Example Reflection of a Report on China

Part B - Specific Reflective Report


Current global market segments provide enterprises plenty of opportunities to market their products globally even the tiny companies. This may change the business reduce for little and small businesses, because they can be center on businesses that provider them better opportunities of achievements if their local market sluggishness. You can set the tiny enterprise for prosperity by accomodateing to the international market.

Individual Reflection:

For my estimation, It's very significant to discover the relationship in the middle of your company and your partner companies during the international trade. Different country culture will lead to different business culture and business environment.

Over the time of your researching work, I recognise that we now have no same business culture in the world and we should learn further about different ethnicities in order to have better impress in the foreseeable future business.

Our group sorted out five Chinese people as a team, because of this of that we choose China as the coordinator country of the assignment. And that is not only this reason, but also because China is a high business part of UK. As The Prime Minister, David Cameron, said: "THE UNITED KINGDOM is the most popular destination in Europe for Chinese investment with more Chinese investment into the United Kingdom within the last eighteen a few months than the whole of the last thirty years blended. "(BBC NEWS. 2014)

Before the first time group appointment, we determined that everyone go to do some research about characteristics of Chinese language and British isles culture and business culture. Matching to my research, i understand some new things about these two countries. THE UK is comprised of four different countries: Great britain, Wales, Scotland, and North Ireland. that is vital not and then be wise to these geographical dissimilarities but also the clear sense of idea and nationalism sensed through the people of the four different countries. The partnership between 'United kingdom' and 'British' is not exchangeable interpretation. British stands for which one come from one of the four countries that are England, Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland. English is representative of that residents just only from England. If they're form Wales, Scotland and North Ireland, they will be called as Welsh, Scots or North Irish(Kwintessential. 2013). Because of UK is a diverse world and producing fastly. The old business people will vary with the young people. The elderly business men still want to cooperate with people and companies they have got known and worked with before, this is a very classic setting of permanent orientation. However the more youthful business men are totally opposite, they think that current business men do not need long-standing partner associations before they decide to cooperate with other, nor ask any businesses to do the advantages of the business. All in all, stong relationship and modern internet are made up of current British isles business for the permanent success of the company.

According to my research, Chinese language business culture is affect by Confucianism culture deeply. In order to know Chinese language business culture better, we should learn one thing of Confucianism culture. This is the element of Chinese traditional civilizations as same as a complete ideaistic institution created by Confucius, earth on these traditional ethnicities of Chinese principal dynasties. It offers managed a feudal culture that in characteristics it has enjoyed a important role at last two thousand years and because that reason, Confucianism culture impact China over almost amount of Chinese history, sociable pattern and Chinese people can not be ignored. The main point of Confucianism culture give attention to basic sense of the harmonious marriage. As appropriate behavior through responsibility, esteem and loyalty are shown in the romantic relationships between a ruler-subject, husband-wife, father-son, brother-brother and friend-friend, society as a whole will work without a trouble(Kwintessential. 2013). Thus it could be seen that Chinese business culture is finished to the Confucianism culture. The principal factor of Chinese business culture is building relationship, it can be seen as a kind of reputation. Whenever we have business in China creating a contact to play a role as an midsection is significant. This may give to you with it multiple advantages. They'll trade as a reference, to be your translator in the centre and help you through the neighborhood federal, local legal companies and local business networks. It related to 1 thing often display in Chinese language etiquette which is face, it is not traditional meaning in English, this means some sort of impress in other mind or respect. It really is demanding that you need to know how to use presenting face, saving face and demonstrating face when we have business in China. Offering face is using compliments and admiration to your business partner. Conserving face is developed by your experience and age group, when one shows a suitable emotional brains in habit by get away some mistakes then your face is addable. Exhibiting face is whenever your face is addable by getting the appreciate from other for you which is a third part, your agency is your third part.

When we've frist time appointment, all associates mentioned about each one's work, then we decide all works into five main part by organizing our research work. They think what the work i done is very ideal for researching British and Chinese business profile further. I quickly also received some new ideas from their informations. And we'd finish everyone's original PowerPoint Slides and record every references.

I continue steadily to research British and Chinese business account, this is significant part of your assignment, because to save lots of the international business problems is necessary to learn the difference between both of these different business culture.

As my further research, i summarized five details in this profile. Frist you are form of address, United kingdom people get accustomed to using title at first, followed by their surname, like the old instructor of Manchester United, Sir Alex, the famous queen, Queen Victoria, and so on. Chinese people are contrary in this, they use surname initially followed by the subject, like Zhang Manger. Second, conference and greeting. In here, China and British isles people are similar, Shanking hand and short vision connection with everyone at the beginning of the assembly. When we have meeting with Chinese people, we need more patience, scheduled to they'll mot directly speak about main topics, they'll talk to you about some small reasons for having you or your home country. The decisions of Chinese language meeting will need a long time either due to there's a insufficient instancy, synchronous treaty are relevant with lovers, or because the first choice is not totally sure this decision. The Chinese negotiator is known for being difficult with others. Assessing with Chinese getting together with, British meeting tend to be more immediate and clear. While you do a demonstration to the British spouse, for escaping making enlarged necessity. Make concur that any information offered show professional in your presentation and should be considered, you ought to be serious to aid your requirements by real facts and data. The British people depend on facts, more than their personal thoughts, to do decision-makings. And keep eyeball contact with them and give a few area of their personal space. To send a mail about the decision or difference of this meeting following the meeting, to be able to get ready for the next time. Thirdly, exchanging surprise. This is a very important part of Chinese business culture, because it can relate to building the better marriage with partner companies. The popular products such as expensive wines, Tea, and some special traditional gifts from your home country. But exchanging business gift is not really a part of United kingdom small and special gift to your partner. Then the fourth one is eating etiquette, it is simple to summarize Chinese language eating etiquette, that is how much you drink, how much sincerities you are. English people are more simple, to invite the business partner out for meals also can be looked at as an enterprise gift. The final the first is time keeping. English and Chinese people both feel that the business getting together with is very formal situation. Everyone should be serious in this issue, because this is a simple respect to one another. If you cann't do this basic thing, you will be regarded as a discredit person, it'll result in no person want business together with you.

At second assembly, after our researching about global relations between China and English, we determined to verify that when we have international business, specially when we use our Chinese international business lovers. We should try best to avoid problems between us by using our researching informations.

All in every, the key factor that may lead to the difference between these two countries is their local civilizations. Chinese people give attention to building stronger romantic relationship, alternatively than business itself. Because this is advocated by Confucius culture, relationship is more important than business. United kingdom people reside in a diverse culture, they think business is business, it need your strength and vocation.


Through our researching and discussing about two individual business culture, i've learn that different countrywide culture can leads to different business culture. The effect of global business is huge, it can make other countries become considering your culture, and make two culture meet and change each other. Before we trade with new associates which from other country, we have to prepare for learning more about their local culture. That's not only a value to companions, but also a new chance for yourself.

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