Factors that business lead to employee motivation

Employees are considered as one of the most valuable advantage of an organization and they contribute to various activities of a business. There's a need in every organizational to encourage their employees in order to provide organizational dedication of the employees and when an employee is committed toward to a business than you will see strong desire in an staff to work toward s the goals of a business and to remain in the organization which will subsequently lead to success of the organization.

The purpose of this research is to look at and evaluate the factors which inspire the employees.

One reason behind choosing this matter is that it's an important reality employees spend lots of time at work for nearly 40 years of these lives it is therefore important that employees should be satisfied with their job and the working environment.

Apart out of this subject being so interesting and important, there will vary theories than may be used to look at determination from different angles.

Reasons for choosing Pepsi

Pepsi co has a work focused approach with very skilled and educated employees. Pepsi is a world head in producing beverages and other consumer product. PepsiCo in Pakistan produces financial rewards because of its investors and provide progress opportunities to its employees. The purpose of the management of PepsiCo is to create a work force that is motivated and associated with the objectives of the business.

At PepsiCo both financial and non financial techniques are undertaken to inspire the employees.

My research will focus on the non financial procedures for drive.

Project Objectives and research questions

The objective of this research is to comprehend the factors that inspire employees. Employees not only concentrate on financial rewards but also non financial rewards and benefits that are responsible for motivation among employees. The aim of this report focuses on the impacts of non financial routines on employee determination. A smaller part of the report will concentrate on the financial factors in charge of motivating employees.

The main aim of the research is to identify and review the factors that stimulate the employess using different ideas of desire. Both most important and secondary options will be used to identify these factors. Key research gives more detailed and comprehensive analysis.

The main main question will be

Are PepsiCo employees motivated?

What factors lead to employee motivation?

How can PepsiCo improve motivation of its employees?

The answers to the aforementioned three questions will help in determining and analyzing the regions of strengths and weakness in overall motivation process at PepsiCo. At the end recommendation will be given that how Pepsi can improve and work on their areas of weakness.

Overall research way

To start with the study to begin with I will analyze whether the employees at PepsiCo are determined or not. I will use results obtained from key research and secondary sources to do the overall analysis of determination.

Once I've found that employees at PepsiCo are determined or not I'll identify and examine the factors that are accountable for motivating employees or accountable for their dissatisfaction. The factors that I will use will be based on the ideas of motivation I will be using. There reaches least one question in the primary research questionnaire for every single factor. The questionnaire will ask the taking part employees to put in order of importance the factors they consider are most important and will stimulate them.

The ideas that I will be using are

Herzberg's motivation health theory

Vroom's expectancy theory

From the info that I am going to obtain from major and supplementary research I will make tips to PepsiCo that on which factors they can improve on and which factors they should not concentrate on as they don't help in motivating employees. Finally in the conclusion I will discuss the entire performance of the desire process of employees at PepsiCo.

Part 2
Sources and methods used for collecting information

The secondary sources which i am using for my research are websites, books and business journals, whereas main research will be conducted through the questionnaire. The questionnaire was allocated among different employees working at different positions at PepsiCo. The questionnaire has at least one question relating to the factor considered. The participating employees were asked to set up order worth focusing on the factors that the considered are the main for their desire. This help me identifying that where PepsiCo is putting its emphasis and on what factors it isn't placing much emphasis.

Limitations of your details gathering

Ethical issues and exactly how they were resolved

The main honest issue worried was of confidentiality as this statement discusses private private information as well as information about PepsiCo which gives PepsiCo completive advantages. To overcome the issue of confidentiality the surveys are kept private and individual results will not be shown.

I am a person of PepsiCo and I am an admirer of it. However I ensure that my results are not biased in favor of PepsiCo. I made sure that I focused on the factual data for my results.

Accounting and/or business techniques and their limitations

Motivation is "the mental feature that arouses an organism to action toward a desired goal; the reason for the action; that which gives goal and path to behavior" (Princeton, 2010).

There are two types of motivation theories, process ideas and content ideas. Regarding to content theory man has needs which tend to change as time passes. Man will be determined when these needs are satisfied. Which means theory identifies factors that are would have to be satisfied to be able to motivate an individual.

Whereas process theories believe that drive leads to activities which will fulfill a person's need. Content theory is convinced that's if needs of an individual are satisfied then he is determined whereas process theories believe motivation causes activities that can gratify needs. You will discover two types of process theories, expectancy theory and equity theory.

