Countdowns ways of communication and organisation

The work was done to get the data about the importance of communication in development of company. Countdown selects as the company to collect the info and role of communication in development of the organisation. Countdown has effective way of communication within and outside of the organisation.

The management and team of the company, recognizes their wider goals and they have a specific knowledge of whom and what they are and how they intend to operate.

The management of countdown have conferences every week so these are kept current plus they can discuss any problems that contain occurred. Organisation uses all kinds of written communication on a daily basis such as e-mail and memo form and every week and fortnightly characters that are delivered to the personnel.

Countdown offers a lot of support with their employees. The communication is utilized to regulate the environments. You will find no communication barriers when it comes to gender, culture, race, greed or disabilities so there is no tolerance to any difference between your staff.


Business communication is an activity whereby information is encoded and imparted by the sender to a receiver via route /medium. The receiver then decodes the subject matter and gives the sender opinions.

The communication process requires just four elements

1. A message

2. A source of this message

3. A communication channel

4. A receiver

In real life of trade and commerce, additional elements apply though. The info that you would like to share must been coded into transmittable form, transmitted, and then decoded by the receiver.

A further factor which is necessary is noises, which is any thing that tends to distort the note at any level in the machine. The final element in the process is responses, which tells the sender if the meaning was received and how it was perceived by the prospective. The reviews is also the foundation for planning.

The sender discovers the way the communication maybe increased by deciding how well the meaning was received.


Message channel

Destination receiver




Information source

A generalised communication system

(overton, 2002)

The Countdown decides as the organisation for investigating to get the entire information of have an effect on of communication and exactly how communication affects the organization's performance.

Purpose of the study:

The reason for the analysis was to learn about the impacts and role of communication in organization's performance and development.


Business demographics:

Businesses require effective business examination in order to maintain competitiveness in a highly competitive business community. Effective business analysis entails taking information collected from a variety of sources and examining for the purpose of forecasting future fads, finding ways to make improvements in business strategies, bettering businesses businesses, and making smart business decisions to increase the company's important thing. Understanding key marketing areas is essential to helping a small business generate earnings and cut down on excess throw away.

Several factors in today's retail market place are driving the need for differentiation and customer emphasis. Retailers that are customer targeted embody these characteristics

Deep understanding of the needs, shopping preferences and targets of their best customers across all programs, touch factors, products and services

High priority located on using customer insights to drive decisions in merchandising, charges and promotions, customer service, and marketing and communications.

Consideration given to both the emotive facet of the shopping experience or how their customers feel about shopping with them and how they would like to connect to them, and the tactile performance or how their customers use their products or services.

Prioritization of purchases based on conditions that define a successful shopping experience for their best customers. Progressive proudly owns and performs 150 Countdown, Woolworths and Food town supermarkets, utilizing over 18, 000 kiwis right throughout New Zealand. The organisation delivers something range and prices that equate to exceptional value for over 2. 5 million New Zealanders who visit in the stores each week.

In addition to enhancing the stores, management and team are committed to doing the most effective that can they do for the neighborhoods and the surroundings.

The countdown supermarkets have happily been providing food to New Zealanders for 80 years which is the team of the company that really make the difference. Through great teamwork this business will go from power to power.

"For us, retailing is focused on people. Within New Zealand we are the largest retail company with over 18, 000 employees. We plan to invest up to $1 billion over another five years to better provide our customers - beginning 3-5 new Countdowns and refurbishing 18-20 stores each year. Our people make us Intensifying. ". Peter Smith - Managing Director

Progressive recently released a $150-$200 million capital expenditure programme that may fund the development of 3-5 new supermarket and 18-20 refurbishments over the existing store network each year for the next five years.

