Coca Cola uses SWOT evaluation to gain access to their performance


Coca Cola can be an enormously familiar company. Identification is one of its bigger strengths that are almost unrivaled. Coca Cola is known very well across the world. It's branding is clear and renowned. The custom logo of Coca Cola is one of the most famous things on the planet. Some individuals buy coke, not only due to its taste but because it is extensively accepted and they feel like they are part of something so big and unifying. Overpowering is a good word to describe Coca Cola's reputation. It is terrifying to feel that its popularity has been constantly growing through the years and the likelihood that there is still room to grow. In the event that you speak the words "Coca Cola", it could definitely be regarded all around the world. Money is another thing that is power of the business. Coca Cola handles massive amounts of money all year. Like all businesses, they experienced their pros and cons financially, however they have done well in this area and will carry on and do well and improve. The money they are making is substantially better than most beverage companies, and with that money, they put back to their own company so that they can improve. Another strength that is vital to Coca Cola is customer loyalty. The 80/20 rule comes into effect in this situation. Eighty percent with their profit originates from 20% of the devoted customers. Many people/people are extremely loyal to Coca Cola. It could not be exceptional to constantly find containers and conditions of something such as coke in a residence. It seems that some individuals would drink coke religiously like some people would drink normal water and milk. That is an improbable feat.


Coca Cola is an extremely successful company, with limited weaknesses. However they do have a number of weaknesses that require to be dealt with if indeed they want to rise to the next level. Person to person is probably a durability and weakness of every company. While many people have good stuff to state, there a wide range of people who are against Coca Cola as a corporation, and the products in which they produce. While people will have their views, you have to try to sway their negative views. If bad responses and views are placed out to individuals who have yet to try Coca Cola products, then which could produce a lost customer which shows why word of mouth is a weakness. Another aspect that could be seen as a weakness is the lack of popularity of many of Coca Cola's drinks. Many beverages that they produce are extremely popular such as Coke and Sprite but the corporation has around 400 different drink types. The majority are unknown and seldom seen for available purchase. These beverages do not probably tastes bad, but are rather due to low profile or nonexistent advertising. This is a weakness that needs to be looked at when examining their company. Another weakness that has been greatly publicized is medical issues that encompass a few of their products. It really is known a popular product like coke is not so beneficial to the body as well as your health. With today's continuous shift to health products, some products may loose customers.


Coca Cola has a few opportunities in its business. It includes many successful brands that it should continue to exploit and pursue. Coca Cola also offers the opportunity to advertise its less popular products. With a sizable income it gets the available money to place many of these other drinks on the marketplace. This could be very good for the company if they could start retailing these other products to the same magnitude that they are doing with the main products. Another opportunity that we have observed being put to use before is the ability for Coca Cola to buy out their competition. This opportunity hardly ever presents itself in the world of business. However, with Coca Cola's power and success, such an activity is not impossible. Coca Cola has bought out a many amount of drink brands. An easy way to turn their profit into the profit is too buy out their company. Brand popularity is the significant factor influencing Cokes competitive position. Coca Cola is known well throughout 90% of the world population today. Now Coca Cola would like to make it happen brand known better still and possibly get closer and closer to 100%. It really is an opportunity that a lot of companies will ever before imagine, and will be a supreme accomplishment.


Despite the actual fact that Coca Cola dominates its market, it still must deal numerous threats. Despite the fact that Coca Cola and Pepsi control almost 40% of the whole drink market, the changing health-consciousness frame of mind of the marketplace could have a significant influence on Coca Cola. This definitely needs to be looked at as a prominent threat. Nowadays, people are constantly attempting to improve their eating and drinking habits. This could directly have an effect on the sale of Coca Cola's products. Another possible concern is the legal side of things. There are always problems with a corporation of such supreme wealth and popularity. Someone is always trying to find problem with the best and take them down. Coca Cola must be careful with lawsuits. Other dangers are of course the competition. Coca Cola's main competition being Pepsi, offers a very similar drink. Coca Cola needs to be cautious that Pepsi will not turn into a far more successful drink. Other product such as juices, espresso, and milk are hazards.

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