Do Customers Want a Standardised Product?

"Customers no more want a standardised product and their expectations determine quality, Differentiation and Customisation should therefore replace standardisation as the best way to meet those prospects in the hospitality sector" - To what extent does one concur or disagree this aspect?

It can be seen that customers would like standard quality of goods and facilities they consume in their daily life. Change in their needs may sometimes create discontent to the customers and absence of delightfulness is seen. Combined with the product being standardised it is mandatory for that to also be of approved quality. This declaration falls true in case of "High Quality Product attracts more Volume of Customers". One can get benefited by adopting the Standardisation insurance policy as the rules and regulations of the particular company would be the same and hence the task of the business runs effortlessly as the plans are determined as per the rules. Standardisation helps in getting expected quality of goods to the customers and their anticipations determine the quality which they want to understand.

The importance of Standardisation can be known by linking it with quality of service identified by the customers. Customers want better quality of service at standardised level. For example, if in a pizza hut restaurant, one table gets proper personalised attention with quick service and the other desk does not get the same level of service when compared then this causes high quality of dissatisfaction amidst the clients getting low quality of service. This factor will not create pleasure to the customers and would not meet their expected benchmarks as well as their anticipations. It is not each and every time that customization proves to be better but also standardization helps customers to fulfil their requirements in their day to day life. Though it is rightly said that customisation methods to modify the items as per the customers individual requirement and choice but standardization is to keep carefully the uniformity of the merchandise designed and keeping its expectations.

Standardisation methods to comply with a uniformly pre-described set of norms, consistently by standardizing any product. Standardized product offers better quality of service. As the merchandise and commodities are standardized it becomes easy to provide service in accordance of the same. In other sense customization means making changes in particular product according to the customer's need and desires. This can help customers making their own choice about any standardized product. Customization and Standardization either of two satisfies customers needs in their own terms and services. Considering all such factors customization and differentiation can be substituted by standardization predicated on some norms and policies.

One of the benefits of standardization is the cost effectiveness leading to high price. Compared to pizza hut you can spot the price success of the restaurant. There are costly food in the restaurant which are not actually afforded by lower school of people even if they desire the pizza hut food. Further, if the products and commodities are standardized reliability and uniformity is taken care of and it becomes easy to work so the management runs smoothly and efficiently. Adding to this, it is also necessary for a restaurant to plan its future uncertainties and certainties affecting the business. Likewise on other be aware, there are a few negatives of standardization impacting on the creativity of any personnel employed in a particular sector. Referring to Pizza Hut restaurant, it can be discovered that as all the procedures and recipes are standardized, this shows death of one's own private touch and also kills their ingenuity. Also for your, to make staff and employees understand their work properly it becomes compulsory to provide them with required training and then for that high cost is imposed on such activity which brings about increase in labor cost factor. As all the work and the procedures are standardized lack of motivation is being provided to the employees, somehow leading to dissatisfaction for the employees. On other aspect adopting standardization policy fails to fulfill customers predicated on their needs and needs as everything are standardized no further changes can be produced as per their own choice but contrasting this to pizza hut, they help us customizing the merchandise we want to some degree.

The bottom of standardization is the guidelines determined at the time of development of the standardized products and services. Companies marketing their products and services abroad are faced with the decision of whether to standardize or adapt their product offerings. The standardization of products across cultures is becoming increasingly an important concern nowadays that is difficult to follow for some company. Standardization plan means to sell the same product throughout the world making no changes even at one particular place, as this retains the uniformity around the world of such company or brand. Increasing this, as all the products are standardized it becomes possible for the making and development committee to manufacture the products uniformly according to the requirements across the world. Doole and Lowe (2008), mainly advocate product standardization. In their observation, Doole and Lowe (2008), point out that the standardization dialogue leads at one extreme, a worldwide approach in which everything in the international marketing activity is standardized in every countries as standardizing the many elements of the marketing process gets the aim of level economies in production thereby leading to improved upon efficiency. As the globe becomes smaller and the marketplaces are seen as being the same, others have been advocating a standardized product strategy as they view the market to be exactly like it is becoming increasingly homogeneous. Further, Doole and Lowe (2008) point out that if the product is not attractive or appealing to the clients, then no amount of sales promotion, appropriate route of circulation or decrease in price will achieve the marketing target. Hence, physical design, brand, quality, packaging, sturdiness, flavor and services mounted on the product are extremely important from the marketing perspective.

