Examining The Corporate Culture And Worth Of McDonalds Corporation


McDonalds organization is the world's most recognized and largest service provider of foodservice serving millions of customers daily around the world and functions more than 30, 000 restaurants in more than 120 countries. It was initiated in 1940 with a restaurant exposed by brothers Apple pc and Dick Donald's in California. After since its incorporation in 1955, McDonalds has sold more than 100 billion hamburgers. McDonalds team of experienced professionals, high ranking operating system, global infrastructure and one of the well known brand names on the globe. It's the biggest junk food retailer capturing depends upon. It has initiated Hamburger University or college where the assistant managers and the mangers are trained. McDonald's corporate culture is dependant on distributed value system and sustains standardised quality process to ensure same quality and decrease in lead time. McDonalds has the perspective to be the best company in each community in the world. The restaurants are run either by franchise, or as corporate itself. This newspaper attempts to establish the organisational framework and shortcomings in its functions. The operational structure is the machine of the operation of an company i. e. the ideals, beliefs and regulations. There are some shortcomings which poise as a thread to achieve its goal and work effectively. The organisational problems of McDonalds have been disturbing the activities to be completed by the company effectively. The plan of McDonalds is to promote an working conditions which is free from unlawful discriminations. The analysis will include the complexities underlying the problem and the alternatives available to the organisation combined with the recommendation for future years.

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Corporate culture and principles of McDonalds Corporation

McDonalds corporate strategy is to do the right things and provide the better to the customers and community they provide, and the employees of the organisation. McDonalds has a solid commercial culture and supportive about the global youth employment. In McDonalds every treatment has an extremely particular rules and regulations of how it ought to be carried out. It tries to provide best support to its employees. It really is dedicated to supply the customers unique level of quality, cleanliness, value and service. They are really in the assume that well trained team will provide the best by working mutually and, so they are determined with people and encourages team building and team work. McDonalds sets out all aspects of business with integrity and honesty. They have confidence in celebrating the achievement and are strived for new higher goals and its own accomplishments. They are simply highly committed to customer's expectation and satisfaction. These are directed to convert awareness into action. The Goal of McDonalds is to obtain people within the organisation to work to better performance and living to attain their full potential. They have got performance founded rewards for the employees which provide a program for the employees to provide the better to the day to day activities. They have confidence in balance of work as higher burden of time and work pressure will deteriorate the performance of the employees. They have proper and specific tasks and responsibly talked about for every single employees of the workforce. McDonalds have systematic

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rules to check out and are inclined towards a healthy body. The following are experienced in the organisation:-

Fast customer support.

Free from error occurrence.

Decision making is simple.

Facilities are well managed.

The premises of the restaurants are clean.

Well built teams and effective team use given work.

Standards are based on value, quality and cleanliness.

Full control on the every website link of the resource chain

Food basic safety is the key account of the company

Performance established rewards and better scope for promotions on the basis of performance.

Organisational problems and triggers underlying the issues

McDonalds in addition has some organisational problems which led it to criticism in its businesses. Organisational problems provide a thread to operate effortlessly in its activities and poise a difficulty in maintaining quality and performances. Listed below are the organisational problems and the underlying causes -

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McDonalds is blamed for excessive packaging waste. The main cause of this is due to unplanned presentation design and in appropriate way of controlling it.

Centralised authority is taken care of in McDonalds. All the decisions are created by the bigger level management and the lower level and crew members have to check out it which created a bridge of gap among various level of management.

Strict technique and employees must focus on how things to be carried out which discouraged many employees as these were unable to communicate their feedback and difficulties.

The team lacks motivation to the performance due to strict rules and no feedback process.

The team lacks ability as they are allowed to work under set suggestions as skills and capacities all differs.

McDonalds is often blamed for fatness and high in calories from fat food.

Horizontal division of labour as each activity of the employees is given and the more compliance on the final product which creates boredom among the list of employees that may lead to diminish in performance.

Interiors and the look should be changed as it's been a significant long they have got not uninitiated any new look.

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Alternatives and recommendations for the issues arising in the organisation

Vertical decision making should be facilitate in the business that may encourage communication among the various levels in the organisation

Decentralised organisational structure should be retained so that the lower level management can communicate and share their ideas easily. The crew members will feel their importance to the organisation and will play a vital role in enhancing the performance.

The company should follow work hard and play hard culture. This will likely lead to more employee participation through more engagement and decrement in risk taking.

Increase in delegation of responsibility to subordinates must be initiated which will encourage higher performance by the employees

Negative attention should be ceased to get i. e. no hormones, no chemicals etc

Should become more centered into customer care

Should not be associated with globalisation and corporate and business greed

Make the interiors more appealing by introducing more attractive outfits for employees, new topics etc.

Better and improvements in community relations should be began. Each restaurants should be allowed to adapt to its own local area that may encourage better selling and sights from the locality

Take more risk by adding new foods in the menu

Rotation of employees works tasks so that they get trained in various parts like fund and accounting.

Should make an effort to go organic and offer much healthier food i. e. less in calories etc


McDonalds has strong commercial prices and the industry where it is working is highly competitive. To keep up the customer value and satisfaction it must improve on the products they are offering. McDonalds should initiate with new product line or new items in the menu so customers are not bored with same items and also maintain the quality of the merchandise it has been portion. The interiors and design should get a new look to attract new generation and new customers also the old customers feel the speciality about any of it.

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