obligation to research what went wrong and to know what reforms are needed so that we never have to see a crisis like this again, " said Mr Obama.

"When the laws and regulations on our catalogs are insufficient to avoid such a spill, the laws must change. If oversight was inadequate to enforce these laws, oversight has to be reformed.

"If our laws and regulations were broken, resulting in this death and damage, my solemn pledge is that people will bring those dependable to justice with respect to the victims of the catastrophe and the people of the Gulf region. "

, and US president

BP has servel LEADER, but they did not have the ability to demonstrate and donate to the situation solve and create a desired results.

In 2007 it was indruce to the business a new leader tony haywood in a which had taken a place of browne, haywood had the necessary potential and knowledge to operate a vehicle to company to success. Great leader are made not born.

The satisfaction of employees and communication was effective. indeed his ideas been put in place and concentrate in company volume of research show that Haywood are high on. and less demand the actually factors more specific was at leader's behavior charateristic. The leader has such difficulty In concentrate on systems maintenances, and meet up with the work criteria in which cause amounts of castrophry, disaster and remaining eleven people without live. Unwillingness in market leaders comprises negative affiliate with output subordinate.

The factors analysis produced two understandably behaviour dimensions, and variations in these behaviours associate to efficiency. One group of studies has accumulate date, however, matching to theory enhance a subordinate conception of a link between the effort and outcomes.

The command styles did not providing opportunities for discussion special professionals and (personnel in this technique management) the relationship between innovator and mangers wasn't predicated on trust, seemed overlooked to motivate their subordinates to do thing behind the capacities, the key problem of these. . were in communication and make the vision affect.

The direct responsible for essential oil in gulf in clean BOB Dudley where has been working in the field for such long but not long ago enjoy working for BP with position of managing, immediate explain that tony has genuine distinctions, he moved a firm forward also speak about that there surely is not recommendation that he acted incorrectly without knowledge that company will face problem in the future "history". The truth is, it damage not only the business "BP" but also have server impact environmental crises, to the travel and leisure, hospitals and industry animals. In a nutshell time Wayne lee and the new LEADER managed to clean the olive oil after eight a week.

But still data that the new cap place stemming of the oil flow the incident comes to attention the interesting styles and chacteristics " result from""

Some studies show that

Compare with tony which fail to establish higer but affordable standard and demand so that the other accept their responsibilities

. . It could been seen neither of these connect between work and outcomes, its accepted that

It can been see the failures are consequence of the dark part of charismatic leadership

distinction between managers and leader when Bob Dudley

Another criticism from Bob Dudley.

high honest and moral criteria.

Seems be to that the leader had not been in a position to perform is fuction

Feishman by harris 1969

The accident occurred on 20th Apr 2010 it was anticipated to maintains

http://www. mg. co. za/article/2010-06-23-bp-oil-spill-a-catastrophe-that-couldve-been-avoided

Telegraph. co. uk Jon Swaine and Robert winnett 05 june 2010

Bernard L. Weinstein Tom Chat Friday jully 2010 the Washington times


Bob Dudley

Bob Dudley managing to

How long did it take to tidy up?

Have been surfaced that

Mark Langford Thursday july 27

Ї The Guardian, Fri 14 May 2010 http://www. guardian. co. uk/business/2010/may/13/bp-boss-admits-mistakes-gulf-oil-spill?intcmp=239

Barack Obamal

Why do tony haywood tried out to resign

The fact he has been threet also the shareholder called to

instant communication and powerful competitive pressure, good,


The investigation have been done there's not really a such facts such intent where require court order, it conduct to a bottom line available or clear Regarding to result claim that the actually management was, While some market leaders use constructively others destrying them, matching to research the first choice or business wasn't a strong culture otherwise would not exist at all the other way around better even excellent company performe, the commit to met an optimistic response however the consequence was castrophry

Now Bob Dudley is a new which promise BP have that will do a better job?

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