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Over the last few decades, the process of globalization has created unprecedented opportunities for global business investment and trade. Many multinational companies are trying to broaden their international business by many access strategies. Central Steel Door corps is also on the path to globalize and combine. The corporation has been run for about 20 years; flourish in selling a line of steel industrial quality entrance doors, as well as the hardware and installing required for them. Sadly, when going into new market- Europe, the company's traditional success in finding sales help hasn't gone smoothly. There are some serious flaws in human resources management that the firm has found and judicious solutions to deal with those are necessary.


Four mistakes which the company has fulfilled.

Basic strategy

There are four errors Mel fisher, leader of Central Steel Door corps encountered while bringing in and maintaining skilled staff in European countries. One of these is irrational basis strategy, Fisher always utilize same way of expansion for all places: choose an area, establish a circulation centre, indulge a regional sales administrator, and then hand over authorities for these local director. He forgot the fact is that every country or area has the differences in culture, communal environment, intellectual standard of individuals, and working styles. Therefore same strategy can't be suitable for anywhere.

Recruiting advert strategies

Besides inefficient recruiting advertisement plan also created issues for company's development. Fisher decided to enroll local manager by advertising in International Herald Tribune. This technique not only restrict the number of audience- only read by people in European countries and by American expatriates, but it also represent a poor recruitment method- using Internet and magazines only, despite of features of other press resources. Hence, although his advertisements put in the Tribune's Internet website for about one month, he up to now has received 5 job applications. In there, one of them originated from a possibly practical candidate while other people appear has only experience in vacationing.

Compensation package deal and benefits

On the other hands, compensation deal and benefits are other factors to show mistake of Fisher's decision obviously. He temporarily transferred two American sales administrator to work into Europe and don't concern about changing their payment package. Higher living expenses of Europe on the whole and Belgium, Germany specifically when compare with those in US make these folks cannot balance their pocket money. Using the fixed sum of money in compensation program, it is unaffordable for folks living there. Therefore, after several months, fisher was up to date by the Belgian Government that his sales professionals owed thousands.

Host countries' laws

Finally, the fourth oversight is seen from the trouble of Fisher with sponsor countries' laws. Because of the bad performance of personnel in two syndication centers, he wanted to dismiss bout half of the employees. However, most of German staffs experienced written employment contract so he cannot flame anyone after twelve months of deal. The lack and unmindfulness made Fisher and his supervisor violate local government bodies.


Above flaws can cause many problems for Fisher's company. If I were in his position, I'd adjust or change the complete recruiting management because of its cardinal that defines the permanent development and trustworthiness of the company. At the start, I enhance the operation strategies. People always say that: "When in Rome do as Romans do" to focus on the value of learning other nations' cultures, communal conventions, working style etc. Conducting business is the process of procedure and satisfies what people needs and needs. Experience shows that employers who are unaware of such social norms faced greater complications in recruiting employees. Hence, entrepreneurs need to comprehend the basics of local people though and host countries' cultures. Furthermore, business produces and behaviors are constrained by government legislation. To avoid the 3rd Fisher's fault, it is admittedly that people have to build a good relation with government to enterprise swimmingly.

Furthermore, using effective advertising strategies will start more chances to find skilled labors. Beside Internet or newspaper publishers, there are varieties of methods such as internal job posting, recruitment agencies, school interview and so on or doing as these businesses which want to create new branch in Iran. Hiring certified bilingual personnel is often the most difficult troubles encountered by multinational organizations in Iran. After advertising and employing, they consider recruiting people who have quite stable skills and invest in training them more. These people both have knowledge about culture and local laws and regulations. It can benefit company run more efficient.

Last however, not least, as the progressively of bills, we'd be better to control compensation packages flexibly be based upon how high living standard of nation is. The related outcome for the low encourage pay system is major reason for staff's job dissatisfaction. To illustrate, according to a review in China recent years discovered that, the dominant reason behind local Chinese personnel to leaves their companies is to discover a new job with high salary and better treat. Many overseas MNCs have came to the realization this issues and establishing rewards and pay program to attract Chinese personnel. Higher salary, benefit, fringe benefits, house fund etc help people have comfortable life and encourage them contribute for their company enthusiastically.


To summarize, there are various complications that Fisher's multinational company functioning the Western market, especially his international human resources activities. Maybe it's basis strategy, recruiting advertisement, treat in pay and reimbursement package or even rules differences. These errors can prevent company's success and reduce their reputation. Fisher should realize challenges and change effectively. It really is valuable experience for everyone companies which want to develop their market.


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