Classical Management Vs Behavioral Management Business Essay

It is Traditional management and behavioral management. Quick comparison of the two methods simply, classical management treat efficiency and efficiency are the most important things. Whereas, behavioral management emphasis on human thoughts and human relationships.

The object of these ideas is same that concentrate on the way how employers can deal with well their employees and people's work. But they have different view indicate reach it. The traditional management theory says that it was devised to make more production and efficiency

The first I will bring in Taylor's Scientific Management.

He called "the father of medical management" tried out to increase efficiency through the successful utilization of recruiting as focus on the management of the work. He insisted to increase worker's efficiency, all duties have to be developed by methodical method. In detail, He analyzed and investigated about worker's morning and action to be able to determine the appropriate workload in methodical way. Because He thought uncertain workload should be fixed. And also who achieve their workload gets more income than who doesn't achieve it to encourage employees to reach their goal by division of labor and cooperative.

Here are main four medical management ideas.

˜ The introduction of true science

˜ Scientific selection of workers

˜ Workers knowledge education and development

˜ Cooperative between professionals and workers

This theory is not mismatch but cooperative harmony, not limited outcome, however the maximum outcome, the development for maximum efficiency.

Another theory is by Henri fayol who called the real father modern management.

Taylor mainly centered to only management to the task of the creation place, whereas Fayol tried out to confront with management of the whole corporate group.

He insisted that at management activities, six elements. It is specialized activities (production, manufacturing, handling), safety activities (goods and the cover of employees), commercial activity (purchase, deal, or exchange), funding activities (procurement of capital and operating), accounting activities (set of investments, balance sheet, cost, information), and management activities (planning, managing, directing, coordination, and control). He thought that as increasing the range of corporation, It end result will be that the amount of employees who treat materials or equipment increasing. So, management about these experts affects the success of the business. In undertaking the six management activities, it needs fourteen general guidelines. It is division of labor, power and self-discipline, responsibility, unification of the unification of demand, commanding, for the good thing about the complete subjection of people, maintenance, centralization, chain of hierarchy, order, fairness, and stableness of the work environment, leadership, and esprit de corps

The last theory I'm presenting is Maximum Weber's bureaucracy.

Today, bureaucracy be thought inefficiencies, inelasticity, and illegitimate electric power, but the preliminary bureaucracy keep a plenty of positive meanings. Weber (1864 ~ 1920) insisted that bureaucracy for logical and efficient working to a huge firm. Bureaucracy theory is fundamentally predicated on the idea about the framework of authority.

The characteristics of bureaucracy are that rules and strategies should be carefully formulated in case instability of business as making decision depended on administrator's subjective common sense. Administrators believe that it is most significant feature to modify and enact. And in addition the most crucial goal in the bureaucracy is efficiency. To reach it, they give to employees to specialized task. Employing this way managing by non-personalized, regardless of the ability of people, company has stableness maintenance.

When organizational environment is stable, and huge, such as armed forces organization or authorities agency no matter human element, It really is suitable system. But for speedily changing technology environment isn't appropriate.

As I described earlier, the traditional management plays a part in boost the work efficiency through mass production, but If concentrated only underclass in the factory sector, it just treat how to improve efficiency of them costing only there. Furthermore, it considered the staff as slaves of pay. It means that if employees have fair amounts of responsibilities, employees regarded as working machinery not human. And also there is no talk about about communication between one another or vertical human relationships.

To solve those problems, behavioral management came out. It focused on the way a director should personally have the ability to stimulate employees. Especially by The Hawthorne study, They were able to establish the main ideas of behavioral management. As Elton Mayo do four times experiment, He thought corporate and business business is the specialized and economic systems, as well as the interpersonal system. That is why Individuals are motivated by a variety of social and mental health factors as well as monetary incentives. So, informal organization is an important factor to determine a worker's attitude and performance. In detail, Development of effective way to speak between one another is important as one of the useful ways. By incorporating worker's satisfaction and productivity, it may bring increased organizational effectiveness

The Hawthorne study impact and present an possibility to improve the interest and know that the human things such as people's thoughts, attitudes, wishes, and social relationships etc in organization. Role is vital for productivity. Quite simply, human is the main element of operating to useful and rational business. It means determination not economics should be emphasize with the interpersonal characteristics of the work environment. At end result, Happy employees can make higher performance.

Abraham Maslow also one of who believe that the behavioral management. At "Motivation and personality (1964), he suggested a five hierarchy of dreams. In other words, the human aspire to can be found as physiological needs (physiological needs), basic safety needs (safeness needs), cultural needs (public needs), need to value (esteem needs), and self-actualization need (self-actualization needs).

Another person is Douglas McGregor. He insisted that there is a theory X has negative view about human being and theory Y has positive view. Theory X is consistent with the views of the technological management. Individuals hates to do work formerly, tends to avoid responsibility. They just use short term perspective. On the other hand, Theory Y is insisted by people who advocate for real human relations activities based on the basis of modern anthropology.

Contributions and limits of behavioral management perspective

Behavioral management perspective, the humans of current and future leaders to improve output is an integral element of the business was seen as a mere machine, by the classical management perspective obviously needed to reassess.

The other side, however, as well as intricate and abstract as a theory and there are many professionals reluctant to adopt behavioral concepts, have each different claim limits are creating confusion in the selection of the executive

Comprehensively, Behavioral management donate to reassess from traditional management regarding human being is some sort of machine to that individual is key factor of improving productivity.

However, the other hands, they have limitation not only too much complex and abstract concerning do real action, but also creating confusion in the selection of executive

Now, you can view the difference between classical management and behavioral management. The classical management is based on the attaining results, not motivations. But behavioral management is dependant on employee habit, satisfaction and expectation. Both of them are to attain their goals, however, One of them emphasizes regulation and how best to the work, another is stresses welfare of the personnel and how to motivate workers to improve production.


Most of companies treat guests as ruler, but Southwest Airline's king is staff.

When you think that treating employees as a ruler not gests, it might seem 'is the corporation alright?'. But actually, Southwest Airline was registered No. 1 company for making their customers satisfaction and having margin during twenty years. Isn't it ironic? Why they are simply No. 1 company doing this nice to employees

It is due to their management which is when employees please, it is working as inspiration. So they will offer the most satisfaction to customers. Actually, It is based on the reason see your face who may have love their company, can do nice to customers.

Southwest Airlines makes atmosphere to employees without be discouraged. For instance, If Customers to insult the staff, they share "you don't need to use our flight only I'm sorry. Uniformly they just say "please use other airlines next time. ". This atmosphere can make employee's habit without restriction to do humorous and kindness normally.

They work and make decision independently values under the thinking that when they do right thing, company will protect them.

Of course, They feel themselves as face of the business alternatively than machine, it can be motivate factor to do works

Southwest Airlines is great example showing that how powerful the employee's voluntary system is.

Hurb, Kehelor who is representative before said "By giving independence without warnings or instructions, employees make decisions independently. And by providing opportunities to make errors, they have overall flexibility on activities and thoughts. It occurs they can think by aspect of customers that the actual best is"

Like he said, their good works is comes from trust, and trust.

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