According to expectancy theory a person has to expect that their capacity and skill will help those to complete a task which will lead to fulfillment of desired need. Therefore employment design is important.

Equity theory analyzes the proportion between a person suggestions and the expected final result. An individual insight includes his effort, his ability, his training etc while the expected results includes the pay he is getting, his status etc. An individual is de-motivated when he is convinced that his suggestions to output proportion is not much like his coworkers in the business. For example if one employee's earns 200, 000 of revenue for the business in a season and earns money of 30, 000 whereas his coworker who may have been at the company for 4 years longer than him earns an income of 40, 000 even though he also earns 200, 000 of revenue for the business.

For my research study the motivation theories I have chosen is one process and one content theory, which are discussed below

Herzberg's Hygiene Determination theory

Frederick Herzberg (1966) was students of accountants and designers in Pennsylvania and he determined the two-factor theorem for job satisfaction. He noted that the opposite of satisfaction is not, no satisfaction but is dissatisfaction. Which means two factors he indentified ere cleanliness factors and motivating factors. The health factors are those which remove job dissatisfaction and motivating factors are those that cause job satisfaction.

Hygiene factors are the needs which an workplace must provide in order to avoid an employee's dissatisfaction. Some of the primary cleanliness factors are

Company policy


Working conditions

Relationship with peers



These factors are all external and will satisfy human being' physiological needs. Physiological needs include such as food and shelter etc

Whereas motivating factors will gratify a person's internal needs and are key. The key motivating factors are



Work itself


Advancement and


Motivating factors will not be fulfilled until and unless hygiene factors are not achieved. However if both factors are successful then your employees will be devoted and will be more beneficial.

Now taking a look at the limits of the theory

The first restriction this theory has is that it does not see employees as individuals with different personalities. As all humans have different needs and various wants therefore it is improper to consider that same factors will encourage everybody.

The second restriction with this theory is the fact that it assumes that only determined employees are productive however this might not exactly hold true in some cases. Therefore it is seen that theory will not consider a person's capability and his skills.

Also at time the professionals blame that health factors lead to employee's dissatisfaction plus they tend to ignore the motivating factors, which may be the main reason behind an employee's de-motivation.

Vroom's Expectancy theory of determination.

Vroom presented the following equation for motivation

Motivation = Valence x Expectancy (Instrumentality)

In this equation Valence means the depth of want and expectancy and instrumentality considered the employees perception about his likelihood of receiving reward or compensation.

This theory is based on the employee's capacity to predict whether he will have the ability to complete the given task. This ability to predict can be low for jobs which are complex and in such cases the theory will be considered ineffective.

Part 3 - Results, analysis conclusions and recommendations

Are employees at PepsiCo motivated?

Interest in task

According to the content theories, when an individual is drawn in what they are simply doing it motivates them to complete the duty. According to Herzberg this can be an essential factor and for that reason is a need to develop this element in the employees. Therefore it is important to understand that if the necessity for interest of the employees is satisfied than they'll be determined to work and perform the task successfully. Process theorists also concur that interest fac

t is very important to drive bur however regarding to them, individuals are determined because they believe that they'll get the required reward. Corresponding to Vroom if an individual is thinking about their wok and are satisfied with their job then they will think that they will succeed and they are determined to work for his or her success.

Hence Fascination with task by the staff is an important factor and PepsiCo should give time to it.

Graph exp

As in the questionnaire question 1 and 2 are about the factor involvement in task. The results demonstrates employees at PepsiCo believe that their work activity offers them personal satisfaction as they have clarified these questions as agree and highly agree. None of them of the employees said that these were dissatisfied using their job, nonetheless it is seen from the study that satisfaction level of some employees have to be improved therefore there is a room for improvement for PepsiCo.

Also on the top list of the survey this factor varies from levels 1 to 9, which ultimately shows that how different employees view this factor's importance. This demonstrates the effect match with Vroom's theory because the employees feel that interest in job doesn't have a positive relation with skills and ability and the results does not correlate with Herberg's theory which thinks that affinity for job is a motivator.


Recognition means that you are acknowledged by the other because of your good performance in a task. According to Herzberg recognition is an important intrinsic motivating factor since it gives a worker the feeling of self price and an employee feels good about himself.

If a worker feels good about him and is confident then he will be determined as well. Matching to Vroom recognition makes a worker determined to do the task again as he knows that it will lead to success. Process Theorist imagine on much larger rewards such as financial bonus deals where as Herzberg's theory prefers smaller rewards and frequents recognitions for making one feel great about himself.