Goal of the company:

"We're working significantly harder than ever before to make our stores greener, " says Managing Director Peter Smith. "Actually, Progressive is focused on assisting to achieve a standard 40% decrease in our company's carbon footprint by 2015 (on projected development levels), providing our emissions back again to 2006 levels. "

With this goal at heart, Progressive is presenting old sustainable principles to lessen environmentally friendly footprint of all stores. New technology Countdown supermarkets will include improvements such as

increased use of natural light

freezer night-blinds which hold the cool air in when the store is closed

building management systems which reduce high electricity consumption

recycling high temperature from refrigeration coils

New more environmentally friendly refrigerant gases used to perform the entire refrigeration and freezer requirements of the store.

In addition to these inventions, across all Countdown, Food town and Woolworths supermarkets are apply a pack-7 rule to lessen the quantity if plastic bags customers take out of our stores, give a range of re-usable carriers including some exclusively created by Trelise Cooper and produce eco-friendly each week catalogues.

Culture and ethics:

Communication is not used to control employees, however the managers use communication to regulate the environment and let the culture emerge from the individuals. They suggest "Culture is communication and communication is culture" which culture is a specialised lifestyle of several people. In Barnett & O'Rourke (2006)

Social activities are organised in the organisation on regular basis. Countdown is focused on providing a work place which makes sure everyone is cured with dignity, courtesy and esteem whether in the workplace or at a corporation function. All employees are aware about the anti-discrimination key points. Employees have equal accesses to the great things about career, training, and special offers.

Countdown offers a lot of employee support and through this create a advanced of trust, friend ship, commitment and esteem. As employees are entering the organisation the, rules, restrictions and future course of countdown are created clear. As these are integrated management also makes aware the employees to have a great time while following regulations. This pieces the organisations overall culture. Communication is employed to control the environment so staffs know about organisation's anticipations.

Countdown not only comes with an overall structure but the culture in addition is carried out into the individual departments. As each office has their own work place a sub culture is created.

If any employee they have been or are experiencing discrimination, harassment or bullying, they are encouraged to make a problem to their line manager or human resources manager.

Management of knowledge resources:

Knowledge Management efforts typically focus on organizational targets such as improved performance, competitive advantage, development, the showing of lessons discovered, integration and continuous improvement of the company. KM attempts overlap with organizational learning, and could be recognized from that by a greater concentrate on the management of knowledge as a strategic asset and a focus on encouraging the sharing of knowledge. Kilometres initiatives can help individuals and categories to share valuable organizational insights, to reduce redundant work, to avoid reinventing the steering wheel per se, to lessen training time for new employees, to maintain intellectual capital as employees turnover in an organization, and adjust to changing surroundings and market segments (McAdam & McCreedy 2000) (Thompson & Walsham 2004).

The supervisor and professionals distributed their experience and knowledge with the employee in working out portions and on the standard basis as they want it. Countdown management team change well know about the value of understanding of resources.

Countdown staff has to have in person communication with each other throughout of the management. The management team shares their knowledge and experience by face to face communication and staff also likes to show their knowledge with each other. It provides the desire to the countdown team.

Group dynamics:

In organizational development (OD), or group dynamics, the term "group process" refers to the understanding of the behaviour of men and women in communities, such as process groups, that want to solve a difficulty or make a decision. A person with know-how in 'group process, like a trained facilitator, can assist an organization in accomplishing its purpose by diagnosing how well the group is functioning as a problem-solving or decision-making entity and intervening to improve the group's operating behavior.

Countdown management team is aware of the value of Group dynamic as it is influence the introduction of team as this technique motivate staff to become more honest, faithful and hardworking towards work area. Countdown has many ways for group dynamics. All employees can declare any interest they might have that may adversely affect the business.

If employees are concerned about their own situation than they recommended talking to their manager therefore the issue can be clarified and resolved.

Countdown management team really supportive to the staff and personnel easily discuss their situation with the management. The countdown team have face to face communication. They may have the group meetings to discuss the improvement and issues of staff weekly with in each section. The countdown has two conferences in a week as on within each section with their director and one with the management of the countdown.

