Dimensions of Trompenaars

Before enter in a different country it is necessary for the business to do some studies in the several areas. It is important to be analyzed things such as laws, economic environment, challengers, eventual suppliers and one of the main is to investigate the culture of the area. The social background of individuals is important to be analyzed because by doing so the products the business enterprise offers and their design can be reconsidered to be able to fit and therefore, sell effectively. And the main reason for examining and understanding the social background of the region, the business enterprise is going into in is simply because individuals may become customers for the future.

Therefore, the Trompenaars' 7 dimensions will be utilized to analyze carefully the socio-culture in UAE. The trompenaars' 7 dimensions are being used all over the world and are internationally regarded. Our consultancy team is therefore certain that is the perfect choice to analyze the backdrop environment of United Arab Emirates, because not carefully examined market, simply means, failing.

The relation to nature

According to the Muslim holy reserve, the Koran, it sometimes appears that the nature and the man are created by Allah, which underlines the equality between individual and mother nature. Companies that follow such culture can be in comparison to outer-directed; therefore, they feel responsible for the well of the nature. However, that will not indicate that they treat the nature as equal or as God could have wanted. For instance, in the Religious religion, it is said that God created both individuals and nature, but not every Religious believers would treat the type as identical or protect "her". And except this reality, the entire world has globalized which means that in a country can be found people from different religions.

On the other side, an inner-directed culture is convinced that people are an integral part of the type. But this reality does not make sure they are more liable to the nature but, because they believe that the type is the main one dictated their actions, therefore, matching to them, these actions cannot be regarded as danger to the nature.

Moreover, it's important to know what materials are being used for the creation of the products. That may be found out by learning the cultural backdrop, because it says much, but this research can go much deeper. It's important for IKEA to learn if the customers in UAE like natural elements for their furniture or another kind of materials. By knowing this IKEA's products can fit better on the market environment and sell better.

The regards to time

The relation to time is about days gone by, present and future.

When the introduction of Dubai began, the individuals wanted to keep the Islamic culture and were concerned how to go the culture to the next decades. But by the years and the monetary and infrastructural development has better, and folks from different countries have come, the vision to the has evolved. Before going into in a new market with different culture, for managers, it is important to be aware and understand of how the people control their time in this culture and, therefore, adjust to it.

Universalism vs. Particulirism

The third point of the 7 measurements of Trompenaars is about having described to which group the Islamic culture belongs.

That might be hard to have it defined because, for instance, european people seen the Islamic culture more particular, but to others it might appear as more universal. No matter this simple fact, in UAE could be found more than only the Islamic culture. Different people from different countries have transferred to UAE and, therefore, they might seem either more widespread or particular.

For mangers is important before acting in the new area to consider and adapt to the people who have either widespread or particular way of doing business.

Individualism vs. Communitarianism

When joining in a new business area with different social background it is important to know very well what the population in this country is. Knowing the orientation of individuals would prevent happenings such as doing everything on somebody's own in a communitarian population or fulfilling a individualist in the same contemporary society, both will have a negative effect.

What can be said for UAE as basic is that the populace there is supposed to become more communitarian oriented because of its Islamic history. However, as mentioned previously many times in UAE could be met folks from different countries with different cultural backgrounds.

Internal vs. External

The majority of folks in the UAE have an internal locus of control which lays again in their culture values. On their behalf Allah is the one that who determine their destiny, if something good happens for the reason that that person does well, if it's the other way around it is Allah's punishment. But that may be also regarded as External locus of control, just because a person with truly internal locus of control would not assume that God is punishing him, but that he previously failed on his own, or have received on his own. However, no subject the mixture of ethnicities in UAE, all individuals assume that the fate is at their own hands.

Neutral vs. Emotional

The Islamic culture is a culture where emotions are more often expressed in comparison to other cultures. For instance, the Western european culture is also psychological culture on a very advanced, but that will not necessarily mean that the thoughts are expressed in the same way. Even when a certain culture is stated as Emotional, by heading more southwards or northwards, a notable difference in the way of expressing thoughts could be found. Irrespective the actual fact how mental the Islamic culture is, the folks from this culture tend to be to not show everything and there are emotions that they conceal for themselves, however the people from this culture are incredibly open-minded and friendly.

Specific vs. Diffuse

A simple example can be given which will clearly point out the difference between these two. In the specific cultures, the boss, for illustration, is dealing with his subordinates in a certain business way, but if they meet beyond your boss, could respond and behave in different ways which does not show his higher-level over this person in their office. Alternatively, it is the diffuse culture where the boss stays on the boss irrespective of where his subordinate matches him/her.

However, from the difference coming from all the cultures put together in the UAE, could be attained people from both specific and diffuse civilizations. Therefore, the European, American or Chinese managers need to identify with what kind of individuals they will deal in their business environment and be aware of it.

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