Working environment

According to Herzberg working environment is a health factor that's needed is to stay away dissatisfaction but it is not a motivator itself. Corresponding to Process theories a factor is merely motivating if it can help individuals in reaching a specific goal. Matching to Vroom a working environment is a motivator as it must perform a task. This factors demonstrates how both theories have different conclusions about any of it.

Graph n explanation

4. Marriage with peers

According to Herzberg interactions aren't needed by individuals because they are an external factor. Content ideas don not encourage companies to invest their resources on building romantic relationships among peers. Relating to Vroom the necessity for romance among peers is important will depend on whether it is a key point in achieving success. Based on the equity theory inspiration relies how individuals sees themselves by evaluating himself with the others in the same group.

Graph n explanation

Relationship with senior

The use of the ideas because of this factor is similarly to the conclusion drawn in these factor "relationships with peers" but process theorist would see this factor as a motivating factor since it is important to create relationship with elderly people and gain their admiration to be able to get promotion.

Graph n explanation

Reasonable objectives from the organization

Reasonable expectations mean that a just level of work is given by the manager. Regarding to Herzberg this factor is a cleanliness factor rather than a motivator because unreasonable anticipations from the director will lead to dissatisfaction even if other motivating factors are also present. Regarding to Vroom this is a motivating factor because if they prospects are reasonable the worker will think that he will have the ability to succeed and hence will be encouraged to perform the duty.

Graph n explanation

Career advancement

According to Herzberg a better job is a motivating factor because it indicates personal growth and the staff who is given growth opportunities and marketing promotions will be encouraged to work. Corresponding to process theorists a better job is a motivating factor so long as the individual seems that it is practical and the goals for promotion are high. According to Vroom career advancement is a motivating factor as this will lead to employees' ability to achieve success.

Graph n explanation

Company Pride

Graph n explanation

9. Monetary rewards

Graph n explanation

10. Job Security

Graph n explanation

Sample questionnaire





Length of time working at the business:

Less than 1 year

1-3 years

4-6 years

7-10 years

More than10 years


The numbers point out the next

1 - Highly disagree

2 -disagree

3 - Neutral

4 -agree

5 - Highly agree

My work is interesting.

1 2 3 4 5.

Strongly disagree disagree neutral recognize strongly agree

Doing my job fine provides me personal satisfaction.

1 2 3 4 5.

Strongly disagree disagree neutral concur strongly agree

My manager gives me reputation when I really do an excellent job.

1 2 3 4 5.

Strongly disagree disagree neutral agree with the fact strongly agree

The company has acceptable anticipations from its employees.

1 2 3 4 5.

Strongly disagree disagree neutral agree with the fact strongly agree

I am content with the working environment

1 2 3 4 5.

Strongly disagree disagree neutral concur strongly agree

There is a sense of teamwork in the business.

1 2 3 4 5.

Strongly disagree disagree neutral recognize strongly agree

The people I work with improve my job satisfaction

1 2 3 4 5.

Strongly disagree disagree neutral recognize strongly agree

I value my administrator as an able professional.

1 2 3 4 5.

Strongly disagree disagree neutral concur strongly agree

My manager snacks me with value.

1 2 3 4 5.

Strongly disagree disagree neutral concur strongly agree

I have sufficient opportunities for professional expansion in this company.

1 2 3 4 5.

Strongly disagree disagree neutral agree strongly agree

I am content with the level of training

1 2 3 4 5.

Strongly disagree disagree neutral consent strongly agree

I am rewarded for the task I perform

1 2 3 4 5.

Strongly disagree disagree neutral recognize strongly agree

I would leave the business easily was offered better salary at another company

1 2 3 4 5.

Strongly disagree disagree neutral concur strongly agree

I feel my job is secure

1 2 3 4 5.

Strongly disagree disagree neutral concur strongly agree

I expect to leave the business within the next 12 months

1 2 3 4 5.

Strongly disagree disagree neutral consent strongly agree

I am proud to be employed by the business.

1 2 3 4 5.

Strongly disagree disagree neutral recognize strongly agree

Overall, I am very satisfied with my job at the company.

1 2 3 4 5.

Strongly disagree disagree neutral consent strongly agree

Put the next in order of importance to you relating to your satisfaction (number 1 1 - most important, 9 - Least important, next to each item)

Interest in job


Working conditions

Relationship with peers

Relationship with seniors

Reasonable anticipations from my manager

Career progression

Monetary rewards

Job Security

Other - Please state

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