Cultural factors are important

This essay will demonstrate why cultural factors are essential for international marketer. This essay will also clarify why international marketer should have understanding of different cultures and just why this factor has significantly important to make any business strategies. If indeed they have sufficient knowledge of cultures they can make good and acceptable approaches for their business. It's the important to know culture before marketer go across the border.

This world becomes a worldwide village and it creates many opportunities for businessmen to travel over the border to expand his/her business. As thought full international marketers who are worried about culture, cultural diversity and the method of communication of the several countries where they would like to initiate their business, they should have understanding of culture of particular country. THE EARTH has some 6000 communities and as much distinct languages. Such difference obviously contributes to diversity of vision, values beliefs, practice and expression which all deserve equal respect and dignity. The successful international marketer have to know the values of each different culture and language of this definite country. The international migration rate keeps growing fast every year and by reason of this possible for the managers to acquire the awareness of the several culture and language.

As discussed by Greet Hofsted (2003, P-5) "Culture is a mental software" This statement give you an idea about that culture are not inherited but culture always learned. Like software applications a mind is programmed to make decisions in the light of what he felt, heard, learned. A guy learned his culture from the social environment. Culture is large and integral part of our everyday lives. It is our beliefs, values, behaviours and material objects that induce our life-style. It's the human nature. There are two types of cultures one part is tangible. This includes things like building and art like that. The other part is opposite to it that includes things such as religion, philosophy, ideas and beliefs.

The word culture encapsulates spiritual, intellectual and emotional top features of society or a social group and also lifestyle, means of living together values of system, tradition and beliefs. " A cultural subgroup differentiated by status, ethnic background, residence, religion or other factors that functionally unify the group and act collectively on each member. " (Geert Hofsted 2001)

At the start of this essay one term used "Globalization" that is why it is very important to describe subculture as well. Taking exemplory case of England, there are more and more people living who've different culture. All together England has one culture but in this culture there are different sub cultures. One geographic boundary will not indicate one culture.

As early as 1950 David Riesman distinguished between a majority, "which passively accepted commercially provided styles and meanings, and a 'subculture' which actively sought a minority style and interpreted it in accordance with subversive values"(Middleton 1990). In other words, subcultures are good of individuals who, through a variety of methods, promote themselves in opposition to the mainstream trends of the culture if the subculture is characterized by systematic opposition to the dominant culture. If the subculture is characterised by systematic opposition to the dominant culture, then it can be described as a counterculture.

McDonald's is one of the biggest junk food chains nowadays and they are successive because they understand the value of culture and subculture. That's the reason they have branches all around the globe. McDonald's is very much indeed successful in every cultures because before they launching their branch in new country or new culture they study immense about their culture and when it does not do this they neglect to do business. In all different countries culture is different for example in Europe culture differs and in Asia its completely different.

This example will describe the value to have knowledge of subcultures and why it is the most crucial to consider culture factor central core of earning policy. In USA vegetarians people protest against McDonald and their point was McDonald frying chips(fries) with other non vegetarian products in same oil. This thing happened in India as well, In India almost all of people are vegetarian. It really is a part of their religion as well. Management team was sensible the study culture more at length plus they formulate new policies how to minimize these problems for example they start using vegetable oil. They make ingredients charts and stick it on front so that customer can see details etc.

The other example is HSBC bank the lender known to be World's local bank. Why they think that because they may have very clear strategy about culture. HSBC got branches all over the world and getting great response from all around the globe. "We know that employing diverse people makes us more adaptable to new situations. This not only about gender, ethnicity, disability or age: it is about respecting individuals and treating everyone, customers and colleagues, with dignity" (http://www. ukpersonal. hsbc. co. uk).

Following example will make clear that cultural factor is central core of marketing policy. When HSBC launch their business in Islamic countries like Middle East, Pakistan. They study Islamic terms and how they can attract customers giving them services according with their religion and culture. Like it mentioned above that world becomes global village even in London there are more and more people living how have different cultures. HSBC made strategies to concentrate on sub cultures as well. HSBC started Amanah banking that is Islamic banking. HSBC started this just to attract Muslim customers. "At its heart, HSBC Amanah premier gives you a suite of financial loans that comply with the highest standards of Shaiah authenticity. Structured under the strict supervision in our world-renowned Shariah scholars, our selection of Amanah products focus on all of your banking needs". (http://www. hsbcamanah. com/amanah/personal/premier)

At the finish it is essential for the international marketers to acquire vast knowledge of cultures. If indeed they have inadequate information about culture then it is impossible for them to conduct business in specific country or culture. Managers should have knowledge sufficient knowledge of culture values to avoid any ethical dilemma. Most importantly mentioned reasons proves it that cultural factor should considered central core of marketing policy.

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