Communication in Meetings:

The countdown management team has meetings every week where they reflect over what has occurred since the last reaching and discuss any problems they have got encountered.

"The ultimate way to have an idea is to have a great deal of ideas"(Barnett & O'Rourke, 2006, p. 312). This shows the goal of having the assembly and it is clear countdown follow this theory. The minutes and agendas are documented for each appointment in case any professionals are absent, they may be kept current by the Store Administrator, who also distributes summaries of the conferences to everyone via email.

To encourage the wider goals to be performed, it is vital that all staff that is currently working in countdown is targeted in the same route. This is inlayed when new employees are told about the eyesight and mission declaration at the induction level so they know what organisation means and the direction that are going in.


Person, group, or group that has direct or indirect stake in an organization because it make a difference or be influenced by the organization's actions, targets, and plans. Key stakeholders in a business company include collectors, customers, directors, employees, authorities (and its own firms), owners (shareholders), suppliers, unions, and the community from which the business pulls its resources. Although stake-holding is usually self-legitimizing (those who judge themselves to be stakeholders are de facto so), all stakeholders are not equal and different stakeholders are entitled to different things to consider. For example, a firm's customers are entitled to reasonable trading procedures but they are not entitled to the same thought as the firm's employees.

External stakeholders

Internal stakeholders











www. Wikipedia. org

Countdown provides the company environment confirming on online site for the stakeholders. They update their online site on regular basis as stakeholders considering the company. They offer all information about the company that can help to the stakeholders. Countdown has online assisting service supplying every information that stakeholder thinking about.

The company has e-mail system that supporting customers to get understanding of the special running on the stores and much more information about the business and its own development.

Countdown organised meeting with the stakeholders such as government formal, suppliers ect. the reaching is the ultimate way to talk to the stakeholders and jointly the information about anticipations of stakeholders towards company.

Communication Solutions within the business (sites):


The organisation management teams are all allocated computers. This gives them usage of all data that are necessary which are specific with their role. Emailing is the key way to obtain communication used. Because of this, it is efficient so staff is able to go about their day to day routine and pass information on quickly. Because of new software changing constantly it's important that the personnel are current with the technology, but as this is time consuming and costly, company have not yet improved to the new version of Microsoft 2007.


Telephones play a significant role in communication. The management team at countdown has allocated store cell phones in each section. That is to ensure staff, whether they are part or regular are able to communicate with the managers throughout their shift if something took place plus they needed assistance.

Forms of written communication:

Countdown use's all kinds of written communication on the day to day basis.

An exemplory case of written communication is their uses of memo for inter personnel information. These memos provide progress information on the weekly basis. The company also uses email to communicate with staff. That is observed in countdown especially challenging professionals having their own email. Another example is some schedules for inventory are written and are then transformed to electronic safe-keeping. It is critical the copy of the written information is exact. Another main form of written communication is the weekly and fortnightly notifications that are sent out to individual departments, praising staff and enabling staff know of the updates and presenting and inviting new arrivals in the store.


The communication performs important role in development of organisation. Communication influences the employees of the organisation. Communication is the best way to clarify conflict and take care of them. All types of communication are essential in an company. Countdown management is aware of this is of communication as they have got all types of communication in the company. Countdown have in person communication, written communication, electronic communication ect. The company has anti-discrimination and equivalent job opportunity. The company clears their goal and prices in working out section to the new employees. The management team is supportive to the employees in every ways. Countdown has quite effective means of communication in the company. The management and their team have clear perspective of the company. The organisation needs step-by-step for the development and complete team participate in achieving the goal.


Countdown has effective way of communication but company must encourage downward to upward communication. Because lower degree of employees communicates only using their manager if they have any situation and supervisor can consult with the management. They should have direct communication with the management.

The company has social activities on regular basis but organisation should have social day once in a yr. It can help in understanding different civilizations and boosts communication between personnel from different culture.

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