Emirates telecommunication co

Company Profile

Emirates telecommunication. Co. (Etisalat) was recognized in 1976. In UAE it preserves and develops national and international fixed-line network, mobile telephony and access to the internet.

It trades in Abu Dhabi Stock Marketing (ADSM) since 2002. Its purpose is to be one of the most notable 10 telecom operators on the globe by 2010

Offering a one step shop for preset lines voices, mobile, data service to individual, corporations and international telecommunication companies.

Reputation for launching right service to the audience at the right market and time with benefits of mobile, GSM, internet, NGN fixed and mobile broadband services. Types of services offered by them are hi-tech complimentary service for telecommunication industry. SIM cards manufacturing repayment solution, cleaning house services, peering, voice and data transit, submarine and land cable connection services.

Etisalat control was cancelled in April 2001 by a presidential decree and the create after 6 month to oversee your competition and management

The 2nd telecommunications operator (EITC) was accredited in February 2006 under the brand 'du' for working services such as mobile, satellite television broadcasting and internet.

New policy explained that EITC and TRA need to pay AED 123. 5 for license whereas Etisalat don't have to pay. For the renewal charge they both have to pay AED 1 yearly.

Mission Statement

At Etisalat, these are actively development move forward networks that will enable visitors to develop, to learn and to grow

Vision Declaration

World where the inhabitants arrive is not constrained by compound and distance. The populace travel across the world, assembling new friends, residing in contact with family, and increasing new awareness. Trading is narrowed by growth and is inclined to achieve new market. Opportunity around the world will be innovated by technology in providing goods and services to every person



  • Good communication.
  • Coverage.
  • Request call.
  • They have been around in Gitex for quite some time and now they will be present as of this year have been with increased strength in Gitex.


  • No free face reservation.
  • Etisalat has a competitor (du).


  • Other telecommunication is getting smarter.
  • Etisalat the very first operator in the country so that it has gathered more people then other operator who will enter the market.
  • Since it is old most of the people prefer Etisalat


  • Arabian Business discovered that more than half of Etisalat's Blackberry customers are planning to ditch the telecoms provider.
  • If they don't really react to the new operator then other company can takeover them.

Short Term Planning

Etisalat quality and variety of services will keep its marketing business lead competitor next season, Etisalat incumbent Telco faces competitor for the very first time in its history. Its is a development which should not shock the company, as it believers it does enough to get ready its personnel and infrastructure to provide a superior service to assemble more customers.

Long Term Planning

Etisalat has announced plans to release navigation software for its BlackBerry service.

The Garmin Navigation services will be accessible for the Gps navigation allow BlackBerry models, and give UAE users a visual and voice founded services, with change by turn instructions for specific avenue addresses or sights.

The starting of the Garmin mobile application for BlackBerry will be a very welcome and affordable addition for BlackBerry users and can turn their BlackBerry handset into an extremely useful tool to help them understand their way around different cities in the UAE from other perspective, this is the first rung on the ladder in Etisalat's efforts to allow users to transform their BlackBerry into much more adaptable and powerful device with the assurance of more value added applications in the near future

PEST Analysis

Political factor

  • Environmental concerns
  • Corruption
  • Trade law
  • Internet regulation
  • Concerns over rays from mobile mobile phone
  • Converged regulation

Economic factor

  • Fluctuation throughout the market
  • Overall current economic climate
  • Network element
  • Security

Social Factors

  • Shift towards the information society
  • Mobile society
  • Commercialization of the house
  • Internet at home
  • Changing society demographics

Technological factors

  • Wireless and mobile communications
  • Convergence
  • Residential VoIP
  • Real time and on demand communication

Organization Chart of ETISALAT

Managing director formwork the table of director and are responsible for introducing strategy and overall business path, at exactly the same time middle professionals have responsibility for an accurate function such as financing or marketing

Etisalat is vast chain of control, which is the formal type of authority, communication, and responsibility in a organization, It is recognized as an excellent and subordinates relationships in the business structure, It clearly shows organization graph and allows someone to imagine the lines of specialist and communication within an organization structure which ensures clear task of obligations and responsibility of each department

Hierarchical company of Etisalat is tall with thin spans of control, which gets wider as the structure steps down. Etisalat practices centralized management framework because most important decisions are taken at the centre or by senior management.

A world where people reach is not limited by matter or distance by this Etisalat implies that they follow customer culture.


Staffing is performed by the HR section. Following are the process

1. Planning

Job description

Etisalat outline the duty and responsibilities to be completed by the staff employed to do a specific job.

Job name: IT Administrator

Department :Marketing

Role specific
  • Networking
  • Telephony
  • Training and Lab Maintenance
  • Internal Systems
  • Help Workplace Administration
  • Asset Management
Working conditions
  • Five days weekly
  • Eight hours a day
  • Four week visit to twelve months

Job specification

Etisalat includes education, experience, characteristics, skill, knowledge and summary of the job necessity e. g. Connection with 4 to 5 yr in IT administrator, MBA degree in BSIT

2. Recruitment

Internal recruitment:

  • Employee referrals
  • Staff notice mother board
  • Staff conferences
  • Staff magazine

External recruitment:

An external applicant of Etisalat must register on the website to apply for any job and tracking the application form. Email Identification is (_careers. ae) the following are the various steps mixed up in process

  • Register at Etisalat recruitment website
  • Registered candidate looks for jobs
  • Add suitable careers to the work basket
  • Apply for a job
  • Track status of the job requested

3. Selection

The Etisalat does SHL's in depth to examine the staff key skill and competencies required in IT director. They decide on a employee who fit in a role to be able to complement the right worker to the right place, with this examination they'll ensure that worker achieve cost effective and minimize the risk associated with selection process

The following are the step which Etisalat follow
  • Access capability
  • Access personality
  • Access drive and values
  • Access competencies

4. Orientation

Once Etisalat chosen a worker for a specific department then the organization or HR office do an orientation program for the new worker. They introduce the prevailing staff with the new employee. Then they clarify the new staff about the guideline and regulation of Etisalat

5. Training and developing

They are committed to expanding the United Arab Emirates countrywide work pushes as an organizational main concern. Etisalat has been consistently identified as the best company within UAE national's history

Their training programs course lots of regions of specialization and talk about a variety of educational professional history

6. Performance Appraisals

The Etisalat monitor and measure the performance of the candidate which they utilized generally in term of quality, number, cost, time, etc.

The method Etisalat uses in the performance appraisal are
  • BARS
  • Management by objective
  • 360degree appraisal
  • Behavioral observation range

7. Payment

Etisalat HR division provide to their employee with payment if indeed they do good work like reward, health life insurance coverage, life insurance, etc.

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