It is an obvious thing a product's appearance, function, and support constitute what the customer will in actuality buy. Therefore, it is vital for managers to absorb the personal preferences and tastes of their product deals in addressing their customers. Further, in handling product components, product planning and development entails careful planning with the customer at heart. Thus suggesting that, the decisions are required to be studied regarding product range, packaging, branding, quality, labeling and other top features of the product. Within the question concerning whether to standardize or adjust, a product made for market should be in line with the needs and expectations of consumers. Contrasting this to pizza hut, it can be seen that if the product is attractive it generates delight to the clients and make sure they are desire about the particular item. A customer gets attract experiencing the marketing strategies of the restaurant providing facilities perceived by the customers fulfilling their individual desires and needs. In pizza hut we can see that the menu at different branch of it varies and is of interest which allures more customers and also the advertising element takes on a essential role for the same. It is also required for such brand to check on whether the qualities of the merchandise they are using are of standard quality or not.

According to the knowledge of the authors, standardization is a practice of setting similar characteristics for a particular good or service. Lundeteg, A. (2012) also implies a standardized methodology as a "one size will fit all" approach". It can be seen that the standardization of products across cultures is increasingly becoming an important issue that the managers of global companies are facing today. Adding to this, Valdez (2011) highlights that those firms carrying out a standardization strategy go into foreign market segments using the same adverts, deals and presentations that were found in the domestic market. Because making new advertising, packages and product lines is expensive, standardization requires less investment as compared to other such policies of the business. Pizza hut brand also uses these norms, as inside our day to day life we can see that the brand is trying to achieve success more by offering affordable offers to the clients also by delivering their desired product at home and also by announcing services and strategies on the market by attractive adverts and publicity for the same. Thus, such adoption of strategy helps more customers to entice towards such facilities.

According to Kustin (1994) to make a marketing plan, the kind of market is important to be considered and additionally the degree of standardization must be thought well. Down the road it is mentioned that the product standardization takes on more of a large role in durable and nondurable consumer goods. Kustin notes that standardization of strategies is better off in market segments that are classified with similarities. He mentions that global marketing makes an attempt for success and competence in standardized product strategies, where products are sold in global marketplaces at acceptable prices and same country strategies are establish to be same for any markets in the world. Therefore, it is worth noting that from a company's perspective it is firmly recommended to reflect standardization strategy when attempting to create a global product strategy while considering the market characteristics. There is ongoing competition in the global market about the better quality of service and goods provided by the various brands like pizza hut, dominos, etc. as the flavour, presentation, procedures and the procedures differ from one and the other kind of brand.

The standardization insurance policy in India and international countries may differ due to eat pork. This problem has no solution yet until the approval of authorization is done. unavailability of some products in India which are being used in international countries. For instance in India, ban on beef and ham fails to satisfy the needs of the customers desiring for the same which in turn causes dissatisfaction to the customers to some extent, so to triumph over this problem an alternative measure has to be taken rather than not delivering the required product change the design of the merchandise and deliver to the clients making some development and imagination. This somehow creates pleasure to the customers by not completely dissatisfying them. The merchandise offered in pizza hut in India differs from the merchandise being offered in pizza hut of USA because such unavailability of resources in the market. The major concern in the McDonalds standardized products was meat. Hence the biggest obstacle to any food business in India definitely was about controlling the variety and the product offerings. So, cow being sacred and worshipped, meat could not be dished up and in the same vein Muslims did not eat pork. This issue has no solution before permission for the same has been approved.

It is said that there were international companies, which have introduced their product line across borders using the standardization strategy and also have prevailed. Standardization helps in obtaining the pre referred to group of goals by pursuing some pre driven regulations and the steps. However, Customization helps in getting the clients what they actually want and where manner but Standardization comes to a limitation to the which somehow ceases customer's to get what they want and desire for their needs. Thus it makes clear that the motives of standardization should be implemented for smooth and accurate working of the business or a company. In addition, it becomes easy to check out the norms and policies if everything is standardized.

The implicit argument in this specific article is that whether to displace standardization with differentiation and customization and if, then from what extent it should be substituted. Here, standardization shows to be much better than that of customization and differentiation in the merchandise and the commodities. The biggest advantage of adopting standardized techniques is that the work becomes easy and ease of management can be seen which in case there is customization will not follows the same. Many problems are encountered when the procedures are to b personalized as per one's own necessity at every level of service. Standardization is more beneficial as there are many restaurants or such brands adopting same plans and procedure throughout the world which creates uniformity in following such rules. In other hands, customization does not proves to be anywhere near this much convenient as standardization since it demands variations in lots of ways which is not possible for a global wide spread company to follow different strategies at different places. Hence, emphasis is laid more on standardization than on customization. Hence the degree of Pizza Hut's standardization of their products is better when compared with any company. Here by, all the companies should follow the standardization insurance policy for their efficiency and smooth running of these business.

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